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Smoak's Gallery of Stuff
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Smoak's Gallery of Stuff
slightly confused cinnamon bun


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03-13-2017, 12:01 AM
@Rouge007 didn't yours have "the giant wurpmle that ate Ash" on it? Or was that just on a piece of paper? XD

Also here are some more drawings! ^^ These are all roughly within the last 6 months or so.
[Image: 28iud7p.jpg]Classic charizard with felt tipped pens. This one's actually really small (2x2 inches)

[Image: j5xefl.jpg]
Everyone's favorite sideways rad red dude! Knuckles has always been my favorite character from the Sonic series... even if he can be kinda stupid sometimes. Tongue

[Image: 15q2bgj.jpg]Two little cats guys I made in high school and used for a couple of projects... they're my sons. :3

[Image: 3txg4.jpg]
Something like this is usually what happens when I take a "study break"!

[Image: vh9evq.jpg]
I got an idea when my shiny Torracat evolved into Incineroar and drew this XD

[Image: t8q1bp.png]

Credits to Ajax for my signature!
Goofball Sharpshooter


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03-13-2017, 12:22 AM
@smoakdragon I don't remember xD lol. We were awesome and weird kids, and I loved the arm wrestling one!!! <3

[Image: 33a8c9u.jpg]
thank you @smoakdragon for the sig!

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