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Community Project: Unique Metagames for PokéSun
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Community Project: Unique Metagames for PokéSun
has anyone seen my sanity


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08-30-2013, 08:45 PM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2013, 11:23 PM by Rhapsody.)
Thinking about it for a while, I've decided that we should work on getting some more metagames for our server. Yes, we have a good number of custom metagames already, but this server is the server that we call our home (server)! We don't have any metagames that we thought of yet, so I intend to change that. Below are the guidelines for submitting a custom metagame idea that doesn't already exist on the server. If your idea is good and is actually possible, then we'll go ahead and try to get it programmed. Fill out the following form and then make a post below that includes it.

Name: What should it be named?
Description: Describe your metagame idea in detail. The more the better. For example, how it works and why you think this should be a metagame on our server.
Banlist: The banlist is important, as this tells us what to block on it. There are a few things you can add to a banlist; specifically, you can specify moves, items, Pokemon, a Pokemon with a certain ability, a combination of abilities (Drizzle ++ Swift Swim), and a combination of moves and an ability. Please note, Drizzle ++ Swift Swim and Ubers will always be on the banlist by default unless you specify otherwise. If applicable, include why you think what you added should be added to the banlist.
Clauses: List the clauses that are active in this metagame.


Below is the list of custom metagames added to the Showdown server. These metagames work just like any other metagame; you can make tournaments for them if you wish, and gym leaders can even base their gym on it. This is simply the documentation for the metagame.

Mixedmons is a custom metagame that combines the current OM (Other Metagame) of the Month and the custom metagame Ability Exchange. This metagame allow customization of Pokemon that can rival the Custom Battle type while still staying within legitimate boundaries. Such customizations include the ability to use both the Pokemon's normal movepool and any move of the Pokemon's type, meaning a Piplup can learn Water Gun when it normally couldn't. This customization is from STABmons.

The other customization is that you can swap the abilities of your party members. For example, if you had a Heatran and Gengar on your team, you could swap their abilities in the team builder, so that Heatran would have Levitate (Gengar's ability) and Gengar would have Flash Fire (Heatran's ability).

With both of these customizations put together, it puts an entirely different set of strategies and movesets down on the table, making a Pokemon that had good base stats but a bad movepool/ability a lot more useful.

To make the metagame fair, however, a few bans had to be implemented, and they will be explained below (this list is can be modified without warning as new threats emerge that are deemed to be too strong, similar to certain Pokemon being banished to a different tier).

All Pokemon, abilities, and items already included in the STABmons and Ability Exchange banlists have been added.

Adaptability, Arena Trap, Contrary, Huge Power, Imposter, Pure Power, Prankster, Serene Grace, Shadow Tag, Simple, Tinted Lens, and Wonder Guard are abilities that you can't transfer to other Pokemon, and only use on Pokemon that can naturally have them.

Teams that have both Drizzle and Swift Swim are banned, in correspondence with an early Smogon ban. Similarly, teams with both Drought and Chlorophyll and teams with both Sand Stream and Sand Rush are banned, because they all share the same purpose as Drizzle+Swift Swim. These aren't banned on normal Smogon metagames, but are banned in Mixedmons because you can simply switch the abilities to another Pokemon to circumvent the ban and give the speed boost to a more useful Pokemon.

All uber Pokemon are banned. Additionally, Excadrill, Tornadus-Therian, Thundurus, Landorus, Slaking, and Regigigas are also banned.

Currently, there is only one exception to the banlist. In Ability Exchange, Speed Boost was banned on Pokemon that didn't legally have it. In Mixedmons, this restriction has been removed.

The following clauses are active in Mixedmons;

Evasion Abilities Clause: Prevents the use of abilities that modify evasion.
Evasion Moves Clause: Prevents the use of moves that modify evasion.
Team Preview: Allows you to preview the foe's team before the battle starts.
Mixedmons: Activates the Ability Exchange function of Mixedmons.
Sleep Clause: Prevents more than one Pokemon from being put to sleep at once.
Species Clause: Prevents two of the same Pokemon.
OHKO Clause: Prevents the use of OHKO moves.
Moody Clause: Prevents the ability Moody from being used in battle.
HP Percentage Mod: Allows HP percentages to be shown to trainers instead of rough numbers.

[Image: tXYu56.png]

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