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Sticky: Bank of ASB (Sign Up Here)
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Sticky: Bank of ASB (Sign Up Here)
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04-18-2013, 06:43 PM (This post was last modified: 06-23-2014, 02:12 PM by I liek Squirtles.)
Bank of ASB

Current Trainers:
Pyre - Myrrh - teamplasma - ninJAS
Crossfire - ChaosMasterMartin - tylerg1011 - Skye
Mewtini - DerpyDerp - Legacy - I liek Squirtles
Fukai Tsumi - Vanquish - Fenniken25 - Dorylus
Miles Prower - Rain - Kevin - Wright
Gora Valun - Heinous Creature - PrettyFlacko - Neyla
Aang - Aerbrodactyl - Clockwork Soldier - FormerOG767
AtomicHero - smoakdragon - Gengar

Transaction Approvers:
I liek Squirtles

Trainers receive their weekly allowance every Sunday. Current allowance is $5. To claim your allowance, post that you're adding $5 to your current balance. After this is approved, you may add the allowance to your profile (you must cite the approval post).

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04-18-2013, 10:42 PM (This post was last modified: 05-25-2014, 10:16 AM by teamplasma.)

Your Pokemon's Ability will be RNG'd for you by whomever approves your transaction.

Getting Started

So, you want to start ASB, huh? This is the place to be! Here are a few tips to help you get started:
  • Step One: Post here to register an account and purchase a starter Pokemon. You start with $25, you can choose any Pokemon to be your starter. Your starter Pokemon will require approval, like any other Pokemon, for the purpose of generating abilities. A moderator will add your account to the list of ASB Trainers.
  • Step Two: Create your [Trainer Profile] and put a link to it in your signature. Be sure to cite your post where you purchased the starter Pokemon in your Trainer Profile.
  • Step Three: If you still have remaining money, you can save it, buy items to give to your starter Pokemon, or purchase additional Pokemon here. Any additional items or Pokemon purchased will require approval before you can add them to your profile and cite them. You must keep track of your money. Every time you buy something, cite it in your profile. Keep a total of your money in your profile.
  • Step Four: If it's Sunday, post here, claiming your allowance. You don't need to wait for approval as long as you post here on Sunday, claiming it.
  • Step Five: Head on over to the [Battle Arena] and check out the Vs. Seeker thread to find an open battle!

If at any time, you find yourself lost or confused, don't panic! This is normal in ASB. Find your way to the [ASB Help Thread]. We'll answer any and all questions you may have. We also have a handy little [guide] written by teamplasma.

The format for purchasing a Pokemon should look something like this:

Quote:Hello, I'd like to buy a Pikachu, please.

[Image: 025.gif]
Sparky - Male
$25 - $15 = $10

You can purchase multiple Pokémon at once. Once you have made the transaction and it has been approved you can add it to your profile. You may choose the gender, nickname, etc.

The tier list and prices of the Pokémon available are listed below: (Use CTRL+F to find a specific Pokemon.)

_ Tiers _

Tier I - $10 Each
Caterpie • Weedle • Rattata • Ekans • Spearow • Sandshrew • Zubat • Oddish • Paras • Psyduck • Bellsprout • Tentacool • Geodude • Doduo • Seel • Grimer • Onix • Krabby • Tangela • Goldeen • Sentret • Ledyba • Spinarak • Azurill • Hoppip • Sunkern • Snubull • Teddiursa • Remoraid • Mantyke • Phanpy • Poochyena • Zigzagoon • Wurmple • Taillow • Wingull • Surskit • Whismur • Skitty • Budew • Electrike • Cacnea • Corphish • Chingling • Starly • Bidoof • Kricketot • Burmy • Cherubi • Buneary • Glameow • Finneon • Patrat • Lillipup • Purrlion • Pidove • Roggenrola • Sewaddle • Cottonee • Petilil • Trubbish • Ducklett • Bunnelby • Scatterbug • Flabébé • Dedenne • Carbink • Phantump • Pumpkaboo

Tier II - $15
Pidgey • Pichu • Nidoran • Cleffa • Igglybuff • Vulpix • Venonat • Diglett • Meowth • Mankey • Poliwag • Ponyta • Slowpoke • Farfetch'd • Drowzee • Voltorb • Cubone • Koffing • Horsea • Mime Jr. • Smoochum • Hoothoot • Chinchou • Natu • Mareep • Bonsly • Aipom • Yanma • Wooper • Misdreavus • Murkrow • Girafarig • Quilfish • Shuckle • Sneasle • Slugma • Corsola • Delibird • Houndour • Stantler • Lotad • Seedot • Nincada • Nosepass • Mawile • Meditite • Plusle • Minun • Volbeat • Illumise • Gulpin • Carvanha • Numel • Torcoal • Spoink • Spinda • Seviper • Barboach • Baltoy • Feebas • Shuppet • Tropius • Spheal • Clamperl • Luvdisc • Combee • Pachirisu • Buizel • Shellos • Drifloon • Stunky • Skorupi • Croagunk • Minccino • Pansage • Pansear • Panpour • Munna • Blitzle • Woobat • Audino • Throh • Sawk • Emolga • Karrablast • Shelmet • Foongus • Frillish • Elgyem • Cubchoo • Mienfoo • Heatmor • Fletchling • Furfrou • Espurr • Spritzee • Swirlix • Binacle • Helioptile • Bergmite

Tier III - $20
Abra • Growlithe • Machop • Magnemite • Shellder • Gastly • Exeggcute • Tyrogue • Lickitung • Rhyhorn • Happiny • Staryu • Elekid • Magby • Magikarp • Eevee • Porygon • Munchlax • Togepi • Pineco • Dunsparce • Gligar • Swinub • Ralts • Shroomish • Makuhita • Sableye • Aron • Wailmer • Trapinch • Swablu • Zangoose • Duskull • Snorunt • Shinx • Bronzor • Riolu • Carnivine • Snover • Hippopotas • Timburr • Tympole • Venipede • Basculin • Sandile • Darumaka • Maractus • Dwebble • Scraggy • Yamask • Gothita • Solosis • Vanillite • Alomomola • Joltik • Ferroseed • Klink • Tynamo • Litwick • Rufflet • Vullaby • Durant • Litleo • Skiddo • Pancham • Honedge • Inkay • Skrelp • Clauncher • Klefki

Tier IV - $25
Bulbasaur • Charmander • Squirtle • Kangaskhan • Scyther • • Pinsir • Tauros • Lapras • Dratini Chikorita • Cyndaquil • Totodile • Heracross • Larvitar • Treecko • Torchic • Mudkip • Slakoth • Skarmory • Miltank • Absol • Bagon • Beldum • Turtwig • Chimchar • Piplup • Gible • Snivy • Tepig • Oshawott • Drilbur • Axew • Cryogonal • Stunfisk • Druddigon • Golett • Pawniard • Bouffalant • Sigilyph • Deino • Chespin • Fenniken • Froakie • Goomy • Noibat • Hawlucha

Tier V [Banned]
Mewtwo • Mew • Smeargle • Raikou • Entei • Suicune • Lugia • Ho-Oh • Celebi • Shedinja • Latias • Latios • Kyogre • Groudon • Rayquaza • Jirachi • Deoxys • Uxie • Mesprit • Azelf • Dialga • Palkia • Heatran • Regigigas • Giratina • Cresselia • Phione • Manaphy • Darkrai • Shaymin • Arceus • Victini • Cobalion • Terrakion • Virizion • Tornadus • Thundurus • Reshiram • Zekrom • Landorus • Kyurem • Keldeo • Meloetta • Genesect • Xerneas • Yveltal • Zygarde

has anyone seen my sanity


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06-05-2013, 11:36 PM (This post was last modified: 09-24-2013, 10:46 PM by Rhapsody.)
_ Signatures Moves & Attributes _

Signature moves and signature attributes are moves and modifications your Pokemon know or have. These moves or attributes are specific to your Pokemon and are unique. When purchasing your Pokemon, you can choose to include one or both of the following forms, and your signature move or attribute will be evaluated harshly. We have to do this to ensure that it isn't overpowered, and because of this, it can take a while to get your actual Pokemon approved. That's why it's suggested to just purchase the Pokemon and then try to get a signature move and/or signature attribute approved. I think we should probably explain what signature moves and signature attributes are, though.

A signature move is a move that only your Pokemon can know and perform, and as such, can not be copied by Transform, Copycat, Mirror Move, Me First, Imposter or any other moves or abilities that allow the copying of moves. Signature moves are typically somewhat powerful compared to other moves, but come with drawbacks, as well, such as lowering your Pokemon's stats after use, immobilizing your Pokemon temporarily afterward, or much, much more. These are also known as balancing mechanisms. They will usually intertwine with a story of your own, with how you taught the Pokemon to do such a move, how it taught itself, or otherwise.

Signature attributes, also known as body modifications, are bodily modifications to your Pokemon, such as a missing part to their shell, a mechanical arm, or much more. Your imagination is the limit, as long as your imagination knows to abide to logic (logic in Pokemon? Nonsense!). Signature attributes can provide modification to your Pokemon that can give it certain advantages or abilities that it wouldn't normally have. Similarly to signature moves, Pokemon like Ditto that can transform into the opposing Pokemon cannot copy signature attributes, because they're so unfamiliar and unique. An example of a signature attribute would be an Omastar with a lighter shell, providing it with a permanent speed boost, but a permanent defense decrease, as well. Signature attributes don't just 'happen'. You need to include a detailed and logical backstory as to why your Pokemon has this modification, and you shouldn't use generic ideas.

In order to have a signature move or attribute approved, it must follow a few guidelines. Firstly, the move or attribute's effects have to be balanced. That is, it can't be overpowered to the point where it's stronger than a normal move you would see in the game, unless you have a major drawback to using the move at all. The same applies to a signature attribute. A body modification can provide certain advantages, but it has to be balanced. If a move is going to have an advantage, it should also have a disadvantage, let it be through the power of the move, it's accuracy, or otherwise.

Once you choose a signature move, your Pokemon is stuck with it forever, so be careful. A signature move will persist with your Pokemon through evolution, and if it is transferred to another trainer. To get your Pokemon a signature move, use the following template;

[b]Base Damage[/b]:
[b]Usage Gap[/b]:

Signature attributes are also permanent, but to a lesser degree. Upon evolution, your Pokemon will keep the signature attribute. However, you have the option to change the Pokemon's signature attribute after your Pokemon evolves, as long as you submit the form within three days of your Pokemon's evolution (if it takes longer than three days to approve, that's fine). Signature attributes that are no longer applicable after evolution (such as a signature attribute that affects a limb that the Pokemon loses upon evolution) are removed, and you're notified of this when your Pokemon's evolution is removed. Your Pokemon's signature attribute will, however, persist through trading with other trainers. To get a signature attribute for your Pokemon, fill out this form;


Make sure to specify which of your Pokemon will receive this signature move or attribute. I highly recommend checking out the section on signature moves and attributes in the ASB guide, since it explains each of these fields. After submitting your signature move, one of the Transaction Approvers will either approve or criticize your signature move and/or attribute.

I'll provide examples of a signature move and attribute here for everyone's benefit;

Quote:This is a signature move for my Infernape.

Name: Ground
Base Damage: 0%
Energy: 9%
Type: Fighting
Accuracy: 100%
Target: Self
Duration: Two Actions
Usage Gap: Three Rounds
Description: Infernape, back when he was a Chimchar and before he was captured by the league, was the child of the King of his clan. As such, it was quite easy for the young prince to drop in on training sessions filled with Fighting Pokemon. The concept of learning how to fight intrigued him very much, so he often stuck around. The instructors knew, of course, that he was there. Might as well let the kid feel a bit stealthy, though. Through his time in training, he learned a technique that Fighting Pokemon often use to temporarily enhance their abilities, called grounding. It was a hard technique, but it was worth it! By the time Infernape had finally mastered it, he was a Monferno and was captured by the league, in possession of his current trainer. Finally, in one battle, Infernape decided to put the technique he learned to use. With that being said, the battle was over quickly, and Infernape feeling surprised that it worked, but strangely woozy afterwards.

Grounding is an ability picked up from the fighting instructors of Infernape's village. Grounding increases Infernape's stats for five actions after it is used. This is a +3 boost to Attack, Sp. Attack, Speed, and Accuracy. However, even though Infernape has mastered the technique to an extent, he still needs complete focus to pull it off. As such, Infernape needs two actions to ground completely, and the stat boosts take effect on the second action. On the action that the stat boosts are to activate, Infernape will move last regardless of it's or it's foe's speeds. If Infernape is attacked between the two actions, then he will be unable to perform the ground, and instead be left with a -1 Attack drop. When Infernape does correctly ground, the stat boosts last five actions, and then after the five actions, Infernape starts to feel a bit woozy due to the immense amount of energy he had to focus on using in order to ground. Therefore, he will have a -1 Attack, -1 Special Attack, and -1 Speed decrease after the boosts end. There is also a 10% chance for Infernape to become confused along with the stat decreases.

Infernape performs the move by sitting down, crossing his legs, and putting his hands to the ground, palms and fingers touching. If applicable, he'll dig his fingers into the soil (not required, at least).

In overview, Infernape can use Ground, which needs two actions to activate. If he's attacked during those two actions, he'll be forced to stop, and get a -1 Attack drop. If he succeeds, he'll gain a +3 boost in Attack, Sp. Attack, Speed, and Accuracy. After five actions, Infernape loses the boosts and gets a stat decrease of -2 in Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed.

As you can see, the move grants the user a powerful boost, but it's risky to use and the cost of it being successfully used it rather hefty, as well. This is an example of a balanced signature move.

Quote:This is a signature attribute for my Omastar.

Name: Lightweight
Description: Omastar, after revival from his fossil, always felt incomplete. It's not like it bothered him, but it did cause him to act different than other Omastar did. At request by his trainer, the scientists who revived him examined a picture of his fossil, and compared it to the fossil of another Omastar. As it turned out, there was in fact a difference. Part of his shell was missing! It was barely noticeable, due to the section that was missing, but it definitely made a difference. The scientists reckoned that a Kabutops had sliced off a part of his shell in prehistoric times, or something had happened to a piece of it during the fossilization process, or maybe something even happened during his revival. Regardless, it made a difference! Omastar was faster than his peers, which made him feel great. He quite literally still moved slowly, but it felt like he was some sort of... I don't know, a blue Shaymin?

As a result of the missing part of Omastar's shell, he has a +2 Speed boost at the start of the battle. However, he is vulnerable when hit from the bottom part of the shell, on his back. If hit there, Omastar will take extra damage, acting as if there was a -2 Defense decrease there.

The above is an example of a balanced signature attribute. As you can see, Omastar gets the advantage of having a +2 speed boost, but is crippled by his weak spot. Signature attributes with more effects should typically be explained in more detail. Remember, signature attributes are NOT limited to things like changing stats! The range of things that you can do with signature attributes is practically endless.

The story behind your move or attribute means a lot. If it's not detailed enough, or doesn't make sense, then you can't expect your move to be approved, even if the move itself is balanced and the description of how the move is used is described properly.

If you want more examples of signature moves and attributes, both overpowered and balanced, you can view a nice amount of examples here, here, here, here, here, and probably every other post with a bunch of quotes in that thread.

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06-05-2013, 11:52 PM (This post was last modified: 06-05-2013, 11:53 PM by Myrrh.)
OK, since I derped last time let's try registering again ><;

[Image: 546.gif]
Merry - Female
$25 - $10 = $15

[Image: 506.gif]
Zack - Male
$15 - $10 = $5

[Image: NaLu.png]
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06-06-2013, 06:49 AM
@Pyre @Myrrh Approved

I see my post from the Lab wasn't moved. :/

Here is my registration:
[Image: 313.gif]
Teable - Male
[$25 - $15 = $10]

[Image: 509.gif]
Mercy - Female
[$10 - $10 = 0]
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06-06-2013, 07:23 AM
Might as well add my Pokemon ^^

[Image: 114.gif]
Kudzu -Female
[$25 - $10 = $15]

[Image: 116.gif]
Dovah - Male
[$15 - $15 = $0]

[Image: OzMV8j1.png]

Thanks to Rouge007 for my lovely Tresdin Avatar and Signature ^^
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06-06-2013, 08:56 AM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2013, 09:21 AM by Yunan.)
I guess I'll register too

[Image: 309.gif]
Blitz - Male
[$25-$10 = $15]

[Image: 177.gif]
Natio - Male
[$15-$15 = $0]
^ ^ ^


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06-06-2013, 09:00 AM
Your transaction is approved! Remember to make a trainer profile and read the guide posted here.
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06-06-2013, 01:15 PM
Hey, I'd like to buy a Biuzel and lillipup, please.

[Image: 418.gif]
Rod - Male
$25 - $15 = $10

[Image: 506.gif]
Lilly - Female
$10 - $10 = $0

[Image: link_signature_by_wiancar-d35nc38.png]
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06-06-2013, 01:24 PM
Very well! Your transaction is approved. Remember to read the ASB Guide and put your transaction in you trainer profile. Smile (It helps if you link the transaction)

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