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Dropped to UU - Pokemon Online
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Dropped to UU - Pokemon Online
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03-07-2013, 08:31 PM
Well apparently 3 extremely good Pokemon have been dropped from OU to UU on Pokemon Online's Competitive Tiers.

[Image: 423_e.gif]

This adorable little slug Pokemon is seen to many as useless but to a great deal of competitive battlers it is a great example of what an annoying Pokemon looks like. It sports a surprisingly good amount of bulky with 111/68/82 bases, a good defensive typing of Ground/Water which only give it 1 weakness along with 1 immunity (2 counting its ability Storm Drain), a rather decent 92 base Special attack, and an extremely good movepool being able to use moves such as: Scald, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Toxic, Recover, Sludge Wave, and Clear Smog. Though mostly seen as a Specially Defensive wall able to handle a lot of threats from most Rain teams it is also surprisingly dangerous when holding a Choice Specs which can easily put holes in pretty much any team not carrying a Chansey or Blissey.

With its fall back to UU Gastrodon will face some still competition from other bulky Water types including Empoleon, Milotic, Slowbro, and Blastiose. One thing Gastrodon has over all the other Water types mentioned however is its ability to completely wall nearly every single type of Raikou set (other than sets with HP Grass) with is one of the biggest Special attackers in UU.

[Image: 376.gif]

Ah Metagross...how it managed to end up in UU is beyond me seeing as it is easily one of the best bulky offensive Pokemon in the entire metagame. With a defensive spread of 80/130/90, a Steel/Psychic typing, and backed up by a fantastic 130 base attack Metagross can deal some serious damage while tanking a large number of hits as well. Metagross' strongest competition will easily be Bronzong. Both Pokemon are normally seen with large amounts of physical bulky and even though Bronzong has a great ability for a Steel type in Levitate Metagross has greater overall physical bulk without having to rely on its ability to check certain Pokemon....though Levitate is indeed very handy to have.

Along with its great bulk and attack Metagross packs a fairly diverse movepool though many of its coverage moves have low BP. Stealth Rock, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt, Ice/Fire/Thunder Punch, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Pursuit, Agility, Hone Claws, and Trick are some of its most commonly seen moves.

[Image: 612.gif]

There is no way on Earth that Haxorus should be in UU...PERIOD. It has a godly 147 Attack, STAB Outrage, respectable 97 Speed, Mold Breaker, and Earthquake which is pretty much the only other move it needs besides Outrage.

At +1 Haxorus is more or less unstoppable. With Outrage standard Emopleon and Bisharp are 2HKO'd; Cobalion, Bronzong, and all but 252/252 Metagross are 3HKO'd. Having Earthquake that can hit any Levitaters just makes it that much more menacing allowing it to hit all the somewhat checks mentioned above for SE damage.

Unlike in OU ,where nearly every Haxorus seen was Choiced in some way, UU allows Dragon Dance and Double Dance Haxorus to become even more deadly since the tier is far more stall based than the current OU metagame. A set of Dragon Dance, Outrage, Earthquake, and Taunt would allow Haxorus a multitude of setup opportunities as slower stall based Pokemon attempt to cripple it with some sort of status.

All in all Gastrodon is the only one of the three who should have even been considered dropping a tier but even then it can still function extremely well in OU.

Thoughts and concerns about these three?

[Image: OzMV8j1.png]

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03-08-2013, 06:05 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2013, 06:07 AM by Hana Song.)
Hi there, huge fan and user of Gastrodon here.

No. Out of these three, I only see Metagross as being UU material, and even then it's going to be right at the top of the tier. Gastrodon is simply ridiculous in being able to counter rain and sand teams in the OU tier - probably the only Pokémon in the tier that can shut down rain altogether - while not being at all useless against other weather effects. One weakness is amazing, its ability gives it immunity to a great offensive type, great movepool, decent stat distribution, what the hell is it doing down there.

Metagross, eh. I can honestly see why it's not used as much as it maybe could be, the typing isn't great and, despite having decent defences and a priority move, it still would need a little more Speed to be great - Agility isn't a surefire fix, guys - but still, it's not a bad Pokémon. It's going to be a driving force down there in UU, that's for sure. I play a fair amount of UU, and I can't see much that's going to stand right in its way.

Haxorus, whatever. UU has a good number of faster, hard-hitting threats there. Haxorus is going to hit the tier hard, but in the end I think it's going to hit just as hard as it did in the OU tier at first - not actually much. Remember when Haxorus was the most hyped Pokémon leading up to Gen V? And then how many did you see tearing through teams after that? Yeah, it's powerful, but the fact still remains that it's not a used Pokémon, which is the sole reason it's in that tier, right? I don't think it should be in OU, but I still think it should be banned from UU - just stick it in BL or something.

As annoyed as I am with Gastrodon being demoted like this, I'm actually happy too. I'm returning heavily to my stall and bulky roots, and with this change in the tiers, who's actually going to see Gastrodon anymore? The majority of players believe that tiering directly dictates how powerful, useful or not something is, which is complete BS. Just watch, I'll bring my older stall teams back and Gastrdon's going to be walling left, right and center. Can't KO what you don't prepare for, kids.

Don't forget, Jas, Gastrodon is the only thing in the OU tier that could hard wall Rotom-W. They never carry HP [Grass] anymore, so yeah. Basically, Gastrodon ruined VoltTurn teams and could stop momentum dead in its tracks. It's still great at that, but people are going to look over it.

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