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Chat Quote Thread
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Chat Quote Thread
Ghosts are yes


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05-15-2012, 11:26 PM (This post was last modified: 05-15-2012, 11:33 PM by Smanters.)
*Zethoro is my 3DS, watching since it cant type. Zethoro1 is my phone, which can type but cant see.*
Zethoro1: Testing...
Zethoro1: Yes! I'm a fracking genius!
Zethoro1: Using my phone to type in the chatroom since I cant send anything with my 3DS in the chatroom... And using my 3DS to actually SEE what I'm typing!
CloudStorm: XD Why?
Zethoro1: God, it feels like I won the fracking lottery
CloudStorm: XD!
Zethoro1: Because I can't acess my computer
CloudStorm: Ah.
Zethoro1: So this is my solution.
CloudStorm: You, sir, get a +1 for effort. XD
Zethoro1: And when I when the lottery...this plays.
Zethoro1: Hold on. *Goes to get it on youtube*
CloudStorm: XD :3
Zethoro1: HERE.
Zethoro1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efmbt-FOgdo SMS FTW.

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05-18-2012, 09:01 PM
Zueq>: lol @ Vex's comment about bacon grease.
Zueq>: Hahahah
Amphy23>: I don't have acne. Zueq here made an acne thread.
Zueq>: I'm fine with you sharing it. I rarely have acne anymore, though.
Amphy23>: Bacon IS really good for acne.
Bordeaux>: Indeed.
Zueq>: Is it really true, or are you pulling my leg?
Zueq>: Bacon grease really helps
Zueq>: *?
Amphy23>: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/bacon_love
Bordeaux>: It's not true lol
Zueq>: Okay.. I was about to put me some bacon grease on my face. XD
Amphy23>: Not really, Bacon Grease just fills up your pores and makes it worse.
Zueq>: lol
Zueq>: How funny.

Oh, I'm so gullible. lol
King of Pigville


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05-20-2012, 01:46 PM
ChaosMasterMartin: squirrel
Squirrel: yes?
ChaosMasterMartin: who r u?
Whoami: That's too bad, well I'm on PS server
Whoami: Don't revielve it!
Squirrel: I'm a squirrel. That is all you need to know. That and that you must protect your nuts.

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05-20-2012, 05:27 PM
ChaosMasterMartin>: Ow!
Amphy23>: What?
ChaosMasterMartin>: I just sneezed and cofed at the same time
Amphy23>: I've had that!
Amphy23>: It hurts.
Zueq>: I do that sometimes, but it's sneezed and farted.
Zueq>: lmao


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05-21-2012, 04:39 PM
Torii>: 'Welcome to PokeSun! Read and follow the rules, and hope you like it here.' Quoted from Zeuq xD
Zueq>: .. It's "Zueq"
ChaosMasterMartin>: lol
Torii>: Oh yeah
Torii>: LOL
ChaosMasterMartin>: How can you misspell that?
Torii>: My eyes are fudged.
Zueq>: I'm guessing everybody's eyes are fudged, since half the people on the site misspelled my name. lmao
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05-22-2012, 01:45 PM (This post was last modified: 05-22-2012, 02:16 PM by shenanigans.)
<Silverlands|away>: oh hey silver
<Silverlands|away>: wait >_>
<Silverlands|away>: I'm silver
<Silverlands|away>: let me start again
<Silverlands|away>: Oh hey Stormy

Oh and this. XD

<[LM]Blazer>: wanna hear me sing the theme song?
<Silverlands>: =D
<Silverlands>: can we sing it together?
<[LM]Blazer>: Ohohoh I'm Unbeatable POKEMON...
<[LM]Blazer>: Walking down this endless highway
<[LM]Blazer>: with nothing but my friends beside me
<Silverlands>: with nothing but my friends beside me
<[LM]Blazer>: we'll never give in
<[LM]Blazer>: we'll never rest
<[LM]Blazer>: Advanced Battle is the ultimate test
<Silverlands>: Advanced battle is the ultimate test
<[LM]Blazer>: From the Stars and the Ancient Past
<Silverlands>: From the earth, the land
<Silverlands>: ((woah wrong verse))
<[LM]Blazer>: oh, right
<Silverlands>: ehehe
<[LM]Blazer>: From the Earth, the land, the sea and skies
<Silverlands>: They can never win
<Silverlands>: But they sure can try
<[LM]Blazer>: Ohohoh
<[LM]Blazer>: I'm Unbeatable
<[LM]Blazer>: Pokemon
<Silverlands>: =D
<[LM]Blazer>: From the stars and the ancient past
<[LM]Blazer>: they come to play
<Silverlands>: They come to play but they'll never last
<[LM]Blazer>: but they'll never last!!!
<[LM]Blazer>: Ohohoh
<[LM]Blazer>: I'm Unbeatable Pokemon
<[LM]Blazer>: There's a feeling deep inside me
<[LM]Blazer>: and its always there to guide me
<Silverlands>: ((ack i don't know this bit))
<[LM]Blazer>: Its in my heart and in my soul
<[LM]Blazer>: leading me to the ultimate goal
<[LM]Blazer>: You can try your best
<[LM]Blazer>: this might be fun
<[LM]Blazer>: But you'll go down before you begun
<[LM]Blazer>: Ohohoh, I'm unbeatable
<[LM]Blazer>: Pokemon:
<[LM]Blazer>: Every move you make
<[LM]Blazer>: every attack you choose
<[LM]Blazer>: You think you can win
<[LM]Blazer>: but you'll always lose
<[LM]Blazer>: Ohohoh
<[LM]Blazer>: I'm Unbeatable
<[LM]Blazer>: Ohhoh
<[LM]Blazer>: I'm Undefeatble
<[LM]Blazer>: POKEMON!!!!
<[LM]Blazer>: ADVANCED BATTLE!!!!!!!
<[LM]Blazer>: Oh yeah

Ancient King of the Seas


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05-22-2012, 08:10 PM
Okay, well, Amber belonged to Professor Malix
<[LM]Blazer>: One day, when they went for a walk through Kinleaf Forest
<[LM]Blazer>: They soon were ambushedby a wild Sneasle.
<Shadin>: lol fire beats ice
<[LM]Blazer>: The Sneasle ended up killing Malix and was about to kill Amber
<Shadin>: O.O
<[LM]Blazer>: Yet, Amber fought back and ended up fleeing.
<[LM]Blazer>: That was when the madness began
<Shadin>: It could have won!
<[LM]Blazer>: multiple Pokemon ended up hunting Amber
<[LM]Blazer>: and soon she became weak and injured, so she hid inside of a nearby cave.,
That was when she ran into Jace, a young Rogon.
<[LM]Blazer>: That was when she ran into Jace, a young Rogon.
<[LM]Blazer>: (yes, he is the ancestor to Jacen, the Rogastar, mentioned in the previous adventure)
<Shadin>: cool
<[LM]Blazer>: Amber ended up fighting Jacem, who later explained that he was a normal Pokemon
<[LM]Blazer>: He belonged to the local Rogon clan who had recently abandoned him
<[LM]Blazer>: to seek the leadership of Nightmane
<[LM]Blazer>: Jace and Amber soon teamed up and decided to find out who Nightmane was.
<[LM]Blazer>: That night, Jace had a dream
<[LM]Blazer>: Drizleon, the Ice Dragon, had communicated to him from the stone
<Shadin>: again with drizleon first....
<Shadin>: why can't it be shadin...
<[LM]Blazer>: He informed Jace that Nightmane was on the island
and told Jacen that he and Amber must travel to Glastron Island and confront Nightmane
<[LM]Blazer>: The next morning, the two started the journey
<[LM]Blazer>: They traveled through Kinleaf Town, down Route 3, and into Rogueport
<[LM]Blazer>: Along the way they actually met two new allies
<[LM]Blazer>: Aurion, the Day Rogastar and Charge, the Voltortus
<Amphy23>: Aurion isn't that good, in my opinion.
<[LM]Blazer>: you don't know who she is?
<[LM]Blazer>: well, anyways
<[LM]Blazer>: tthe four of them reached Rogueport, where the real action began
The four of them reached Rogueport where they were ambushed
<[LM]Blazer>: by Nightmane''s minions
<Shadin>: ouch
<[LM]Blazer>: they were outnumbered and captured
<Shadin>: double ouch
<[LM]Blazer>: The next thiey knew they woke up in a prison cell
+triple ouch
<[LM]Blazer>: Amber was then forced to leave the cell and ended up going to the throneroom of Nightmane
<[LM]Blazer>: Nightmane tortured her to submit to his will
<[LM]Blazer>: yet, Amber remained defiant
<[LM]Blazer>: Thats when he ordered his dragon to force her to.
<[LM]Blazer>: He unleashed the Dark Srne and with it Shaden,the dark dragon.
<[LM]Blazer>: Amber became helpless to Shaden
<[LM]Blazer>: but not for long.
<[LM]Blazer>: A mysterious stranger cloaked in white opened the doors of the throne room
<[LM]Blazer>: and then morphed into a lightblue dragon
<[LM]Blazer>: Amber knew right away who the stranger was.
<[LM]Blazer>: Drizleon and Shaden became locked in battle, giving Amber time to escape
<[LM]Blazer>: She rushed to free her allies and Nightamane followed.
<[LM]Blazer>: once freed, the four of them attacked Nightmane
<[LM]Blazer>: Nightmane fought his best against the four, but they had him outnumbered
<[LM]Blazer>: To escape, Nightmane hurriedly delve into the nearest stone, which happend to be the Dark Stone
<[LM]Blazer>: That was his final flaw
<[LM]Blazer>: Shadeo, free from Nightmane's control, returned to the Dark Stone and trapped Nightmane in the stone
<[LM]Blazer>: Drizleon remorphed into the stranger and then disposed of the dark stone, taking it into the coldest section of Glastron
Amber and her friends had finally saved the day and the Pokemon World was safe once again
<[LM]Blazer>: THE
<[LM]Blazer>: END!!!!

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05-23-2012, 10:15 PM
Amphy23>: I can see that ninJAS is posting a new thread in the forum.
Amphy23>: What is it about?
Zueq>: Hm.. Well I don't know.. He hasn't posted it.
Zueq>: lmao
Meep. Meep. Meeeee Meeeep.


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05-25-2012, 08:21 PM
This is kind of long, so, yeah. I was doing a monologue, I'm insane!

Amphy23 is scared by the eery silence.
Amphy23 can't hear anymore.
Amphy23 is thinking of lollipops and twirlywhirls.
Amphy23 is wondering where the Administrator Zueq went.
Amphy23 is drinking Apple Juice right now.
Amphy23 is politely waiting for Zueq to return.
Amphy23 won't accept excuses, though.
Amphy23 has an awsomesauce x2 cat named Potato.
Amphy23 can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they see Potato.
Amphy23 wants to weave a tale full of cobwebs and fiber.
Amphy23 is reciting E=mc squared.

Funkasaurus: >.>
Funkasaurus: <.<

Amphy23 is thinking, "Wynaut."
Funkasaurus: hai.
Amphy23 is saying, "I've been expecting you."
Amphy23 is wondering why Funkasaurus came on.
Amphy23: Oh, hi. I don't know, really. ;s
Amphy23: Good.
Amphy23: I was doing a monologue of my life.
Amphy23: You're not spilling the beans, so I will.
Amphy23 spills the can of beans. "Oops!"

Funkasaurus: ...are you talking to yourself?
Amphy23: Yes, I do this to prevent insanity from plaguing my mind, even though in reality, we're all insane to an extent.
Amphy23 is back to monologue.
Amphy23 is waiting expectantly for the Zombie Apocalypse.
Amphy23 is preparing for said Apocalypse.
Amphy23 is having my Ampharos trained to kill.
Amphy23 is ninja'd by CloudStorm.
Amphy23 is thinking of writing a totally cliche story.
Amphy23 is thanking Google for being way better than Yahoo!
Amphy23 is not surprised at Yahoo!'s predicament.
Amphy23 is giggling like a proper lady at the word, "Predicament."
Amphy23 is now thinking of other funny words.
Amphy23 is thinking, "Nitwit! Oddment! Blubber!"
Amphy23 is thinking, "Tweak! Snickerdoodle! Bo-bomb-tastica!"
Amphy23 is thinking, "Chortle! Befuddlement! Jormungor!"
Amphy23 gets bored of words.
Amphy23 thinks of what to say next.
Amphy23 thinks of jokes!
Amphy23 does a comedy routine!
Amphy23 says, "Why did Squirtle cross the road?"
Amphy23 says, "Because he thought it would be a blast! HAHAHA!"
Funkasaurus Leaves. Bye.
Amphy23 is saddened by Funkasaurus' leave, and cries in a corner.
Amphy23 now commits suicide.

Thanks to Zueq for the avatar and banner!
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05-28-2012, 01:45 PM (This post was last modified: 05-28-2012, 01:49 PM by Hana Song.)
Vex: Zueq
Vex: Wanna be a manmaid?
ChaosMasterMartin: D: Why!?!?
ChaosMasterMartin: Yes!
Zueq: "Manmaid"?
ChaosMasterMartin: Zueq, join us!
Vex: Yes.
Vex: Like a maid.
Vex: But a man.
Vex: Like my photo earlier!
CloudStorm: Cuz I don't look good in maid clothing ._.
Vex: But a maid.
ChaosMasterMartin: look at my sig and you'll know what we mean
Zueq: Mhm.... Sounds sexy. :3
Vex: It is!
Vex: Shall I show him the photo?
Zueq: .. The photo?
Zether-Man: if you want
Vex: Yes.
Vex: One sec.
Zueq: I wonder what this photo is.
Zueq: lol
CloudStorm: XD
Zether-Man: prepare
Vex: inb4 60% warning.
Vex: http://i.imgur.com/PNjzg.jpg
CloudStorm: XD!
Zueq: .... Wow.
Vex: I know, right?
Zueq: Those leggings look nice on you.
Vex: O///O
Vex: cghgfbdtxgfy
Vex: Okay .A.
ChaosMasterMartin: lol


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anxiety trip

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