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Beauty and the Beast 2017
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Beauty and the Beast 2017


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06-08-2017, 08:47 AM
Hey so...

I finally got to watch Beauty and the Beast 2017 Live-Action Disney movie. We bought the BD/DVD yesterday as an early bday present. I was not let down. The movie was really good, and better than I had imagined it to be. I remember watching the Disney Animated Classic eons ago lol... (Like literally...my mom said that I was rollin' around the theatre when it was first released lol)... I had the VHS tape for years before I finally got the DVD for that movie (with the extended edition). Now, finally, the live-action version, and boy was it good!

I loved, loved the whole musical aspect of the film. They used most, if not all of the songs from the animated classic. There were some new songs in there too, and it wasn't that bad. A lot of people didn't like Emma Watson's singing, and honestly... it's not her fault... She probably wasn't vocally trained to be a singer/to sing...and they probably did use some autotune on her voice. Though it may not be very good, her voice wasn't unpleasant. The person who played Gaston and the Beast were really good as well. They matched their characters perfectly! LaFou was entertaining as heck! XD... 

I wholeheartedly recommend you at least give this movie a try. I'm not one for live-action disney movies, but this one really got to me, and the nostalgia factor really hit home. I give it at least 3/4 stars!

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