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[Sign-ups Open]Pokemon: League Masters: Birth of a New Darkness
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[Sign-ups Open]Pokemon: League Masters: Birth of a New Darkness
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08-02-2013, 08:06 PM
This is the first of the roleplay series, Pokemon League Masters. Before we do the background, here are some rules to the roleplay.

-The rating is PG, meaning no bloodshed or intense cursing.
-No legendary Pokemon allowed.
-All other forum rules apply, including being respectable to the other players.
-You must display good grammar. You dont need to be a perfect speller but at least show that you know basoic english.

About the League Masters Association
Welcome to the Gildor Region, a brand new Pokemon region filled with new Pokemon and new adventures. In this region, there exists an agency known as the Pokemon League Masters Association. They are said to be the best in the region and repersent the Gildor League. The League Masters are led by Jacen Ralvarn, a very experienced trainer who is said to have beaten all five regions.

The Pokemon League Masters, commonly called the PLMA or LMA, do more than just run the league for this region. They also work undercover as the protectors and investigators. They shield the Gildor Region from threats both big and small, whether it be serving as officers or investigating a city-wide threat.

There are ranks within the LMA as well. The smallest rank is League Master, which is someone who has passed the Gildor League and beaten the five generals as well as Jacen. The League Generals are the second strongest members and are the ones who assist in major problems across the Gildor region. The strongest though is the League Supreme, or leader of the LMA. As stated before, Jacen is currently the leader of the LMA and as such holds the rank of League Supreme.

The Background
Last night, there have been reports that a new organization was created in Rogueport. Not much detail has been uncovered and what has has been filtered or corrupted. The only knowledge we have is that the organization calling itself the Shadow Society has the entire city under lockdown. They are using dark and ghost type Pokemon as well as an assortment of stolen Pokemon. A distress signal coming from the Rogueport Gym, most likely from Ronin, the gym leader.

The LMA has decided to create a small assault team in hopes of freeing the city and uncovering what the Shadow Society is doing in the city. They are selecting their very best for this mission as it is clear the Shadow Society is no normal crime organization. Ronin is a high ranking League Master and thus is not known to allow his city to be in lockdown. If even Ronin is backing down, that means the Shadow Society is dangerous.

If you wish to volunteer in this mission, may the power of Pyrixx and Kryzzix, the dragons of fire and ice, be with you. Good luck, league masters.

Sign-up Form

Full name required.
Link or be very descicriptive.
History (Optional)
Be detailed. Entire lifestory is not required.
Pokemon Team:

[Image: 2qbalvc.jpg]

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