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PokéSun Spring Festival: Super Sunny Scavenger Hunt  
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PokéSun Spring Festival: Super Sunny Scavenger Hunt
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03-01-2015, 10:47 PM
[Image: QGtDNJV.png]

Super Sunny Scavenger Hunt

It seems you discovered the Super Sunny Scavenger Hunt! Here you can unleash your inner explorer and search for a hidden Pokemon somewhere on the forums to win a grand prize!

15,000 Pokepoints!

Here is is the Hidden Pokemon you'll be searching for!
[Image: 338.gif]

~To participate, feel free to search on your own! If you happen to find the Hidden Pokemon, please message me with the following form! Please do not share its secret location with others if you find it.~

Name Of Hidden Pokemon:
Location Of Hidden Pokemon:

[Image: dA219Lb.gif]

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