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Stallion Dragon
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Stallion Dragon
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08-23-2014, 09:41 PM (This post was last modified: 08-25-2014, 07:08 AM by ✯Ho-OhLugia✯.)
Hey everyone! I am making a book called Stallion Dragon, and I am going to publish it. I just want to know what you think about it. I will be constantly publishing chapters over time, so please be patient if it seems I am forgetting about this.

Chapter One:
Stone of the Dragon

Stone of the dragon

In the emptiness of the night and the new moon, all seemed silent. Fwoosh. The trees and bushes rattled with the wind. Fwoosh. The trees shook like maracas. Fwoosh. A large green dragon flew across the forest sky line, pounding the trees with its magnificent emerald wings.
Shouts and shrieks emerged from a tailing crowd of men in armour on their mounts. A tall, firm and developed man rode on a shiny moon black stallion covered in silver armour and sapphire linings. Its mane was filled with shimmering dots cast by the onlooking stars. “Get it!” A deep, heavy voice emerged from the lead man. Army members readied their spears. Clangs of armour clashing against armour sounded like screeching vibrations. Looking left, the dragon sped onward, proceeding with caution, trying to evade trees in the path. Turning to where it was looking, the dragon magnificently pounced into the nature of trees, losing the hunters.
“It went into the bushes, master Affarmive,” shouted a disruptive voice from the crowd. The boss, Affarmive, replied, “Hmm..., I know that. Turn the men in the bushes.” The crowd of men jostled themselves into the edge of the pathway into the bushes where the dragon had turned. Storming through the bushes, the soldiers noticed a sudden change in the moon, that a new strand of light had shown itself revealing a shiny glow in the head of trees.
“That!” cried Affarmive.
Exiting the forest into another path, the men rejoined the dragon in a game of cat and mouse. A glistening shine from the dragon’s talons captured the interest of the hunters. Upon being illuminated, a large, spherical emerald moulded to perfection had been beheld by the soldiers awe struck eyes.
“That,” muttered Affarmive loudly so all can here. “Is what we want!” He soon yelled as loud as a noisy boobook. Startled, the dragon sped at high speeds when it was struck by a two-metre long spear with a sharp head. The dragon roared with agony, which burst leaves of trees and shook the ground.
“That noise! It’s……agonising!” shrieked a soldier whose formation was in the middle. The dragon pounced into a tree, hiding itself from the crowd of many. Waiting, the soldiers formatted themselves into a position to attack the dragon when it revealed itself.
“Boss, um…should we launch our spears at the tree?” asked a man, whose armour had a name, inscribed on it: Barney.
Barney, I told you hundreds of times during our training, to never launch your spears if you don’t know what targets there may be!” replied Affarmive, in a deep and heavy tone. The tree shook, which scattered leaves across the floor. A deep, eerie rumble emitted from the tree startled the two conversing men.
“What was that?” Surprised, Affarmive stared directly at the tree, resting his gaze, thinking his endless thoughts on what might occur. A sudden launch of a spear caused a few soldiers to become paralysed of fear, as it almost struck a man’s ribs.
“Watch out for the dragon!”
With a flash of wind, the dragon sped towards the clearing, finally losing the hunters completely for now.
“Look at its talons,” ordered Affarmive.
“It’s gone…..The dragon…dropped it…” replied Barney in a way that made him sound like he lost a match.
“Fine. We will return and claim what we need! What we desire, that will destroy this world!” A loud, endless cheer burst the ears of night- stalking animals, who shrieked revengeful cries.
“We will.” *

Chapter Two:A Challenge Foreseen

A Challenge Foreseen

“Sam, now,” muttered an elegant feminine voice, as calm as a peaceful river. “Alright, fine,” muttered Sam as he struggled to move his stiff muscles on the fine dew-covered grass.
“Hmm… good. We shall commence yesterday’s lesson. Your progress wasn't what I expected.” Replied the mare, who appeared to be Sam’s mother. Sam trotted on the grass, sending droplets of water flying about.
“Mother, haven't I already completed my training yesterday? Please, just please, can I play today? I know I want to be the master horse, but I need a break,” argued Sam. His mother stared at him and sighed, then said, “Okay, yes. You can go, but be careful-,” “Yes I will mother!” interrupted Sam and trekked off. Sam was a beautiful silver stallion with a sparkling cream coat and a shimmering silver sheen. His hooves were concrete foundations as they made a clunking sound as they collided with gravel. The stallion’s thighs were developed and bulky, though they needed to be trained to become more powerful.
His main ambition was to become the Master Stallion, so he can rule the area to lead it his own way. However, he needed to train to beat the current leader, the deep black stallion, who is extremely powerful and would push his own limits to sustain his place as king. The keen young stallion explored his habitat, a valley with tall mountains which cast shadows on the plains to tell time.
Sam stared at the moist ground, amazed at how the smallest insect life could survive a downpour. Still staring at the ground, he forwarded ahead until he jostled into another stallion.
He steadily and carefully peered at who he had collided with, and to his fear, it was the master stallion.
“Ah...ah...Sorry. Look, I’m really sorry, if I had looked this wouldn't have happened, Steel, I mean master-,”
“Silence!” yelled the Master Stallion, whose name was Steel. “You are forgiven, however the next time your foolishness will cause pain to the great stallion, I will make sure you cannot walk.” The stallions black coat reflected on the grass, adding an eerie pattern to the ground. “Yes, yes, sorry,” muttered Sam.
“You will not speak like this to your master! Head straight and firm with a calm and pleasurable voice. Even though you are three years old, I will not tolerate this behaviour towards me. Am I clear?” questioned Steel.
Sam tried to follow what he had heard from his master. “Yes, master. Before you move on, I want to tell you something that I have wanted to tell you for weeks, but I could not find you.”
“Make it quick, I have no time to lose. I need to clear a problem within the clearing.” “Two things, actually. The first, why haven’t you been around after dusk? There are many horses complaining because they cannot receive the help they need.” “I have been doing.....things” replied Steel.
“What kind of things?”
“Mind your own business! Your curiosity is one of a child, even for one so intelligent; you cannot control what you say. Nevertheless, I need to scurry off, so go away and never return until I approach to you.”
“Wait, my other thing I had to tell you!” immediately retorted Sam. He was worried what might become of him the next time he encountered Steel. Sam could sense the rage building up in the master horse.
“What will be rid of you? I cannot stand around here all day! Fine, if what you must say is important, be quick of it, and leave out any detail that is unnecessary.” “One day, not now obviously, but one day, I want to challenge you for the title of master horse. Next month, or next year, I will be ready. You should be too,” warned Sam. Steel paused as Sam’s words echoed throughout his head. He was troubled at the challenge, because he thought his end of rein will be when nature takes its course, not by a challenge.
“Very well. We shall duel when the white snow touches the top of The Valley Hill. I shall be off now, to my duties.” Steel seemed calm as he addressed the date of the duel. Sam also wondered why he was entering the forest when he was supposed to go to the clearing. Sam never got to know who Steel really was. Steel was brave, strong and agile yet mean, aggressive and made sure he was always getting what he ordered for. As Sam trotted through the valley, he noticed his friend, Stella. Her chocolate coat glistened while moving through the valley, and her slow graceful movements awed onlookers. He neared her anxiously, pondering at the thought of the day of the duel. “Hello, Stella,” quietly murmured Sam.
“Hello to you too, Sam. What’s wrong? Usually at three years old you shouldn't be too worried about life,” replied Stella.
“I know, but.....” Sam, who was troubled with the cause, hadn’t thought of running into Stella and was too confused about the issue to talk. “Stella, Steel has been doing strange things lately.”
“What kind of things?” questioned Stella.
“Well,” continued Sam. “Over the past weeks, he’s been going out of our territory, through the forest and into the unknown territory, and returning late in the night, not responding to the pleas of mares and stallions.”
“Hmm, that is strange. And yet, why were you really anxious when talking to me?” “Well, I actually met with Steel.”
Stella gasped with shock, for anyone rarely met with Steel.
“And I challenged him...you know, to be the Master Stallion,” said Sam. Stella eyed Sam cautiously with a hypnotic gaze, wondering why Sam had taken such a challenge. Stella calmed her eyes and said, “Sam, did you really challenge the Master Stallion to take his place? Why, Sam? You are still too young!” Sam knew that he was risking his life to be the leader of his race. “Stella,” he sighed. “Look, I have been training with my mother. It will be fine, and once I am the Master Stallion, I’ll make the rules fairer! Just you wait and see!” Sam sprinted away to the clearing, and when he stopped at the edge of the cliff, the burst out a roaring ‘neigh’ that stretched for two minutes. “Just you wait and see, Steel! I will be the Master Horse!”

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