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Kiyo's Collective of Poetry **Through the Years**
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Kiyo's Collective of Poetry **Through the Years**


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06-23-2015, 08:45 AM
So, I figured since other people have posted their own poems/poetry...I figured, why not? Here is a collective of poetry/poems that I have written over the years since...oh wow, I can't remember...ahahaha... I had two of them published in the Poetry.com books. 

**Poems that don't have dates are because I couldn't remember when I wrote them lol...**

***Three Words*** - Written 02/11/05
What am I doing here
When you're so far away
I stand by, looking onto the pier
In hopes you hear me say:

Three words I've kept close
Even though I never had the chance
I'll stay at my post
Until I make my stance

One day was all it needed
But I couldn't stand the pressure
All I did was receded

Looking back everyday
Still not figuring out
The last day in May
Put your fire out

Now comes the time
That I must say
I'll love you till the end of this rhyme
Which the rhyme is a never ending day

Always Loved - Written 02/16/06
I sometimes think about love

But sometimes my mind doesn't get enough

So I call my friends to talk about it

But they just told me, "Life's Rough."

Sitting down on my computer

I decide only friends are best

They didn't help much though

Told me to, "Give it a rest."

Someday when love comes by me

I won't think or stutter.

Though I do want him to see

How much we are made for each other.

So tonight when I sleep

I'll think about this poem

I'll try not to think too deep

Or I'll be covered in foam.

I woke up one night; wide eyed

That I just realized

I was always loved

Whether they be near me or online
My friends' love has always been mine.

Our Life is a Book - Written 03/07/06 - Dedicated to Michael Santos ~RIP 03/04/06~ 
In every book, there is a beginning

In every book, there is an ending

But then you have to look

That our life is just like a book

Both are fragile

Yet one is irreplacable

Some have many chapters

Some have less

Though, it doesn't account

For a life that's passed

Many books have been stripped of it's ending

Just how a life is cut short

Michael, I'm sorry you aren't with us

But you were always a good sport

His book has been closed way to soon

Though some say he deserved it

He would never be able to see the moon

But he will see something far greater
That we will all soon see later

The Last Days On Earth - Written during 2002/2003
The Earth's end is coming near

What do we do?

What do we fear?

Should we panic or should we be calm?

Must we look in a psalm?

Shall we go on with Life?

With children, husband,

And a wife?

These are the last days on Earth

Will it be today?

Will it be tomorrow?

Was it yesterday?

Let's start the sorrow

What would become of us?

Will we be dirt, ash, or soot?

Why don't we do a prayer?

For all we know
These are the last days on Earth

Little Droplets - Written 04/14/04 
Little wet droplets fall down my face

What it is?

I can't trace

Lying on the ground

Trying to recall my memories

That's when I realized,

I wanted to be free.

The droplets were more than just tears

They were the symbol of my fears

As my fears fall slowly,
My blood flows freely


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06-23-2015, 08:47 AM
Love... - Written 03/14/06

They say that love is the greatest thing...
But sometimes it doesn't come out that way...
I've known a few guys to have been in a fling...
When the girls find out, they don't know what to say...

Love is pure and simple...
Love is not lust...
So if sex is all you talk about...
You'll be left in the dust...

Now here's something I may have missed...
But boys, this is for you to know...
If you screw up a girls first kiss...
Be prepared to lay low...

Now I know this doesn't make any sense...
If the girls are late...
Just don't get to tense...
And forget the date...

I'm no expert I know that...
But I just gotta tell you...
I'm just a girl...
Who wants to be loved to...

A Mother's Cry - Written between 08/2004 - 06/2005 ~Inspired by the MADD Campaign~

A Mother's Cry...
Is like no other
A Mother's Cry...
Is more than a Fathers

A Mother's Cry...
Who'd ever thought
It's neither sold...
Nor is bought

Some Fathers may care...
Some Fathers don't
Some Fathers may lie...
But a Mother won't

A Sister may shed a tear...
A Brother may think it's queer
But a Mother isn't shy...
When a loved on dies

So a Mother's Cry...
Is like no other
A Mother's Cry...
Is more than any other

Nothing in Life

There is nothing in life anymore
So don't expect anything in store

I'll give my life to you
So god, I'll say it true

I hate my life
No matter how much I strived

I'm leaving hell
To a better world

It's a secret I can't tell
So to those that anger me

You won't be a bother anymore
Because I'm gonna explore
Many things from shore to shore

Strange Pains

My pain comes and goes
Where to?
Nobody knows

My love goes and betrays me
But now I know
We weren't meant to be

I've been singing out my soul
I've also found out I have a foe

Many girls envied me
Not anymore they can't

For you see,
The night has made a mess of me
Now I belong part of the sea

=The Sacrifice= - Written 02/07/05

I have survived something so drastic
It made people cry, It made people sick
No one really knows what happened out there
But it's a burden we all share

It came upon us, one by one
We were struck down by the ever rising sun
Caught in the desperate hold of Christ
Now I know what I must sacrifice

The unholy truth that dawned on us
The sacred life we all wanted to be apart of
Something so tender, something so real
Lead us to believe the love we feel

Love doesn't always mean people
It doesn't always mean faith
But we all know what it could be
Something we all need to see

Sorrow - Written 02/21/06

I closed my suitcase,
Ready to go,
Tears were cascading down my face,
What for? I don't really know.

I left the house,
and not a moment to soon,
For no one was left,
not even the mouse.

I silently walked towards the van,
Where my new family waited,
I told them not yet,
I wanted to touch, one last time, the sand.

Checking into the airlines,
I glanced back once,
I know my heart still pines,
But I won't be back here for months.

As I sit in the airplane,
getting ready to leave,
I noticed this poem doesn't have a title,
But I need to look into tomorrow,
So this will be called Sorrow.

Sorry - Written ~during a period when I was angry lol~

This world is too much for me
God please let me be

My family had taken my life away
And I just wanna say

I want my life back
So my world isn't in a sack

I want to do what I wanna do
But I don't want it to be with you

You tore me away from what's precious
And I'm sorry that I'm selfish

It just has to be this way
So I'm sorry god, that I can't stay

Forever in your heart I'll be
Someone who is nothing but a
Breeze on the sea

Little Star - Written 04/28/04

Little Star that twinkles bright
People wonder who you are

Maybe you're just here to show the light
Up above, in teh sky where you life

I imagine all the wishes
You had to give...

Little Star that twinkles bright
Do you know how long is your flight?

Perhaps your time is almost up

I just wanna say, you're more than a clover
You are a super nova...

In space, the time flows
And soon one day
You'll become a black hole...

I'm saying this one more time

Little Star that twinkles bright
I'm glad you showed me the light

Sweet Starry Sky - Written ~sometime when I was 16 lol~

The earth has been around for more than a year
Sweet Starry Sky, can you hear?

I've been confined, locked, and abused
Sweet Starry Sky, are you amused?

Hurt, betrayed, and a burden
Sweet Starry Sky, do you feel me hurtin'?

Lost, and was never found
Sweet Starry Sky, were you astounded?

I tried to be the best I can could be
Sweet Starry Sky, why'd you take that away from me?

All my friends say I'm a fool
Sweet Starry Sky, you don't know how true

I've been through 16 years of my life
Sweet Starry Sky, do you know how much I had to strive?

I've asked you many questions through one's eye
Sweet Stary Sky, I ask no more for I have died

The Blossom & The Wolf - Written 01/16/04

Little firefly dancing in the moonlight
When the stars also shine bright
A lonely blossom sitting by a tree
Always asking herself: "Why is it always me?"

A brave wolf sitting on a hill
Eating enough to have his fill
He watches the lonely flower
Who is weak with no power

The blossom looked his way
As she is being blown in the month of May
The wolf pounces down to the little ground
As he picks up the wilted blossom
Who had nothing but a frown

The wolf carries and tends to her
As her body is covered by his fur
Kisses and caresses all night long
Where nothing can go wrong

So this is the story
Told by one another
This is the proof
Of The Blossom and The Wolf

I Want to Thank You

I want to thank you
For all you given me
Everything that you do
Always makes me glee

I want to thank you
For all the ups and downs
For looking out
When I have a frown

I want to thank you
If you know what's best
'Cause you need to know
That you're not like the rest

I want to thank you
No need for delay
Because what's true
Brings out the kid in you

I want to thank you
For being there for me
Even though I said it before
You still make me glee

The Hate Within Love - Written 04/16/04

Why is it when you love someone,
Nothing can go wrong
But when love turns it's back,
You end up crying and a heart that's cracked.

How can anyone be fooled with something so strong
That you're far away from the arms where you belong

Maybe it's fate, maybe it's destiny
But why must love take on so much hate?

I've never really dealt with this topic
But I already know that someone's heart would get pricked

To say this truthfully, I'm scared
To know the fact of what I'm going to bare.

A Void... - Written ~Forgot Date lol... Dedicated to a close friend~

There's a void deep within me
It's not something the human eye can see
But perhaps you didn't know
Every void has a toll

Neither light or dark resides in me
Just an empty shell
Searching for a home
But it isn't going so well

I try to confide in my friends
Yet they all seem to disappear
This is something that I have feared

Walking alone, no one to guide me
Then a light shined through
So I stopped to look and see
There,before me, were all my family, and friends too

I smiled silently, and walked towards them
But then the light went dim
When it came back on again
They all disappeared
Never to be seen again

So, I wonder, near and far
With a void within me
Too bad I can't take a car
For everything is going slowly

What U Don't C

Do you see your eyes
Shining in the moonlight
With mixed colors, of washed out ambers
As you hold me tight

When you look towards the sky
You think of your old flame
As you look down at the girl by your side
You know there is no shame

Mixed emotions keep flooding back
It's always holding you down
I keep thinking about what heart I had jacked
Then I always end up having a frown

You haven't noticed
Everything we've been through
Sometimes I cry, not knowing how to show this
You'd have to pry, to not lead me a skew

I wanted you to love me
Sometimes you end up being a fool
It takes you long enough to see
The girl that smiled, cared for you
Ended up in a red dark pool

Now you know how I feel
Never abuse your trust
Cause you can't deal
With everything you've lost

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