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I've hit a snafu
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I've hit a snafu
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03-17-2017, 04:57 PM
Hello everyone! I'm not sure what I can contribute to the forum just yet, but I am an avid artist and writer if that holds any interest.

The reason I'm writing this post is because I've hit a bit of a impasse. To make a long story short, I started writing a Pokemon fiction around four years back, and it was my novelization of X and Y. I had had fun writing it - I still want to write for it....however, due to some personal issues that arose in the years following, I wasn't able to keep consistently uploading as much as I want, making the fic itself a bit dated.

My problem is that I really want to write a direct sequel, even more so now that I've played through Sun and Moon. The lore in the game fits into what I planned to do for my original fiction, but I'm not sure if I should finish the original and then write the sequel, or creatively move on to the next one since I already have many ideas on how I want the story to go. Plus, the protagonist would be better suited with the former.

So! This is where you guys come in. I really, really want to write a novelization of S&M, but I know to many it would seem wrong stopping in the middle of the original (I'm not ending it there, but the sequel would be more of a continuation of where the other story was left off for various purposes in the storyline). 

My fiction is called The Power of One, and - if you want - you can give it a read to get a better understanding of where I'm coming from. I'd appreciate some reviews and/or critiques as well as an opinion of what I should do. It would be bold on my part if I choose to do this, but I feel I can pull it off, as it will be something unique and not something I see done a lot, if at all.

Thanks for your help! Sorry for the long post, haha ;;

[Disclaimer: There will be some spelling and grammatical errors here and there, but nothing major. Again, this fiction is old and dated, and the last time I updated was before Christmas of last year. I still hope you enjoy it regardless! ^w^]