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Pokemon That Should Be Different Types?
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Pokemon That Should Be Different Types?
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01-21-2014, 12:46 AM
Have you ever wondered, why... why is this pokemon THIS type when it should be THAT type for obvious reasons?! Well this is the thread to discuss it. xD

First off let me start with some examples that I personally agree with. ^^

[Image: szVkp0U.png]
Actual Typing: Grass/Psychic
What it should be: Grass/Fairy
Reason: Although it can travel through time, it deeply resembles a fairy. Its cute body shape, little wings, and overall cuteness portray it as a fairy. It is a guardian of forests, similar to nature fairies in mythology.

[Image: gyara.jpg]
Actual Typing: Water/Flying
What it should be: Water/Dragon
Reason: It can't fly, and is fearsome. Sea serpents don't generally fly, and if Gyarados is based on mythological serpents, then it should be part dragon type.

Psyduck and Golduck
[Image: psyduck_and_golduck_by_ninjendo-d4h1kx3.png]
Actual Typing: Water
What it should be: Water/Psychic
Reason: The name says it all; Psyduck. Both of these guys learn psychic and had relations to psychic energy in their Pokedex entries.

[Image: 298.png]
Actual Typing: Normal/Fairy
What it should be: Water/Fairy
Reason: It is a cute blue mouse that can use bubble at a very low level. Why is it not water type?

[Image: 1380920164466.png]
Actual Typing: Normal
What it should be: Ground/Flying or Ground
Reason: Dunsparce is the Land Snake Pokemon. It also has wings. It lives in caves like most other ground types do, and it has a drill for crying out loud.

What Pokemon do you think should have different typing?

[Image: dA219Lb.gif]


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01-21-2014, 01:03 AM
Hmm... not sure if this qualifies, but Butterfree. Now I'm not sure about other bug type pokemon, but this guy can learn psychic, bug, and flying type moves... He is a Bug/Flying type, but I think he should have psychic as a type as well. Half the time, it learns more psychic moves than bug moves.
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01-21-2014, 03:47 AM
[Image: 220px-Lake_guardians_anime.png]

Actual Type: Psychic
What they should be: Fairy

Well I was very surprised when they weren't changes to at least part Fairy type. They are described as the pixie Pokémon and doesn't pixie's have something to do with Fairy's? Maybe not but I still think they should of been Fairy Type.
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01-23-2014, 07:45 PM
I've said this in a different post but I'm not sure why Crobat is considered a poison type. Yes I know bats are well known for having rabies but I don't think that constitutes a poison typing. I think it and it's family line should be dark/flying. Also Luxray and Eelecktross should be part dark as well

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01-25-2014, 03:49 AM
Gyarados was originally a Water/Dragon type but as the only move that would be good against it was Dragon Rage, which is 40HP a hit, it would have been OP.



Fairy shouldn't exist because it fixes a problem that doesn't fully exist but that's just me

[Image: 094Gengar.png]

Type: Ghost/Poison
Should be: Ghost
Reason: Gastly and Haunter are based on Gas, and it's a whole CO thing with poisonous gases etc, but Gengar is as basic a ghost as you can get.

[Image: 674Pancham.png]
Type: Fighting
Should Be: Grass
Reason: Honestly, I don't see the Fighting resemblance until it evolves. Pangoro looks like a Fighting type more than this does. Maybe it's the leaf...


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01-25-2014, 06:15 AM
[Image: 210.png] Granbull should be a dark type, not a Fairy type for god's sake.

[Image: starter_double_detour__that_wild_helioli...6xfvlj.png] Heliolisk should be Electric/Ground or just Ground. Not have a normal typing, since it's a sun-based lizard.

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