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Eternal Shade
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Eternal Shade


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08-03-2014, 11:58 AM
Eternal Shade

Table of Contents

Part One - Shadows
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Part Two - Essence

Part Three - Prometheus

Part One - Shadows


The throbbing pain in his head had not ceased. Voices and sounds, of varying pitch and frequency, are the metaphoric equivalent of shouts and yells, madly free-associating with one another within the confines of his cranium. Their cacophony have constantly bombarded his fragile boundaries and mental walls with the claws of their words, the acid of their tone, and the teeth of their seemingly chaotic order. With each unrelenting strike, a new and fresh wave of agony would overcome his living essence, leaving in its wake the debris of his fallen mental walls, and the unbearable sight of a vulnerable living creature, ripe for the picking of an opportune adversary.

As maddening as it was for the process to repeat itself once every month, it also nevertheless served as a reassurance; a constant reminder in his bland gray world that he was still capable, to some extent, of feeling something. Experiencing something so vibrant and spontaneous, in direct contrast to the accursed numb state of existence he has resigned to. He did not know how long he had stood there amidst his state of existence, suspended in time and unaffected by gravity.

He began to wonder, even, if something as superfluous of a concept as time ever existed. Through those rare bouts of actually experiencing a tangible contact with the world known as the ‘physical reality’, he received much intriguing information, particularly the ones that had a direct involvement with him.

Numb, cold, distant, emotionless, calculating, enigma; these were but a few words he had heard. Although it was often a rare occurrence for him to pay attention at all to the outside world, this was something that he could safely count as an exception. They were interesting words; adjectives, for the ones who would have liked to delve into the specifics. He began to ruminate on them, and as such, he had also taken the time to expound on them. Then again, ‘time’ was the closest he could get to being able to describe his recent endeavors.

He passed his time referring to various dictionaries, thesauruses, and reading up on numerous individuals’ perceptions of each word. With each research session, no two definitions were the same, he concluded. Eventually, he managed to develop a complex mind map of the possible relations with each word. However, even with the success of the construction of his mental frameworks, the information he had garnered only served to perplex him and confuse him. Many questions spawned, and almost all of which he could not find answers to.

It seemed that these humans had a terrible habit of labeling anything and everything that they had encountered or experienced, he concluded. They also have this notorious knack of being able to instinctively identify something that was “out of place” or “not ordinary”, it seemed. This particular trait vexed him to no end. From the numerous instances that he has taken the time to observe them, he had concluded that they had this strange obsession regarding the notion of “normality” or “tradition”.

The fact that they obsessed so much over it continued to elude him. This made him wonder continuously whether he was the one who was “out of place”, or, were they actually the ones who were confused about themselves. As far as he knew, if one of them labeled another with words such as “weird”, “strange”, “stupid”, or “dangerous”; it surely must be a blatant indicator that one may actually be ‘out of place’.

Point being, what factors have to be examined and taken into consideration for one to be called ‘out of place’? Was there even such an existing concept as “normality” in the first place? Or do individuals form their own stances in subjective issues like these?

These were questions that he cannot find answers to. And this served to vex him. He knew that he was wasting his living essence pursuing the answers to these superfluous questions. Then again, is it not ironic he has an eternity to himself? How could a creature like him possibly possess a life-force?

Mortals race against time in the hopes of pursuing the things they desired to fulfill and accomplish; immortals have all the time in the world, at the setback of sacrificing the opportunity of being granted an afterlife. How did he become immortal, in the first place? For as long as he knew, he had already been resigned to his current state. The concept of ‘memory’ is arbitrary, as far as he was concerned, for he could barely remember anything in human standards.

Nevertheless, despite it all, he could not help but feel enthralled at the enigma called ‘humans’. They truly were a puzzle; a gargantuan version of a jigsaw puzzle that one is required to piece together, from the bottom-up. Otherwise, there would be no hope of being able to understand the meaning of life, he knew.

But the process of acquiring those individual pieces, he assumed, is a process that is never-ending. But, perhaps, that is what it so captivating about it. Just as you are on the verge of a brilliant discovery, another puzzle piece appears, rendering you to either start the process again or formulate ways of incorporating that piece into the whole, without destroying the integrity of the previous pieces.

And truth be told, he loves puzzles. Despite its arduous process, he has firm confidence that he will solve it all.

He only had two concerns: when and where he can start.

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