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Request: Avatar Request
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Request: Avatar Request
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01-20-2014, 11:03 PM
Gengar's Avatar Request
I was wondering if someone is willing to make an avatar depicting a female Gengar. perhaps one with a cute bow on its head to distinguish it. i guess it shouldn't be chibi or way too cute. i think a little bow, maybe some eyelashes, light make up (if even that) or some distinguishing features to make it implied that the Gengar is female. nothing too over the top and please don't use and or make an anthropomorphic Gengar. i thank anyone in advance for trying and or making a nice avatar for me. i do love pictures that are well drawn, but sometimes simple is good and way better than overkill. if you want to discuss terms about a donation please send me a pm. if not, i will try to think of something.

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