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Finish The Story
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Finish The Story
Angels of Truth and Ideals


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03-13-2015, 04:00 AM
Hello! This is a game I created because I love to hear people's perspectives on a story. So, the rules are very simple. I start a story, and people continue it. You don't have to end your sentences to completely finish. Even if it's just a letter, a punctuation symbol even picture - it's entirely up to you!

So, let me start it.

Intense flames and crackling lightning filled the heated atmosphere with surprising tension as the legendary dragon Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom have awakened to the evil presence of a shadowy figure. Suddenly, their eyes gleaming a shiny colour, they fade away with it.
Meanwhile, a young man named N gasped for breath as he tried to pursue the evil figure who 'stole' his legendary companions and mysteriously set off...

[Image: D5Ctidw.jpg]
We are ✯Ho-OhLugia✯, Twin heroes of Truth and Ideals.
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