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A Slew of Poems
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A Slew of Poems
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03-20-2012, 09:01 PM (This post was last modified: 03-27-2012, 03:09 PM by Thireven.)
Stood Still, Whilst the Time Goes
Why have I seen the moon
Painting white the dune
On which I stood
Over looking the wood
In which lay hidden an oasis
Which held a many animal in stasis
Where had the time gone--
Had I lost it, forever the time gone
There was still tomorrow
If I did not pass before the morrow
I had wasted so much time
Many had I committed, crimes
Had I committed a many sin
Or I had just been
That foolish
To think I could finish
Why have I see the moon
Painting white the dune

My Home
Out in the woods
Is where I belong
Where there are a many food
For someone to long
The trees that sway
The waters that flow
And the paths that mark the way
My home is low
My home, the woods

(Am I crazy for doing a free-verse poem? Completely. One for Blank, from FF9, first person POV as to why he's called that and other stuff.)
I am simply know as 'Blank'
And there is reason behind this
No one knows of my past--and either do I
Perhaps it was some coincidental turn of fate that left me with no memory
Or, maybe I did something that I shouldn't have, and this was my punishment
To live out life not knowing who I was
But, I have a family
Maybe not a real one, but
This is where I belong
Here, thieving and acting, with those I call my family
Maybe this is the life I was supposed to lead all along

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