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Pokemon TCG Moves to the Games
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Pokemon TCG Moves to the Games
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02-06-2015, 11:45 PM
When taking a look at some of the attacks in Pokemon video games, a large majority were actually based off of the attacks that Pokemon use in the Trading Card Game. What moves do you think from the Trading Card Game would be interesting to see in Pokemon video games? What would the move be like in the video game?

I would like to see moves such as Water Arrow, Combustion, Glide, Hypnoblast, Aqua Flower, and Shadow Drain. Water Arrow could be a water type version of Psyshock. Combustion could be a fire type version of Self Destruct. Glide could be a a flying type version of Smack Down. Hypnoblast could be a move similar to Zap Cannon, except it would be psychic and with a sleep effect. Aqua Flower could be like Flying Press but special and water/grass. Finally, Shadow drain would be the dark type equivalent to Giga Drain.

[Image: dA219Lb.gif]

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