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Hilarious/Memorable Chat Moments
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Hilarious/Memorable Chat Moments
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12-14-2013, 12:41 AM
I apologize if there is already a thread similar to this one, so if there is please feel free to delete this.

I just recently had a both memorable and hilarious chat with an anonymous user on Pokemon Showdown who wanted to ask me for some art critique. Here are some screenshots of the chat.

[Image: HzWFQbj.png]
[Image: LuVPevW.png]
[Image: ShSoKHn.png]
[Image: blIZjei.png]
[Image: NOL9WiI.png]
[Image: olxLiWm.png]
[Image: WLVnOoh.png]
[Image: hM2Mzrs.png]
[Image: 3QwtIhm.png] Busted

The link he gave me is here:
The link I showed him is here:
If you didn't understand what went on, basically this guy went around asking people about how art he didn't even made looked. I caught him red handed when I asked him when he made it. He said a month, while the original art's location stated that it was posted over a year ago. I went to ask him if we was still there, but he went offline and left. Make this be a lesson to us all; stealing art is absolutely unacceptable. Plagiarism is not only a poor choice of action, but it is an act that can be caught quite easily if you know what to look for. I personally despise all who plagiarize, and hope that one day the person who commits it will learn to create work of their own. Otherwise, they have earned and own nothing but lies that will collapse upon themselves.

Anyways, have you ever had any hilarious or memorable moments using an online chat system of some sort?

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12-14-2013, 04:01 AM
Hmm...yeah, actually, I remember one instance on a site I'll neglect to mention as it doesn't deserve it.

It transpired, I believe anyway, that a random staff member banned me, for doing something, I don't know what. Later it became clear the user he wanted was someone with a similar username. Quite funny that, and a simple human error, so I let it slip.

Later on, same guy banned me again, this time for a reason, and I quote: "You're a t***". Yep. I just logged on, said hi, and banned for that reason. He later didn't apologise, but other staff who I'm still friends with did on his behalf, and admitted that in all likeliness there is a vendetta or something there, I don't know. I subsequently left though. XD

Funny how a simple coincidence can lead to something like that, or at least, that's what everyone made sense of it. He never made his motives clear. :/ I do look back on it and laugh though, because he got such a berating. XD


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12-14-2013, 10:20 AM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2013, 10:21 AM by smoakdragon.)
@Fairy Princess Bloom good for you! I also find plagiarism absolutely unacceptable, but I do find your post hilarious!

Over the past couple of summers, I have been asked by my friends to draw and design what they wanted in their parking spot at school. I happily accepted, but only on the condition that I could paint my initials in the corner. Without hesitation they said yes. I'm just glad that they didn't decide otherwise. Smile

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