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Create your own gym!
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Create your own gym!


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06-24-2013, 02:10 PM
Seeing how the last post in the previous thread was back in March...

OK, say you were given the chance to be a gym leader. You could specialize in any type you wanted (or not specialize in a type at all), you could create whatever puzzle you wanted, and you could even decide the length of your team and what Pokemon to have on it. (Except legendaries, of course.)

So, that said, feel free to answer this series of questions:

What type would you specialize in? (Or would you specialize in no type at all?)

What kind of puzzle would your gym have?

What would the name of your badge be called?

What types of trainers would be in your gym? (For example, Youngsters/Lasses, Ace Trainers, Rich Boys/Ladies and Gentlemen/Socialites, etc.) Or, would your gym not have any trainers at all?

What would your Pokemon team be? (If specializing in a single type, you may have one wildcard.)

Any special rules for battling? (For example, double battles only, no evasion raising moves or abilities, etc.)

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06-24-2013, 02:39 PM
Porting this over here because I spent far too much time working on this.


Gym Name: Surreal Gym

Gym Type: Psychic

Badge Name: Reality Badge

Badge Appearance: The badge would have the appearance of a wedjet set onto a small, golden metal square. The wedjet would be drawn in silver.

Gym Appearance: The Gym would appear to be made of polished gold cubes on the outside, designed in a pyramid-like fashion. The doors would have silver hieroglyphs carved into them. Upon entering, the challenger would find the inside totally different from the outside. The floor would be carpeted with thick, plush royal blue carpet. The walls would be lined with bookshelves. Over in the bottom left corner of the room, directly to the challenger's right as they entered, would be a two dark blue sofas and a slightly darker blue recliner, all situated around a polished, oval shaped cherrywood coffee table. The sofas and recliner would be made of a cloth material, not leather. There would most likely be a pot of sweet raspberry tea on the coffee table, alongside two coffee mugs, in case the challenger wanted to sit and chat with me before or after battling.

In the bottom right corner of the room, to the challengers left as they enter, would be a simple, somewhat large, oak table. It would probably be a bit scuffed up and rather laden with books, manuscripts, and miscellaneous sheets of paper. There would be no chair, as I prefer standing when doing research or studying something. In the top right corner of the room, there would be a simple spiral staircase made of cast iron, descending down to the second lower level. In the top left corner of the room, there would be a sort of recreational area, I suppose you could call it. Video game consoles would be set up there, hooked up to a large television mounted on the wall. A computer would also be there, as would a rather large area set aside solely for legos. (I imagine building with legos using nothing but psychic powers would be quite entertaining.)

Classical music will most likely be playing in the room. If you as a challenger are not a fan, too bad. I doubt I'll alter my tastes simply because of your disagreement. I hope you enjoy battling to Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach.

On the level directly below the ground level will be the stadium room in which we battle. It'll look how the usual stadium looks, except that rather than being a large rectangle, it will be a large, upside down diamond. Three dimensional. The walls will be made of durable plexiglass. When within the battle diamond, neither the challenger nor myself can give our Pokemon orders. By now, you must be a talented enough trainer and you must have a good enough bond with your Pokemon that you can battle without such needless things. We will each use all six of our Pokemon. You must send them all out of their Pokeballs and allow them to switch out as they deem necessary.

In the next floor down, my bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen are all located. I would be living in my Gym.

Signature Pokemon: Reuniclus

Gym Leader's Appearance:

[Image: Akara%27s+Gift+-+Reuniclus+Pokesona.JPG]
Thanks goes to Arouu for the picture~! You're the best, Arouu! :3

Gym Leader's Pokemon:

Reuniclus - Sitiri
Sitiri was my first Pokemon, all those years ago, when I first caught a Solosis and started my Pokemon journey. She's been with me ever since then, never leaving my side. I like to think we've reached a point of total trust in one another, to where when we battle, it's like we're both fighting, not just me giving her orders.

Metagross - Fortress
The heavy hitter of my team, but so much more than that. Fortress is like a father to all of us, always worrying over everyone else on the team, myself included. You'd think someone with a supercomputer for a brain would be more calculating, more apathetic, but no. Don't be fooled, though, he's a precision machine of destruction on the battlefield.

Sigilyph - Sentry
Sentry was the last member to join my team, but he's already grown to be invaluable just in this last year or two. He has a strong sense of duty and will do everything in his power to fulfill any order given to him, regardless of difficulty. He's somewhat lost on his own, but he's slowly learning self-confidence and initiative.

Gardevoir - Laeta
The second Pokemon to join my team, and the one who convinced me I could still compete even with an all-psychic team. As a Ralts, she managed to take out a Poochyena after learning Focus Blast via a TM I had purchased. She prefers being a healer to attacking, though, and that's fine by me.

Starmie - Celeste
Celeste, like all of my team, is an invaluable member. He's fast, hits hard, and can heal off damage like it's nothing. Off the battlefield, he's found that he loves to cook, so we all eat very well. He gets rather irritated when we tell him he has a girl's name, and insists that it's masculine where he comes from, though he refuses to say where that is.

Espeon - Pounce

Pounce is...well... Let's just say she's rather excitable and tends to glomp any of us if we've been gone for too long. She hates sleeping alone and has to be cuddled up to one of us, preferable all of us. Despite her lovable nature, she's still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Incredibly nimble and fast, her favored battle style is messing with the enemy's mind, making illusions, causing the enemy to forget how to use moves, upsetting gravity, and so on.

(Sorry about the long post, got a bit carried away. And this is the condensed version, the original was like. twice as long. ._.)

Fukai Tsumi


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06-26-2013, 06:16 AM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2013, 04:28 PM by Fukai Tsumi.)
Gym Name: Shadow Gym.

Gym Type: Ghost/Dark.

Badge Name: Shade Badge.

Badge Appearance: The badge would be circular with a gradient fading from black on one edge to grey on the other.

Gym Appearance: The Gym would be through a dingy little door in the back of a public library, but would turn out to be as large as the library itself, and with a similar amount of books. The whole thing would be one giant room, with the floor-size of a whole house but no dividing walls, and two stories of height without a dividing ceiling.

Aside from a large, cleared area in the centre of the room, the books would be littered around everywhere; there are no shelves in the room, or any furnishings at all, really, making it seem like a very finely decorated warehouse.

The only light source in the Gym is what little sunlight filters through the heavy, dusty curtains, and the only notable feature the room has to offer is a large-ish book-fort at the far end; this is where I reside.

No, really, I await challengers in a book-fort.

Signature Pokemon: Necturna.

Gym Leader's Appearance:

[Image: Lliamcrop_zps154e8f92.jpg]

Gym Leader's Pokemon:

Necturna - Female - Ivy

I met Ivy as a Necturine, when she guided my grandmother's spirit to the afterlife. After meeting her once, I continued to see her and talk to her (well, at her) every time I came to visit the grave. One, day, when I left, she followed me, and over time, we became the fighting team we are today. She is very empathetic and motherly, despite being somewhat stoic, and she is definitely the heart of the team.

Mismagius - Female - Lulamoon, Sableye - Male - Loki

Lulamoon and Loki joined my team at the same time, the joint third members of my team after Ivy and Titania. They were trying to play tricks on me and Ivy in the dark of a cave, and when we finally managed to directly confront them, the ensuing battle was when Ivy finally evolved into a Necturna. The pair still have a real soft spot for each other, and they're always playing harmless pranks on the rest of team, like a couple of kids. Lulamoon is very prideful, and responds badly to taunting and teasing, while Loki is a little more... enigmatic. No one is really sure how smart he is, but one thing is for sure; while Lulamoon is the heavy special attacker of the team, with her Thunderbolts and Shadow Balls, Loki is the undisputed master of screwing with a challenger's head.

Honchkrow - Male - Bossa

Bossa is cool, calm, and confident. In a situation where my Pokemon were separated from me, Bossa would be their leader for sure. He adapts well to any situation, is highly observant, and knows when to call it quits. Outside of combat situations, he is quite jovial, and enjoys few things more than stuffing his beak with Pokefood.

Tyranitar - Female - Titania

Titania was the second Pokemon to join my team, and in a spectacularly mundane manner. She was a Pupitar at the time, and even though Ivy was still a little Necturine, a couple of Vine Whips took down the Rock/Ground type. Titania still has trouble listening to orders sometimes even now; she is best described as unbridled primal fury on two legs, and she causes as many problems as she fixes.

Cofagrigus - Male - Kunyonga

Kunyonga is the most recent addition to my team, and he is also the most outright malevolent; there's a reason his name is the Swahili word for 'strangle'. He managed to casually smack down the majority of my team before he finally got brought down by Titania, but he was worth the trouble, as his unreasonable ability to not go down makes him a valuable asset to the team.

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