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Pokemon headcanons?
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Pokemon headcanons?
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11-03-2017, 04:58 PM
So do you guys have any Pokemon headcanons of your own?  Confused
You know, things that are not explicitly shown by game mechanics or some small things to rationalize things that don't make any sense?
Like I pretty much accepted the Pokedex entries being so over the top because they are written by children who think they're the funniest guys and girls around or maybe because they're just misinformed. I also believe there's more to Pokedex than the games show, and that Pokemon can have individual heights, weights and behavior patterns (I plan to write a Nuzlocke novelization with some deep lore sometime if I'm able)
I really like Pokemon variants and I think Pokemon should vary between locations and that there are domesticated and wild versions of a lot of Pokemon like Lillipup. There are wild starters but they are endangered so you aren't allowed to catch them - the wild variants would be too dangerous anyway, but the domesticated ones are great and obedient. I mean I'm a writer/I want to be a writer so I think a lot about these things. 
A lot of popular theories became my personal headcanons, like the dead Raticate or Ditto being a failed clone of Mew. The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is how do male only Pokemon breed in the wild. But there's probably a lot of differences between natural breeding and breeding in captivity. Maybe Mandibuzzes in the wild do lay Rufflet eggs and it's just the fact that the temperature or nesting conditions aren't suitable for this to happen in the daycare. 
I also like to picture Red as either selectively mute or autistic and communicating with his Pokemon nonverbally, which makes the young Green/Blue really angry when they're rivals Wink

Sorry for a long post, I just love this series too much, it's good for my creativity.

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