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So, what's for dinner?
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So, what's for dinner?


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04-04-2017, 06:53 PM
So in some places, people call it supper. For me, I call it dinner. But, with that being said, what's the plan for dinner? I usually have dinner around 7:30 PM since I usually get off at 7 and get home right before 7:30. Usually my parents have made something that's sitting on the stove, so that's always a plus! If not, then I always find something in the fridge to heat up or make (usually heat up lmao). So tonight I got home from work early (around 6:00) and there were ribs, mashed potatoes, and French-styled green beans sitting there waiting for me to gobble up! Tongue Just got done eating, and it was really good!

Anyway, so... what's for dinner? XD ^^


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04-06-2017, 11:51 AM
how about lunch?

I usually never have the patience to cook my own food at all, unless I absolutely have to. I mostly buy those canned tuna and sardines from Costco and store them in my pantry, and if necessary, buy those wild caught salmon and just bake it. My diet is based around a mixture of Paleo and Atkins, and it saves me the headache of having to choose my menu for the week. I don't mind having the same food selection everyday for specific meals. My parents give me a hard time about it, complaining I never tell them what I want to eat, making it 'harder' for them to choose the food that they can cook for themselves and my younger sister. What they don't know is that I am a fully functional adult capable of making their own decision about what to eat. What they also don't know is that I have an adequate ration that will last me for the next two weeks. Big Grin

Canadian parents, eh?

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