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Mono-Type Team Building Guide
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Mono-Type Team Building Guide
jeremy death


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08-12-2014, 01:35 PM
Hello Everyone, Jeremy Death here.

Im currently new to this site but i have a lot of battling experience and have place high in online 3v3s as well as reaching the international level in tourney style battles. I have been a gym leader in other forums and am all around well versed in the ins and outs of battling.

So today i would like to make a guide for team building one of my favorite styles. THE MONO TYPE TEAM.

Mono typing is a high risk high reward play style, since all your pokemon do have common weaknesses, but with the right set up you can make anyone regret doubting your team. The trick with making a good mono type team is, of course, to first pick the type you want to use.

To do this your going to want to pick a pokemon that you like. It doesnt have to necessarily be consider op to be usable (I've made a mightyena with a move set so scary, i swept an entire tourney using my hazards and then bring him and wrecking, but back to the subject at hand). So for the example team were going to be using my old bug gym set up (yea bugs deal with it, there op).

I started out with galvantula, mainly because i love how powerful it is with access to stab compound eye thunder, volt switch, and the ability to set up sticky web.

So now we have are type and are first pokemon. Now we need to respond to weakness this pokemon has, as well as how to use it.

I used galvantula as a scout with sticky web ability, so i put a sash on it to guarantee sticky web, and since it outspeeds most things as it it, i was able to get a high powered volt switch off.

Now we need a defensive core, and when i think of defensive bug types i got 3 answers. Shuckle Forretress Mega tankizor.

Shuckle is a must since i need a sp.d wall that is only x1 effective to fire, and can shoot down those pesky talon flames and charizard ys. Now i want to save my mega as a more aggressive stance, since bug has those options, so that leaves me with forretress, who happens to not only get the abillity to spin away hazards that would criple a bug team, but also set up his own.

Now we need something immune to earthquake since im bring to pokemon weak to it, as well as something that has priority. Eviolite Scyther fits this role, with access to roost and quick attack it gains priority with power, and can also learn defog. eviolite makes him tankier even then mega tankizor (insane right) so now i have a super defensive core with priority and the ability to change out a lot, since forretress gains a slow safe switch in the form of volt switch, and scyther has a powerful stab u-turn.

now i want a physical attacker, and mega pinsir fits that role, as well as being immune to those earthquakes.

For my last pokemon i have lots of options, but a fun set i love running is Boostpass scolipede. Since he has access to speed boost, baton pass, and swords dance, i can make either scyther or pinsir a god of physical attack.

So now to bring this out into a more general area, You need to find the pokemon you like (galvantula), make a defensive base that covers for your monotyping weakness issue (you dont have to bring 3 defensive pokemon, but i needed to since i had the eq issue), Find a Attacker (it doesnt have to be a mega, i but mega pinsir fits in well with this style), and bring either another attacker of the opposite kind, or bring a set that you just find fun (boostpass scolipede)

The true key in making a mono type team is finding what works for you, like in all competitive battling. I dont recommend making mono type as your first team, but once you get the general idea of how to battle, and develop the prediction instinct (that makes sense once you do a lot of battling) i highly recommend it. It brings a whole new level of challenge and fun to battling, as well as adding in a surprise factor that guarantees opponent will be thrown off.

If anyone has any questions, or would like any help feel free to ask. also if anyone sees any other ideas i might have missed when making this post it and ill be sure to add it to the guide, otherwise happy battlingBig Grin

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