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Shop: ❤Fairy Princess Bloom's Magical Lottery!❤
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05-12-2014, 09:33 PM
Due to being the only person who bought a ticket.....

Nam has won a SHINY MAWILE [Image: 303.png] [Image: 303-m.png]
Nam also won a HIDDEN ABILITY(Moody) OCTILLERY! [Image: 224.png]

Due to inactivity from the previous Lottery, I am shutting down All of the lotteries until further notice. I am running low on valuable pokemon, and I need to start breeding some more again. I will announce when the next lottery will be sometime during the summer hopefully. ^^ Thank you to all who have participated in this entire process and I hope to see you all again with high hopes for some amazing Pokemon!

[Image: dA219Lb.gif]
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05-13-2014, 12:27 AM (This post was last modified: 05-13-2014, 12:28 AM by Nammm3.)

I won't be playing any Pokémon until next weekend, so i'll PM you whenever i'm ready to trade (pending on your schedule too, next week)