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Pigville - Martin's Blog
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Pigville - Martin's Blog
King of Pigville


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04-07-2017, 06:09 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2017, 06:10 PM by Porkchop.)

Pigville - Martin's Blog

A long time ago, lived a pig by the name of Martin. At first he meant by the code name 4kiman99 which in turn evolved into Fork. A few years later he was known as the lancer of the stars, starlanser100. Then the star plunged into chaos and in order to stop the chaos he become ChaosMasterMartin. However the strangle against the chaos overwhelmed him and took him over, which transformed him into ChaosMartin. The brave pig finally managed to expel the chaos and obtain victory at last. However, the battle weakened him and from then on he was known as Porkchop. That victory granted him the role of King of Pigville.

General Information

Sorry about that cringey story at the top, just thought I'd make something up to have all my past usernames implemented in it. Some of you may know me by those names, others might not. As of now I am Porkchop, but you can call me Martin. I found this forum a long long time ago by looking up Pokemon Forums on YouTube, which this was the only one I joined and I'm happy that I did. I have many fond memories from this place, and although I might not post on here much anymore I figured I might as well start a blog on here! Feel free to reply whenever, I will gladly reply to most things.


Coming Soon!

Table of Contents

April 2017
     Post 1: Coming Soon!

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If you wanna play Animal Crossing or something else with me, hit me with a message!

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