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Chat Quote Thread
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Chat Quote Thread
↞The Swashbucklin' Fool↠


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08-01-2013, 06:27 PM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2013, 06:29 PM by shenanigans.)
Reviving this because we haz funnies on the [Showdown! server] chat.

[18:11:17] @Rising Legacy: I'm not two people
[18:11:25] @Rising Legacy: I was
[18:11:28] @Rising Legacy: but now I'm not
[18:11:32] ~Skyelost: x:
[18:11:41] ~Skyelost: He's an amoeba!
Guest 25 left
Hey guys! Guess what! We're actually all amoebas trapped in a matrix controlled by evil cyborg slugs! D:
[18:12:18] ~Skyelost: Or something.
[18:12:37] ~Skyelost: ...That would certainly make for an interesting roleplay.
[18:12:46] ~Skyelost: brb plotting world domination
You are now blocking all incoming challenge requests.
[18:15:21] @Rising Legacy: WHOOP!
[18:16:23] Detective Gumshoe: i don't know how to roleplay :x
You are available for challenges from now on.
[18:16:35] ~Skyelost: D:
[18:16:36] ~Skyelost: What
[18:16:38] ~Skyelost: is this
[18:16:40] ~Skyelost: that I hear
[18:16:46] ~Skyelost: You don't know how to roleplay D:?
[18:17:10] Detective Gumshoe: I never have before
[18:17:33] Detective Gumshoe: It sounds really fun, but I never got into it
[18:17:38] ~Skyelost: B-Bu-But! You do it every day! Youu are Sir Wright, brilliant billionaire extraordinaire on the fabulous site of PokeSun! Ornot. But you do roleplay with the whole Phoenix Wright thing, whether you're aware of it or not. c:
[18:18:04] ~Skyelost: Basically, roleplaying is simply collaborative storytelling.
[18:18:32] @Rising Legacy: I am Sir McLeggers IV, Squirrel Overlord of PokeSun
[18:18:32] ~Skyelost: You take upon yourself the persona of a character that you artfully craft, and then go on an adventure with friends and enemies, experiencing a totally new world through words. c:
[18:18:38] ~Skyelost: ...Hehe.
[18:18:43] @Rising Legacy: And have babies
[18:18:47] @Rising Legacy: lots of babies
[18:18:47] ~Skyelost: Oh lord.
[18:18:52] @Rising Legacy: 400 BABIES!
[18:18:59] ~Skyelost: And what does cinnamin think of this plan?
[18:19:00] ~Skyelost: XD
[18:19:19] @Rising Legacy: She doesn't get a say in the matter.
[18:19:42] ~Skyelost: >Then she logs on here
[18:19:47] ~Skyelost: >and sees that
[18:19:50] ~Skyelost: >and kills you
[18:19:51] ~Skyelost: :D
[18:19:52] ~Skyelost: XD
[18:20:03] @Rising Legacy: She won't kill me
[18:20:11] @Rising Legacy: cos I'll kick her in the face with my ENERGY LEGS!
[18:20:22] Detective Gumshoe: haha is cinnamon your girlfriend or something :<
[18:20:34] @Rising Legacy: Yeah she is.
[18:20:39] ~Skyelost: Fine, hangs you upside down by your toes with your hair barely brushing the deceptively calm waters of a pool filled with electric eel and piranhas c:
[18:21:30] @Rising Legacy: I'll lick her elbow and she will free me with a fear stricken heart
[18:21:45] ~Skyelost: Meanwhile, the metal brackets that are holding you by your toes are slowly being heated until they're red hot, at which they then release due a heat trigger, dropping you into the pool to die not by being eaten alive, but by electrocution-induced drowning as you startle them with your flailing c:
[18:21:48] ~Skyelost: XD
[18:22:14] Detective Gumshoe: You have really thought out how to kill legacy, huh?
[18:22:18] ~Skyelost: Nu.
[18:22:26] ~Skyelost: My mind is just a scary place c:
[18:22:28] ~Skyelost: XD
@Heinous Creature joined
[18:22:54] ~Skyelost: Hai :D
[18:23:10] ~Skyelost: Besides, I'm far too friendly to keel anyone. ;-;
[18:23:18] @Rising Legacy: I don't flail
[18:23:24] @Rising Legacy: I flop
[18:23:32] ~Skyelost: I'm more likely to build a psychotic robot butler bunny to do such things.
[18:23:34] ~Skyelost: c:
[18:23:47] @Heinous Creature: I'm...going to try not to quote that out of context.
[18:23:58] ~Skyelost: Ohmy.

Miles Prower
The Blonde Brainiac


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08-05-2013, 08:56 PM
~WitheredPyre: Pyre points his finger at Rising Legacy and incinerates him with a laser pointer that came out of it. Random stuff.
Miles_PerHour: pew pew
~WitheredPyre: **Pyre can't stop firing!*
~WitheredPyre: Crap.
~WitheredPyre: Pyre can't stop firing!
Miles_PerHour: *finds a place to hide*
~WitheredPyre: Pyre incinerates Miles_PerHour
Miles_PerHour: Lives: 1
Miles_PerHour: Restart?: Y/N
~WitheredPyre: Pyre ate Miles_PerHour's Restart screen!
Miles_PerHour: GAME OVER.
Miles_PerHour: Please insert 2 COIN(S) to Play.
~TeamPlaz: Lol
• ~WitheredPyre eats all of the coins!
Miles_PerHour: XD

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08-11-2013, 09:08 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2013, 09:09 PM by Rhapsody.)
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[Image: cstTXPZ.png]
[Image: Uq3PqIi.png]
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