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Ash’s Pikachu Swap + extra codes
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Ash’s Pikachu Swap + extra codes
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10-25-2017, 01:45 AM
Lightning Energy Ash’s Pikachu Swap!  Lightning Energy
I missed the event for the Kanto Hat Ash’s Pikachu, 
but I got the Johto hat, I also didn’t realize it was the same code for every hat so I only have that one.
So I was wondering if anyone would like to swap! 
If any of you have the Kanto Hat Pikachu and would prefer the Johto hat then I’d be more than happy to trade

^^ Extra Codes ^^
I have a few extra Marshadow and Charizard event codes if anyone hasn’t been able to go to Gamestop or Target!
Just DM me if you want one!

P.S. The fact that there is no Pikachu emoji is a travesty on par with Jessie’s hairdo!

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