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Mega Evolution Guid [Competitive]
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Mega Evolution Guid [Competitive]
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01-27-2014, 11:05 PM (This post was last modified: 01-27-2014, 11:09 PM by Cujo.)
So I made this post on another forum but feel like it could go down well here. Anyway this is basically my guide to mega evolutions and how they play in competitive play. Ill actually make a few changes from my original post in case any of you have actually seen it. Feel free to disagree with me and tell me what you think deserves to be where. I love discussing things of that nature as long as people are not rude or aggressive about it. I should also say that a few of the Pokémon on my original list are now banned. I will actually keep the write up on these Pokémon as it might give some of you some insight to why they were but will let you know that they are no longer allegeable for use under Smogons rules. Okay without further ado here it is.

Okay lets get started with these 3
[Image: 150px-150Mewtwo-Mega_X.png][Image: 150px-150Mewtwo-Mega_Y.png][Image: 150px-257Blaziken-Mega.png]

Okay so why have I started with these 3? Why wont they partake on my list? And what do they all have in common?
Well all of these Pokémon, by the rules which I play under anyway they all have been deemed to powerful and as a result have been banned. So let's quickly go through them.

Mega Mewtwo X:
Well for a start regular Mewtwo is banned which mean that this guy and MewtwoY are banned anyway. And thank god they are because they are way to good. Anyway this guy doesn't have one stat under base 100, is super bulky, super fast with base 130 speed and hits like a truck with 154 special attack and 190 attack. He also picked up a Fighting type which allows him to spam a new stab. Anyway this guy is way to good and if was on my list would probably be number one! How does he perform in game? He is unstoppable!

Mega Mewtwo Y:
Okay so it's obvious why this guy is banned as well. 150 Attack, 194 Special Attack and 140 Speed! This means he is an offensive powerhouse and with base 106HP, 120S.Def and 70 Def is not frail at all. He has a great movpool as do all the Mewtwo's and of course in game he is unstoppable. If he was on my list he would probably number 2 behind MMewtwo X. Why would he be behind, well as a stand alone Pokémon I think he is better but he faces stiff competition from regular Mewtwo, who is actually more powerful when holding a Life Orb. For the reason that MMewtwoX is so different is the reason he would be number 1.

Mega Blaziken:
So Mega Blaziken actually want banned, regular Blaziken was. How him and Mega Blaziken are very simular with MBlaziken probably being slightly better with it's higher speed but it can be weaker if Blaziken hold and Life Orb. Anyway he was banned because a combination of great offensive stats, little to no counter, sword dace and the killer ability Speed Boost mean he can almost be impossible to stop from sweeping your team. He can also abuse Baton Pass very well. MBlaziken is all of the above and perform very simular to regular Blaziken, expect he can out speed more after a speed boost. He dominates in game and in competitive and if he was on my list he wouldn't be number 1 (excluding MMewtwo's) just because regular Blaziken can do his job just as well and doesn't use a Mega spot but would defiantly be top 3.

Okay so now we got those 3 mega Pokémon out of the way out lets move onto the list.

At number one spot is, Mega Gengar!
[Image: 150px-094Gengar-Mega.png]
Typing: Ghost/Poison
Abilities: Levitate >> Shadow Tag
Base Stats: 60/65/80/170/95/130 BST: 600 (HP, Atk, Def, SAtk, SDef, Speed)

Note: Mega Gengar is now banned!

So MGengar takes out the number 1 spot and is arguably the most broken Mega Evolution. Gengar its self is a great Pokémon but its Mega Evolution takes him to a whole new level! Ghost/Poison is a great typing leaving him with 2 immunities and 3 while in regular form and only 4 weaknesses, 3 in regular form. Ghost is arguable the best offensive type this gen with steel no longer resisting it and Posion is now a lot stronger than it was last gen. Speaking of offense MGengar excels in it with base 170 special attack allowing it to hit like a truck and base 130 speed meaning it can out speed the majority of the metagame. It also gained a boost in its defensive stats (80/95) which while not much means he is not nearly as frail as regular Gengar and can take nearly any unboosted, non super effective attack. For example Talonflame Brave Bird and Scizor's Bullet Punch can no longer OHKO it. However its not MGengars offensive capability's that make it the best Mega imo, its MGengars ability to support a team with its arguably broken ability, Shadow Tag. Shadow Tag means that no Pokémon that isn't a Ghost type or holding a Shed Shell can switch out on MGengar. With its superb movepool this means you can tailor it to effectively take out specific Pokémon that counter one of your sweepers and allow them to wreak the opponents team. MGengar is quit possibly the best support Pokémon to ever exist.

Okay so for example Talonflame is one of the most deadly is the game however its two most common counters are Tyranitar and Rotom-W. If I run MGengar on the same team as Talonflame and run a moveset of Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Focus Blast and Destiny Bond I can get rid of Rotow-W with Giga Drain, TTar with Focus Blast and possibly net a final kill with Destiny Bond making my opponents team helpless against Talonflame. With such deadly sweepers in the tier such as Rock Polish Landorus, Dnite, Talonflame and RP Genesect in OU MGengar becomes a huge threat and can effectively take out there counters to pave way for them to sweep. This is why MGengar is so good. It can also run a deadly Perish Song set to trap and kill special walls that would usually be able to deal with him. Lastly MGengar effectively has no counters as nothing, except in rare situations can switch into MGengar because whatever is in on it is trapped.

MGengar is just to good at what it does! He cant be stopped and I wont be surprised if he joins the 3 Pokémon above him in Ubers soon. I know Smogon is currently talking about banning Gengarite (MGengar) and who knows by the time this is up he could even be banned then.

So number 2 on my list may come as a surprise to some of you but those of you that have experienced her will know just how deadly she is. Number two goes to Mega Kangaskhan!
[Image: 150px-115Kangaskhan-Mega.png]
Typing: Normal
Abilities: Early Bird/Scrappy >> Parental Bond
Base Stats: 105/125/100/60/100/100 BST: 590

Note: Mega Kangaskhan is now banned!

MKangaskhan is number two for a very good reason, it is just so powerful and such a good sweeper. This guy and MGengar are on a whole new level compared to all the other Mega Evolutions on this list in my opinion. So what makes MKanga so good? Well first look at it's base stats. His only base stat under base 100 is his special attack, which MKanga never ever uses. He has great bulk with 105/100/100, to put that in perspective that's more bulky than Jirachi and Celebi two well know walls. This means he can live a number of hits, even really powerful one's and hit back extremely hard. Next up his offensive stats are really good as well. Base 100 speed is not bad at all but means he misses out on out speeding all of the base 100's all of the time, however his bulk and great move pool more than enough make for the Pokémon that can out speed it naturally. Base 125 Attack is really good however without an item it's significantly weaker than a lot of the other OU threats. So why exactly is MKanga so powerful, well it's due to its ability Parental Bond! Parental Bond allows MKanga to hit twice in one turn with the second half the power of the first. This means she basically gets an Adaptability boost on every attack, with the added benefit of breaking Substitutes, Sturdy's and Focus Sash. Also moves with second benefits like flinching or raising/lowering attack are more likely to happen. This is especially useful with a new move that Kanga can learn this gen, Power Up Punch.

Power UP Punch is a fighting type move that raises the users attack stat by one when it makes contact. For the case of Mega Kangaskhan her attack gets raised by two. This means that its basically a Sword Dance that deals damage. This means MKanga can effectively pick off weakened Pokémon or Pokémon Like TTar, get to plus 2 for free and set its self up to sweep with it's great move pool. Speaking of move pool it has all the tools it needs to succeed. It has a powerful Stab in the form of Return which hits extremely hard in conjunction with Parental Bond, Power Up Punch to deal damage and set its self up to sweep, Earthquake for coverage which lets it hit Steel types and hits like a truck with Parental Bond and it has Sucker Punch for priority to hit Pokémon faster than it and gives it a way to deal with some Ghost types. It also has access to moves like Crunch and Fire Punch to deal with its normal counters such as bulky Ghost types, Gengar and Skarmory. Speaking of Ghost type's MKanga can really struggle against them, especially bulky one's that can avoid Sucker Punch and burn her with Willo-O-Wisp and Sub Gengar who can avoid sucker with Substitute. However Kangaskhan does have a trick up it's sleeve to deal with these guys to an extent and that relies in its normal form, Scrappy. Scrappy can let it hit Ghost types with its Stab and Return or boost its attack with Power Up Punch and then hit them hard. This is a useful way to deal with Gengar as a Return really hurts Gengar and can open the way for her to sweep.

So with its great power and ability to sweep team extremely easy MKanga is number two on the list and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it the Kangaskhanite is banned soon menaing MKanga can only be used in Ubers.

Number 1 goes to the absolute deadly Mega Lucario!
[Image: 150px-448Lucario-Mega.png]
Typing: Fighting/Steel
Abilities: Steadfast/Inner Focus/Justified >> Adaptability
Base Stats: 70/145/88/140/70/112 BST: 625

Note: Mega Lucario is currently undergoing a suspect test and there is a high chance that MLuke may be banned in the near future.

Mega Lucario is an absolute powerhouse! Lets get this straight, regular Lucario is a fantastic Pokémon its self but Mega Lucario takes him to a whole new level and patches up many of problems Lucario faced. Also before getting onto the what makes him so good I thought I'd quickly say that I absolutely love his design and it is by far my favourite Mega design. So lets look at the stats. His offensive stats are through the roof. His physical attack is now base 145 and his highest attacking stat. His special attack is at base 140 which is again very high. Lastly his speed is now at base 112 which is absolutely huge! This patches Lucario's biggest problem he has faced over the years and now allows him to out speed heaps of threats and means he doesn't have to rely on priority as much to sweep entire teams. It also means he can abuse his huge special attack which was actually higher than his physical attack in his regular form. Lastly he got a buff in defence going from base 70 to 88. While this isn't huge with his great typing giving him a lot of key resistances it means he can tank hits a little more easy and find more opportunity's to set up. But lets get onto what makes MLuke an absolute powerhouse and one of the most scary sweepers in the game. His new ability, Adaptability.
Adaptability changes Stab moves bonus from 1.5 to 2 x. This means that for MLucario his Fighting and Steel type moves do an extra 50% damage from regular Lucario's. This is huge and means that even Pokémon that resist his stab get destroyed by it. Skarmory one of the best physical defensive Pokémon in the game is 2hit Ko'ed by a Jolly MLucario Close Combat!

So all of this would be pointless without a good move pool and luckily for Lucario his move pool is amazing. On the physical end he has Sword Dance to boost his attack and sweep, He has Close Combat and Hi Jump Kick for absolute devastation in conjunction with Adaptability. He has Bullet Punch which gives him a strong form of priority and is equal to 90 base power after Stab and Adaptability. He has Extreme Speed which still hurts coming off his base attack and has the added bonus of +2 priority which mean he can beat faster threats that also use Priority (Talonflame). Lastly he has great coverage moves in the for of Crunch to hit Ghost types hard and Ice Punch to hurt flying types such as Gliscor and Landorous-T that can actually take a CC or Steel move.
On the special end Lucario has Nasty Plot to boost its special attack and set it up to sweep, Aura Sphere which hits like a truck after Adaptability and it never misses. Luke has access to Shadow Ball which in conjunction with a fighting move gives Lucario perfect coverage and frees up the last move to use whatever he wants. For that last slot he can use Flash Cannon which hits super hard after Stab and Adaptability, Dragon Pulse or Dark Pulse can be used and if you don't like not having Priority on your Lucario you can use Vacuum Wave which after Adaptability Is a decent option. Special Lucario also has the benefit of destroying Lucario's regular counter such as Gliscor and Jellicent.

Finally before Lucario could only really hit form one end of the spectrum. This is because he just wasn't powerful enough if you took any EV's away from one of his attacking stats. MLucario fixes this and can be used pretty well as with Adaptability and the stats boost he doesn't suffer from this problem. He can use any of the moves mentioned above and can even use Agility to set up and out speed the whole metagame. In game your given a MLucario for free and if you want to go easy mode use him, because once he gets some of those more powerful moves he's on of the best Mega's to use in game. MLucario takes out 3rd spot not just because its a powerhouse and one of the most deadly sweepers in the game but because he is now way less predictable. You cant just switch in Gliscor, take a hit and protect to see if he carries Ice Punch because you could switch into a Flash Cannon and get destroyed. So with his raw power, sweeping potential and due to his unpredictable nature MLucario takes the number 3 spot.

Number 2 on the list will be a surprise to some but it truly is a great Mega Evolution. This Mega is the first one that took a defensive approach and it worked out well as its so hard to kill and just fits into the metagame perfectly, number 2 goes to Mega Venusuar.
[Image: 150px-003Venusaur-Mega.png]
Typing: Grass/Poison
Abilities: Overgrown/Chlorophyll >> Thick Fat
Base Stats: 80/100/123/122/120/80 BST: 625

So like I said MVenusaur (MSaur) is the first and only real mega that took more of a defensive approach. Fortunately it turned out great for MSaur as he is the primary defensive Pokémon in OU and better yet he doesn't have to compete for that all important Mega spot like all the offensive ones do. Its simple if you want a good defensive Pokémon and want to use your Mega on it your first consideration should be MSaur where as if you want a good offensive and want to use your Mega you have to toss up between Pokémon like MLuke, MPinsir or the Mzards. Okay so looking at MSaur stats they are nothing short of spectacular. He doesn't have a single stat under base 80, which can also be said for regular Venusuar but Msaur stats are much more impressive. First looking at his defensive stats they are fantastic, 80/123/120 give MSaur great overall bulk and allow him to either be a special wall or a physical wall. This also means that if MSaur runs max HP Ev's and doesn't invest at all into one side of the his defensive stats he is still relatively bulky form that side and can be hard to take down. So moving on MSaurs offensive stats also got a boost and allow him to hit hard for a wall. His attack got boosted to base 100 which is decent and gives him the ability to run physical moves such as Earthquake to stop Heatran from laughing at Msaur. His special attack got boosted to an impressive base 122 which allows him to hit hard for a wall. It also allows MSaur to paly as an offensive tank if you choose to, taking hits extremely well and hitting hard back. Lastly his speed is base 80 which may seem slow but is pretty fast for a defensive Pokémon.

His typing while unchanged is actually great as a defensive Pokémon netting Msaur 5 resistances, an immunity to Toxic which is great for a wall and only 4 weaknesses, 2 of which are removed by his ability which we will get to later. So how does his movepool fair? Well Msaur has a great movepool giving it all the tools it needs to succeed. Its support movepool has access to Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Roar, Synthesis and Toxic allowing it to do all it needs as an defensive Pokémon. Its offensive movepool is not bad either consisting of Stab Giga Drain which has the added bonus of recovering health, Stab Sludge Bomb, Earthquake and a Hidden Power of your choice, which is decent but cant always provide great coverage. Lastly Msaur has a fantastic ability in Thick Fat effectively getting rid of two of its weaknesses which also happen to be very common attacking types in Ice and Fire. People don't realise how good this is for a defensive Pokémon! It gets rid of your two most common weaknesses making it even harder to take you down. MSaur can also take advantage of his regular form ability in Chlorophyll meaning if the sun is somehow up it makes Venusuar extremely fast allowing him to fire off fast Sleep Powders. As a defensive Pokémon his only real flaw is the loss of Leftovers recovery however Synthesis gives him a form of recovery which is a lot more reliable than last gen as well as moves such as Leech Seed and Giga drain can make up for that passive recovery.

MSaur is just one of those Pokémon. When compared to other Mega Evolutions he may not offer the best stats, the best typing or the best ability yet they all come together so well and create a fantastic Pokémon with such little flaws. That basically what MSaur is, a great defensive Pokémon who has the option to wall a huge portion of threats in the metagame such as Azumarill, Keldeo and Gensect just to name a few or a very effective tank taking hits and hitting hard back with very few flaws to expose.

Okay so number 3 spot goes to one of my favourite Pokémon of all time and a lot of other people. I'm sure someone will call me just another fan boy for putting him at number 5 however I truly do believe that he is one of the most deadly Mega Evo out there and can be justified at this position. Yes I'm talking about Mega Charizard!
[Image: 150px-006Charizard-Mega_X.png]
Typing: Fire/Dragon
Abilities: Blaze/Solar Power >> Tough Claws
Base Stats: 78/130/111/130/85/100 BST: 634

Finally game freak gave long time fans what they wanted. For Charizard to actually be good in competitive battling and for him to be a Dragon type. Okay so onto why ZardX is a really really good Pokémon. First looking at it stats its offensive stats shine. 130/130/100 is great and means ZardX can hit both physically and specially really hard. Lastly base 100 speed is fast but not fast enough to take OU by storm, however he does have a great boosting move to boost his speed but we will get to that later. His defensive stats aren't bad either. 78/111/85 is by no means frail. 111 base defence means he can take many physical hits and either fire back or take the time to set up. While 85 special defence isn't great his typing actually leaves him resisting many special attacks types such as Fire (4x) Grass (4x) and Electric so ZardX isn't as frail as you would think. Moving onto his ability, Tough Claws give ZardX and 33% boost (Equivalent to a Life Orb) to any move that makes contact which luckily for ZardX is a lot of his moves. All of these make ZardX an absolute powerhouse and combined with his great move pool, he makes a deadly sweeper.

Speaking of move pool ZardX has a great one. Charizard has always had a great physical move pool but with mediocre physical attack he could never take advantage of it. However ZardX fixes all of this. His physical move pool consist of Outrage, Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Brick Break, Steel Wing, Focus Punch, Dragon Rush and Crunch that all take advantage of Tough Claws and Earthquake and Rock Slide which doesn't receive a Tough Claws boost but is extremely powerful. Oh did I mention he now gets Stab on Dragon moves? His Dragon typing does wonders for him and until this gen, excluding abilities (Flash Fire Heatran) his Stab of Fire/Dragon was unresisted! However this gen with the intro of Fairy more types resist this combo, like Water/Fairy (Azumarill) for example. This is still a deadly Stab combination though and in conjunction with EQ gives ZardX perfect coverage and free's up a move spot, possibly for a boosting move. Speaking of boosting move ZardX gets two great boosting moves, Dragon Dance and Sword Dance! Dragon Dance boosted his speed and attack meaning he can out speed most of the metagame and hit extremely hard. He can literally 6-0 teams after he gets to plus 1 and if he gets to plus 2 its almost GG. Sword Dance makes him extremely powerful and a great wall breaker since even the most physically bulky Pokémon cant handle ZardX at plus 2, however don't expect to sweep a whole team after a Sword Dance and Stick Web support is almost a must if you want to try to. Lastly with his base 130 special attack he can run a great mixed set since he still has a decent special move pool consisting of Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Overheat, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, Heatwave, Air Slash and in rare cases Solarbeam which means Pokémon like Hippowdon who can take a hit from physical ZardX cant switch anymore. Mixed ZardX is actually really really good and makes a great wall breaker. Lastly a move we haven't talked about in ZardX arsenal is Roost. Roost provides ZardX with reliable recovery and due to his great Stab combination can be used on his DD set instead of a coverage move to deal with Flare Blitz recoil. It also has merit on nearly every set of ZardX.

Unfortunately MZardX still suffers from some major flaws and unlike the above Mega's needs a team built around him in order to succeed. He still has to switch in as Charizard once meaning a 4x weakness to rocks on one switch in and even once mega evolved is still weak to SR. However it should be noted that his flying type on the first switch in, as much of a burden it is gives him an immunity from spikes, toxic spikes and ground type moves meaning if something only has EQ to hit ZardX hard or is Choiced locked into and ground move gives ZardX a free turn to set up. However with this weakness Rapid Spin and/or Defog support is absolutely necessary to succeed. He also needs good team synergy to help him with his weaknesses. Once Mega evolved he gains a weakness to ground. It should also be noted he faces stiff competition from other Dragon Dancers such as Dnite and Mence who don't take up a Mega spot. However ZardX has some significant advantages over each of them and imo if they all switch in, take SR damage and set up a DD ZardX is the best out of all of them. This is not the case though if they switch in at full HP since Dnite will have Multiscale in tact. First off when compared to Mence ZardX hits just as hard, has way better Stab combination, is more bulky, isn't weak to Ice (Ice Shard) or Fairy and resist Steel (Bullet Punch). When compared to Dnite he hits harder, is faster and isn't weak to Ice, Fairy and resist steel. These give him a significant advantage over these guys and make him probably the deadliest and arguably the best Dragon Dancer in the tier, although Multiscale Dnite might have something to say about that. Lastly he can also run a great bulky/tank with Will-o-Wisp to cripple some of his most common switch ins like Gliscor, Landorus-T, Ttar and Azumarill which all hat being burned by WoW.

ZardX is a deadly sweeper and one of the best sweepers out there. However unlike the mega evolutions above him he needs some team support if he is going to succeed. Still if you willing to provide it to him he will defiantly reward you for it.

Number 4 might come as a surprise to some of you but he is by far one of the deadliest Megas out there and capable of sweeping entire teams. Number 4 is Mega Pinsir!
[Image: 150px-127Pinsir-Mega.png]
Typing: Bug/Flying
Abilities: Mold Breaker/Moxie >> Airilate
Base Stats: 65/155/120/65/90/105 BST: 600

Mega Pinsir is one of the most deadly Pokémon in the game due to his raw power. Looking at his base stats he actually has decent bulk, 65HP isn't great but 120 defence combined with useful resistances is great and gives MPinsir many opportunities to set up. Base 90 special defence while not great means he can tank non super effective special hits and retaliate back hard. Speaking of hitting hard MPinsir does with its massive base 155 Atk. This combined with his great 105 speed means he can out speed a significant portion of the metagame, hit hard and sweep unprepared teams. His special attack is low but non existent anyway since he never ever uses any special moves.

However its MPinsir's great move pool and ability that turn it into such a deadly Mega. Its ability Airiliate not only turn normal type moves into flying type giving MPinsir a great Stab option but gives them a 33% boost not including Stab meaning these moves will hit extremely hard. Return hits 102BP at max happiness, however after the 33% boost and Stab it is the equivalent to 203.4 BP. Two other moves that benefit from this are Double Edge which hits insanely hard and Quick Attack which reaches 79.8 BP, is Flying type and gives MPinsir a strong form of priority to help it in its attempt sweep. MPinsir can also benefit from regular Pinsirs abilities. Mold Breaker means Pinsire can hit and weaken Rotom-W with EQ and servery damage one of its most common counters. If its running Moxie and can manage to grab a Moxie boost before Mega Evolving it can give it just the boost it needs to sweep. Speaking of sweeping MPinsir has two great boosting moves that can lead to it sweeping. Bulk Up works well especially on Pokémon choice locked into a Fighting move and can play well off its great defence. However its arguably best set up move is Sword Dance just for the raw power it brings. Sword Dance boost its attack to insane levels and make it extremely hard to take a Airilate boosted Return and even Quick Attack from this monster. Lastly MPinsir has some other great options in its move pool which include moves like X-Scissor for a strong Bug Stab and Earthquake and/or Close Combat which provide strong coverage moves.

Unfortunately Pinsire and MPinsire have some major flaws that make him a lot harder to use in practice. First and foremost is his weakness to Stealth Rocks. In his first switch in he takes 25% from SR and is susceptible to all other forms of hazards including Spikes, Toxic Spikes and most importantly Sticky Web which can ruin any chance you have to sweep. Then if your forced out you take another 50% from the switch in. This means that in two switch ins you take 75% damage. This means that Rapid Spin/Defog support is mandatory for MPinsir to succeed. Luckily SR are a lot more easy to keep off the field this gen and Talonflame is the perfect example of how a Pokémon weak to rocks can succeed. Speaking of Talonflame that's another major problem in MPinsir's way. Talonflame can out prioritise MPinsir and always kill with Brave Bird and with Talonflames popularity MPinsir can find it hard sweep. As a result of Talonflames popularity physically defensive Rotom-W is everywhere and makes a great counter to MPinsir. Rotom-W can switch into MPinsir as long as its not at +2, can tank a Return easy and force MPinsir. If its the SD set he can switch in on a predicted Sword Dance and Rotom can tank a +2 Return/Double Edge (at full health) and burn you with Will-o-Wisp or hit you with a Stab Super effective Volt Switch. Although Rotom does have to watch out for a Mold Breaker EQ from regular Pinsir. Skarmory also makes a great counter and can kill you with a Brave Bird or Whirlwind you out and force you to take more hazard damage. Lastly priority is everywhere meaning MPinsir is almost forced to run Quick Attack meaning he either loses out on X-Scissor, EQ or Close Combat or sacrificing Return/Double Edge which means he loses a lot of power.

However despite these flaw MPinsir is still an absolute power house and nothing to mess around with. Much like the above Mega Evo team support is needed for MPinsir to succeed but if your willing to give it to he will reward you greatly.

Number 5 goes to an absolute nuke and powerhouse, Mega CharizardY.
[Image: 150px-006Charizard-Mega_Y.png]
Typing: Fire/Flying
Abilities: Blaze/Solar Power >> Drought
Base Stats: 78/104/78/159/115/100

Mega Charizard Y can only be described as an nuke. ZardY hits extremely hard right off the bat, has great stats, fairly good move pool and one of the best abilities in the game (yes I know its been nerfed but its still one of the best). Looking at ZardY stats they fantastic. Defensively its not to bad as 78/78/115. This means that its not frail but not very bulky at all on the physical end meaning ZardY can take some hits but only really resisted and non stab moves on the physical end, apart from any Rock type move at all. On the special and though 115 means ZardY can tank many non boosted special moves and literally fire back extremely hard. Looking at ZardY offensive stats, much like ZardX they shine. Base 100 speed is not bad at all but nothing special. This means ZardY will be able to out speed many Pokémon in the metagame but in return can be out speed by many offensive threats. 104 Atk is actually really great on ZardY and lets it run a really good mixed set, especially with its great physical move pool which gives it just the right moves to get what it needs. For example Flare Blitz hits extremely hard off base 104 attack and when its boosted by its ability its actually more powerful than ZardX Flare Blitz! This means it can break through walls like Blissey who cant take a Flare Blitz but could take a Fire Blast. Much to the same specially defensive Heatran can give ZardY trouble however ZardY can choose to run Earthquake which coming off base 104 attack OHKO's Heartan and allows ZardY to consistently hit TTar off its weaker defensive stats. But its ZardY special attack that really shines. Base 159 special attack is huge and means ZardY hits like a truck and can abuse its decent special move pool.

So I've mention its ability heaps in this write up so far but what is it? What turns ZardY into a decent Mega to one of the best in the game? Its Drought of course. Now I know Drought has been nerfed significantly this generation but its still a great ability not only for a whole team but just for the fact that ZardY can abuse it himself so well. First it gets rid of his Water weakness and with his great special defence (which Water attacks usually are). Next a Fire move + Stab + Drought + 159 Sp.Atk turns ZardY into an absolute nuke! There are not to many Pokémon that could switch into a Fire Blast from ZardY resisted or not. The only few I can think of are Politoad (Because of drizzle), Heatran (Flash Fire), TTar (Great Special def+ sand Stream) and Blissey. The rest of the OU metagame struggle to switch in on just a Fire Blast alone let alone ZardY's other coverage moves. These include Solar Beam which is instant due to Drought and provides great coverage move at base 120BP, Air Slash for secondary Stab although doesn't provide great coverage, Dragon Pulse, Hidden Power which is weak but can cover some weaknesses, Ancient Power to deal with Talonflame and most importantly Focus Blast which may be inaccurate but allows ZardY great coverage hitting TTar on the switch really hard, Heatran hard and other popular Pokémon. ZardY also gets Roost which gives it reliable recovery which is great due to its crippling weaknesses to Stealth Rock and on the physical end can use moves like Flare Blitz, Earthquake and Brick Break to provide great coverage. ZardY can even boost his speed in an attempt to sweep. Flame Charge in sun can actually deal some decent damage and most importantly boost ZardY speed in an attempt to pull of a sweep. He can even run a mixed DD set with physical moves such as Flare Blitz and/or Earthquake in conjunction with Solar Beam, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse ect to try and pull of a sweep. Although imo DD sets and sweeping should probably be left to ZardX as he generally does it better.

However despite all these positives ZardY comes with some serious flaws that mean team support is absolutely necessary. First and probably biggest is his 4x weakness to Rocks and unlike ZardX he will have a 4x weakness throughout the whole match. This means that Rapid Spin and/or Defog support are absolutely mandatory. Good synergy with Pokémon able to take rocks moves again is fairly important. However much like ZardX if you provide team support ZardY wont let you down nuking nearly every Pokémon in its way and also providing Drought support to the team if need be.

Number 6 goes to a very threatening mega Pokémon who is often overlooked due to just how good his regular form is. A lot of people think that his regular form outclasses him which is completely untrue as they play very different roles. Number 6 goes to Mega Garchomp!
[Image: 150px-445Garchomp-Mega.png]
Typing: Dragon/Ground
Abilities: Rough Skin >> Sand Force
Base Stats: 108/170/115/120/95/92 BST: 700

Mega Garchomp is truly a phenomenal Pokémon, a great Mega but often overlooked. MChomp is a very good option to use your Mega spot on but overlooked due to the fact that his regular form is faster, more powerful more of the time with Life Orb or Choice Band, can run choiced Items and is a better sweeper. But that's the problem there, people try to use MChomp to much like regular Chomp, who is actually a better hit and run/sweeper Pokemon than MChomp. MChomp plays a completely different role of regular Chomp and actually faces more competition from Kyurem-B than regular Chomp. Why is that? Well MChomp plays simular to Kyurem-B due to the fact that it is an amazing wall breaker.

Looking at MChomps offensive stats they are truly phenomenal at 170/120/92 and closely resemble Kyurem-B offensive stats at base 170/120/95. Base 170 attack allows MChomp to wield immense physical power and one of the most powerful stock Earthquakes in the game, not to mention it can be boosted to extreme levels with SD. Base 120 special again is great and allows MChomp to fire off powerful special attacks such as Draco Meteor or Fire Blast to blast through usual counters such as Gliscor or Skarmory. Unfortunatly base 92 speed is a little slow but its not completely bad new as almost every wall is slower and MChomps main use is wall breaking. He also has the option to use his regular forms base speed of 102 until he MEvolves which is a fairly common tactic if your trying to use him as a sweeper. Mchomp also receives a significant increase in bulk when evolving wielding base 108/115/95 which again closely resembles Kyurem-B defensive stats of 125/100/90. This allows MChomp to tank many hits and hit back extremely hard. The last toy MChomp is gifted with upon MEvolving is its new ability Sand Force which gives the equivalent to a Life Orb boost for any Ground, Rock and Steel moves when in Sandstrom which turns MChoms EQ into a wreaking ball and provides a nice boost on moves such as Stone Edge and Iron head.

So during this I've compared him to Kyurem-B a lot. Well that's because they perform a very simular role with very simular stats. They share 170/120 attacking stats yet Kyurem-B (Known from now on as Kyube) has the option of boosting them with Life Orb or Choiced Items to boost them and he is slightly faster than MChomp. He also has more raw bulk with his huge 125HP. So why use MChomp over Kube? Well for a start MChomp has much better typing resisting SR (Kyube takes 25% from them) and not being weak to common priority attacks (Bullet Punch, Mach Punch ect). This means that even though MChomp has slightly less raw bulk he often survives longer than Kyube due to not having as crippling weaknesses and not being weak to SR. MChomp also has two things Kyube would kill for, Stab EQ and Fire Blast allowing MChomp to break through most walls. In fact MChomp get such good coverage from just the moves Draco Meteor, EQ, Fire Blast and Stone Edge he can effectively 2 hit KO the whole OU metagame, especially if Sand Force is in effect. Former counters such as Skarmory and Togekiss cant even switch in. Togekiss is 2 hit Ko'ed by Stone Edge and Skarmory gets roosted by Fire Blast. MChomp also has the option to boost attack with SD which Kyube doesn't.

MChomp is a great use of your mega spot but often overlooked just because of how good regular Chomp is. However MChomp is truly a phenomenal Pokémon and such a great wall breaker only facing competition from a select few Pokémon. He can also make a decent sweeper with SD but Chomp usually does that better. MChomp makes his way in the top 10 due to how different he plays from regular and how well he does it.

Number 7 goes to a Pokémon who got a huge boon and made very viable by its mega evolution this generation, number 7 is Mega Mawile.
[Image: 150px-303Mawile-Mega.png]
Typing: Steel/Fairy
Abilities: Hyper Cutter/Sheer Force/Intimidate >> Huge Power
Base Stats: 50/105/125/55/95/50 BST: 480

Like I said Mega Mawile (MMawile) is literally one of the strongest Pokémon in the game. Its power is insane! Mawile received the Fairy type this gen which was a fantastic boost for it not to mention its Mega. MMawile got a boost to its attack to base 105 which is respectable. It also received improvements to its bulk. Its base 80 defence got boosted from 80 to base 125 giving it the ability to take many physical hits. Its special defence was also boosted from base 55 to 95 which again is respectable. However just looking over its stats MMawile seems very underwhelming. Its BST is only 480 which is the lowest of any Mega from memory and lower than many non mega Pokémon. Its only real decent stats as well is its defence at base 125. Its attack is only base 105 which while decent is not huge, especially when I'm calling it one of the most powerful Pokémon ever. So what makes MMawile so good? Well like many Mega Pokémon its lies in its ability.

Mawile most useable ability in regular form is Intimdate which is perfect for its mega form to abuse. Intimidate in conjunction with MMawiles bulk makes it extremely hard to take down on the physical side. It also forces many Pokémon to switch which is perfect for MMawile as it can often mean getting a free Substitute or Sword Dance which can spell doom for the opponents team. However its MMawile ability which is its biggest attraction, Huge Power. Huge Power literally turns MMawile into one of the most powerful Pokemon in the tier and more than makes up for its low BST. Just to give you an idea of how much it actually boosts its attack Mega MewtwoX base 190 attack maxes out at 526. MMawiles attack in conjunction maxes out at 678. 678! That's monstrous not to mention MMawile can double that again in one turn with an SD! Not only that MMawile has very decent move pool consisting of Play Rough for a strong Stab, Iron Head for another form of Stab, Sucker Punch for priority, Fire Fang for Steels, Ice Fang for Dragon, Stone Edge for flying, Substitute and Sword Dance to set its self to sweep.

Unfortunately MMawile does have some crippling flaws. It has decent bulk but its base 50 HP doesn't do it any favours. It's also extremely slow at base 50. This means that MMawile is predictable and very reliant on Sucker Punch which isn't the most reliable move. This means that faster Pokémon with Substitute or Will-o-Wisp can cause major problems for MMawile. Despite these flaws though MMawile remains one of the strongest Pokémon to ever exist and not to many Pokémon can switch into it, especially if its at plus 2. For this reason alone its a great Mega to use and very scary in the right hands.

Number 8 again goes to a mega whos regular form is really good. However this mega brings something new to the table totally beating many of its regular counters in mega form. Number 8 is Mega Gyarados.
[Image: 150px-130Gyarados-Mega.png]
Typing: Water/Dark
Abilities: Intimidate/Moxie >> Mold Breaker
Base Stats: 95/155/109/70/130/81 BST: 640

Gyarados has always been trolled by game freak in my eyes at least. In gen 1 he was never gifted with the Water/Dragon because it would have been to overpowered only to see Kingdra get his dream typing later on. In gen 6 Charizard finally gained his dream Dragon type yet Gyarados was again denied and instead given a secondary Dark typing. Just to top it off Gyarados doesn't even get Crunch, this means his strongest physical Dark Stab in Mega form is Bite. Yes Bite, just let that sink in for a while. Hopefully an event, move tutors or some hidden secret can fix this. Anyway despite all this Game Freak were kind enough to give him a Mega Evolution which is actually really really good. Mega Gyarados (MGyara) attack got boosted from base 125 to base 155 which is huge especially for a Pokémon that rarely runs Life Orb or Choice Band. This allows MGyara to hit extremely hard from his primary (and only viable) attacking stat. MGyara also received a great buff to his defensive stats now standing at 95/109/130 allowing to take many hits and one of only a few Mega Evolutions capable of running a defensive set.

Like I said before MGyara is a great Mega but is one of those Mega that are really good without with out a Mega form and therefore faces competition from his regular form. Especially since they are both primarily used as DD sweepers. Fortunately MGyara is actually extremely different to regular Gyarados and brings a lot to the table to distinguish itself from regular Gyarados. When Gyarados mega evolves he gains a new type which completely changes how he is played against. While he actually gains more weaknesses and arguably a worse type upon mega evolving he plays different. For example he loses his 4x electric weaknesses and with base 130 special defence will more than likely live it and continue to set up. Also while his typing is worse defensively he doesn't have to mega evolve straight away. This is common strategy to use since Water/Flying is actually really good defensive typing so its more easy to set up. It can also con the opponent into thinking Gyarados isn't your mega so they send out something that can counter regular Gyarados only to be dismantled by MGyara. So what makes MGyaras counters so different from regular Gyarados. Well it lies in the new ability he gains upon evolving but first lets talk about regular Gyarados abilities since they affect MGyara as well.

Gyarados has two fantastic abilities in Intimidate and Moxie and which one you use comes down to personal preference. Intimidate make it considerably easier for Gyarados to set up a DD. It almost guarantees him at least one DD. His second ability, Moxie can be great and if you manage to grab a kill in regular form, which isn't hard for Gyarados, it can make MGyara way more deadly. His final ability upon mega evolving is Mold Breaker, which while might not seem like much completely changes MGyara from his regular form. Why is this? Well it completely changes what can counter Gyarados and MGyara. Rotom-W his most common counter is no OHKO'ed by Earthquake, Gastrodon now OHKO'ed through Strom Drain, Unaware users don't work, It can OHKO Pokemon such as Skarm through Sturdy, Vaporeon and Jellicent can be hit with Stab Waterfall through Water Absorb, and Ice Fang can now OHKO Dnite through multiscale and hit MVenusuar for super effective damage through Thick Fat. This along with his type change mean you totally need to play MGyra differently than regular Gyara and why he can be so effective. Unfortunately for Gyarados there still are a few Pokemon that can effectively counter both forms like Ferrothorn. However if Gyarados does receive Crunch this gen it could completely change again.

All in all MGyarados is a great choice to use as your mega. He is powerful, bulky and can sweep entire teams. He also makes a great lure to draw in counter such as Rotom-W in regular form then destroy them in mega.

Number 9 is another Mega who's base form is really good. However in mega form the ability to play a role better than his regular form as well as a huge stat increase see's him as a great choice to use as your mega. Number 9 is Mega Tyranitar
[Image: 150px-248Tyranitar-Mega.png]
Typing: Rock/Dark
Abilities: Sand Stream/Unnerve >> Sand Stream
Base Stats: 100/164/150/95/120/71 BST: 700

Tyranitar has always been a great Pokémon and even though its signature ability got nerfed this gen its arguably better than ever. This is in part due to the mega form he received which adds a lot to TTar. Looking at Mega Tyranitars (MTar) stats they are phenomenal. His attack got boosted from 134 to 164 which for a Pokémon that usually used as a tank or defensive mon is a huge boost and allows him to, in most cases (Banded TTar is still good), hit harder than before. MTar got a huge boost to his defensive stats. They were already great but now they are nothing short of phenomenal. His defence went from a great 110 to a huge 150 and his special defence went from 100 to 120 which is boosted by a further 50% by his ability which summons Sand Storm. This leaves his defensive stats at 100/150/120(Boosted by SS as well) making him one of the bulkiest Pokémon in the game and allows him to even live super effective attacks thrown at him. His special attack remains at a respectable 95 which with his great move pool allows him to have mixed attacking prowess. However one of his biggest changes lies in his most subtle changes. His speed only got boosted slightly from base 61 to base 71 but is actually one of his biggest changes. This means that at +1 speed he outspeed base 130 which is a great speed tier and allows him to utilise one of the best set up moves in the game, Dragon Dance.

Dragon Dance TTar was somewhat popular in 4th gen. However 5th gen brought a lot of fast Pokémon that were often scarfed as well as new priority users. This meant that DD TTar was extremely hard to set up and sweep. However MTar makes a very very scary user of DD. His boosted attack makes him hit harder, his boosted speed allows him to outspeed more Pokemon and his phenomenal bulk means he is almost guaranteed to set up 1 DD. Sometimes with his bulk he can even set up 2 which often spells GG for the other team. On top of all this Steel no longer resist Dark making MTar duel Stab a lot harder to wall making him even stronger. Unfortunately if MTar has taken prior damage strong priority moves such as Scizors Bullet Punch, Brelooms Mach Punch and Azumarills Aqua Jet can stop his sweep clean. Fortunately with his great bulk the only one that can OHKO is Brelooms Mach Punch boosted by Life Orb or Choice Band. However the role of a sweeper is not the only thing MTar can do. He can be used effectively as a great offensive tank and makes a great utility mon setting up SR and Pursuit trapping. However these roles face competition from regular TTar and while MTar does do them slightly better it can be hard to justify why you used your mega on spot on him when it faces this competition.

All in all though MTar is a great Pokémon. He can play the role as a sweeper very well and much better than TTar but is also versatile to play a number of different roles. Competitively speaking he is a great Pokémon to use even with his signature ability getting nerfed.

Number 10 is a great Pokémon and in his base form was actually the number 1 used Pokémon in OU last gen. He is still a great Pokémon and as a stand alone his mega form is great. However it does face competition from its regular form so it can often be hard to justify why you would use it as your mega. None the less its still a great Pokémon. Number 10 is Mega Scizor.
[Image: 150px-212Scizor-Mega.png]
Typing: Bug/Steel
Abilities: Swarm/Technician/Light Metal >> Technician
Base Stats: 70/150/140/65/100/75 BST: 600

Ever since Scizor received Bullet Punch in Platinum its become a big threat. It even finished last generation as the most used Pokémon in OU (Note, most used doesn't always mean best). Well this gen Game Freak were kind enough to give Scizor a new upgrade, a Mega Evolution. Mega Scizor is a great Pokémon and if it didn't have to compete with its regular form it would be much higher on this list. Looking at MScizors stats he got a nice attack raise from 130 to 150. While this is nice regular Scizor actually hits harder more of the time with its famous Choice Band or Life Orb SD. However for a more bulky SD set this extra attack does help. However the major draw to MScizor is the bulk it gained. Its defence went from base 100 to base 140 and its special defence went from base 80 to base 100. This leaves MScizor with 70/140/100 defective stats and making it one of a few Mega's capable of going defensive. In fact MScizor is more bulky than on the more premier defensive steels of OU, Skarmory. MScizor has superior physical defence stats at 70/140 compared to Skarms 65/140. It also has much better special defence at base 100 compared to Skarms 70. This bulk combined with its great typing leaving it weak to only one type and reliable recovery in the form of Roost allow MScizor to play a whole different role to Scizor and also makes him a better candidate for a Bulky SD set.

With its new found defensive bulk MScizor can make a very effective defensive mon that can provide Defog support. In fact MScizor is one of the best user of Defog as it has no problems getting it off and after doing so it can U-Turn out either giving you momentum or allowing you to get your own Rocks up. It also has some other helpful moves. It can run a powerful Knock Off to get rid of items and help your team that way or even when defensive its Stabbed, technician Boosted Bullet Punch coming off base 150 attack still provides you a great form of powerful Priority, especially for a Defensive mon. Another role it can play better is the bulky SD set. With its new found bulk its a much harder task to take down than regular Scizor, its also a little bit faster as well. The loss of leftovers hurt a little but is more than made up for with its bulk. It also uses its base 150 attack to hit harder than regular Scizor and is one of a few sets it can do so. With MScizors bulk in conjunction with his typing and Roost means he can set up multiple SD's and attempt to pull off a sweep, which can often be very hard to stop thanks to Bullet Punch providing priority. The last set he can do better than regular Scizor is a Baton Pass one. Scizor rarely run Baton Pass but has two great set up moves in SD and Agility to pass. With MScizors massive defences he has an easier time setting up and Baton Passing out.

So with MScizors new found bulk it gives him a new role he can play as well as doing some sets better than regular Scizor. This means there are plenty of ways to utilise MScizor and justify its use as your mega mon.

So that my top 10 as well as a few other, ill bring the rest of them to you in another post because I think it was starting to get to long.

Edit: Its probably is to long anyway!
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01-28-2014, 01:11 AM (This post was last modified: 01-28-2014, 01:11 AM by Bloom.)
Wow you put a tremendous amount of effort into this guide! O.O

You used very explanatory means and provided solid reasoning for your opinions in your summaries for each Pokemon.

Also as a tip, you should edit the OP and add the Tutorial mark so that others can easily spot out this marvelous guide to Mega Evolutions. ^^

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01-28-2014, 10:49 AM
These are some very OU heavy Pokemon. I'd love to see your analysis on Mega Aggron or Mega Medicham... Those are some very underrated Megas. Otherwise, I really like it, and I agree that Mega Lucario is one of the best among them, as it's Bullet Punch has the same power as an Extremespeed with Adaptability, so it makes a nice revenge killer/late game sweeper, but it can also pull off a nice Swords Dance lead.. Pretty OP, in my opinion xP

Mega Pinsir is also very strong, but is unfortunately demolished by Stealth Rocks. I'd probably out it lower on the list just because of that.

But, hey, nicely done~

Thanks to FPB for the signature and avatar~

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Thanks for your feedback people.

@FormerOG767 yeah I plan on doing the rest of the mega evolutions in another post (maybe two) because this one is huge!

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