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THE GULAG GAMES {Actual RolePlay} {PG-13} {Semi-Lit / Lit}
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THE GULAG GAMES {Actual RolePlay} {PG-13} {Semi-Lit / Lit}
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12-21-2014, 10:07 PM
Poison Apple
"Good morning, good morning, good morning! Welcome to the next official Gulag Games!"
His voice, this mischievous beast's voice, as raspy as an old man's, and as deep as the depths themselves, rang out unto the cowering crowd, whom responded with a string of moans and groans.
"Oh, come off it! You could be dead right now! This game won't even be that dangerous!"
The grin still escaped the beast's lips. No attempts at hiding it would have ever worked; it was too much a part of the demon. It was as close to the demon as the blood dripping from it's sopping wet, muddy cloak; as much as it's distressing red eyes, it's pitch-black pupils illuminating the color around it.
And yet as soon as Poison Apple said it, most of the crowd knew they'd be participating. A specific group in particular, one that Poison Apple would be watching very closely. According to the monster's personal orders, this so-called "not very dangerous" task will turn into a fully fledged death brawl in a single flick of the wrist.
This, however, was what the demon lived for.
"Oh, how my lovely guests fill my heart with joy!"

Spear Hikaru Richtofen
As the Master announced the next Game, Spear could only yell with glee. One of the only ones who truly enjoyed the games, he lived off of the useful items and tools he gained during them. Of course, due to the rules, he actually shouldn't have anything like so on him, but the Masters really didn't care. At least, Spear thought so.
"Hey, Esset, you gonna party with me too?"
With this question, the human monster truck, with a voice as mature as could possibly be attained by a teenager, grinned and looked Esset directly in the eyes. He mockingly acted as if he couldn't hear what the Master was saying, and asked the question again. Most thought that this habit was just a mental issue, but Esset and Spear both understood. This was no simple question. It was a pledge; an allegiance.
They would be killing tonight.

Esset Kaoru Richtofen
"Oh, you simpleton. Why would I ever not join in?" Came Esset's response to his brother, followed by a hushed whisper of, "Let's paint the floor tonight."
And so it was. Esset followed along with Spear, listening to the Master. Knowing this Master in particular, there would be no "not dangerous" task. This would become a blood bath. A war of crude weapons, of rust, sweat, flesh, and teeth. Very few could stop such a group that these two were: perfectly foiled. One large, one skinny. One aggressive and over-bearing, one "passive" and negotiable. Of course, this would all change in the blink of an eye, generally with a blade in the back.
"Brother, let's appease this monster for another night, shall we?"

Sarah Elise
All on her own, Sarah Elise knew nothing of the twin's plans. She assumed that they would skimp out to come comfort her after the last time she ventured out with them, when she broke her wrist. Of course, it was already better due to the healing apparatus equipped with their suits, but it only healed in their chambers, and nowhere else. So instead she claimed that she had fears of being jumped again, as she had been during the game.
"Oh, I wish those two would stay..." She grumbled. As the Master glided off of it's makeshift stage, Sarah Elise began to struggle against the tide trying to get ready for the game as she journeyed to her room.
However, on the way, she bumped in to someone...

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12-21-2014, 10:28 PM
Avianna Grey

"And so it begins Cleo..." Ava told her pet baby grey fox with a sad voice, she had been dreading this day and here it was, surviving' she thought, there would be nothing more important than making it out alive. She wondered if her Master wished for her to make it alive. She was quite aware that some Masters wished for their prisoners to die...why? For their entertainment ofcourse..
As Avianna was lost in thought she soon found herself watching dear Sarah Elise walk into a big and gnarly figure. She shuddered and was immediately thankful that it was not she who had made such a terrible mistake. 'Please be ok' she thought silently before turning her attention back to Poison Apple's speech.

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12-22-2014, 04:01 AM (This post was last modified: 12-22-2014, 04:04 AM by DerpyDerp.)

Krige stood on the stage to observe the participants, he watched a group of young adults and teenagers, smirking behind his helmet as he slowly walked off stage, his armor clinging in a horrible metallic noise. "I have a feeling these will be the best games in years" he said in his inhuman voice, trying to keep to himself, but grabbing the attention of some nearby spectators. He turned and looked at them, laughed for a few moments, and told them "You don't realize how lucky you are to have a chance to participate in the Gulag Games" He then quickly made his way to ... wherever the masters are.

Arden Corey

Arden was shaking, putting his arms around his legs and pressing his face against them, which resulted in his pants becoming quite wet from the tears he shed. "I'm going to die ... I'm going to die ... I'm ---" He repeated to himself as he rocked back and forth on his chair, he look around for a second and saw that most of the participants seemed to know each other, which only made him cry harder as he kept on rocking "Not a minute, I won't last a minute, someone help me please ..."

It's always more difficult to make the very first posts in an RP. And some say Arden is still whining while rocking back and forth on his chair.

EDIT : That line is how I separate RP from OOC, if you don't like it tell me Tongue Also, I make the stupidest mistakes when I'm tired, instead of writing "someone" I wrote "some" ugh, at least I can correct them before anyone sees them.

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