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Tangrowth (Boundaries Crossed BCR 6)
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Tangrowth (Boundaries Crossed BCR 6)


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11-22-2012, 02:12 PM
[Image: 2805kph.png]

Tangrowth (Boundaries Crossed BCR 6)

[Image: tangrowth-boundaries-crossed-6.jpg?fit=312%2C9999]
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11-23-2012, 12:28 AM
I am having mixed fillings over this card....

Decent Hp, Stage 1, I love the Hundred Furious Lashes attack, and Mega Drain can help it stay in the game longer by recovering HP

Horrible retreat cost, requires high energy in order to attack and deal decent damage

I suppose I will give it a 6/10

[Image: 29pt9mp.jpg]

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11-23-2012, 10:12 PM
Im not a fan of this card at all :/

I guess if your working a grass deck then MAYBE it can be useful. But, unfortunately its attacks just aren't good enough for it to be taken seriously. Perhaps it wouldn't be bad with trainers, supporters, and other Pokemon to help set it up quick so it can swiftly take out the opponents weaker Pokemon before they have a chance to fully set up, but even then...Meh. Ill give it a 4/10. I shoot so low because its far outshined at its own game by the Wailord from Dragons Exalted.

The Wailord from Dragons Exalted Vs. Tangrowth
Wailord: 200HP
Water Cannon-Flip a coin, if heads this attack does 30 damage times the number of water energies attached to this Pokemon. (Energy Cost 1 Water Energy)
Giant Wave- 80 damage, this Pokemon can't use giant wave during your next turn. (Energy Cost 4 energies, 1 water/3 colorless)

Retreat Cost
4 energies (Colorless)

Now, here is where I think that the Wailord beats out Tangrowth. The HP for sure is a bonus, being 70hp higher than Tangrowth, and being an incredible amount of HP in general, allows Wailord very good survivability.

Attacks wise, Tangrowth has Wailord beat as far as its second attack goes. I would much rather sacrifice the 10 extra damage Wailord has for its giant wave attack for the 30 healing that Tangrowth has.

However, I believe the first attack to be better for two reasons. While Wailords Water Cannon does require a single coin flip to land on heads, statistically speaking, odds are if you do not flip heads on your first try, the second try should prove heads. Of course luck is always a factor, but considering Tangrowth can't use the furious lashes attack after using it once, it puts it in a bind, and using it once every 2 turns puts it in the same boat of Wailords first attack, statistically speaking...Tongue
Of course there could always be a run of bad luck and you could flip all tails until your Wailord is taken out Sad
However the opposite is true, and you could flip all heads and continue to wreck shop on all of your opponents HeHe!

Now the main reason I think its first attack is better, is because when paired with the Blastoise from Boundaries Crossed, it has the potential to become the hardest hitting attack on the field hands down.

The ability of the Blastoise is called "Deluge" and it allows the player, once during their turn, to attach as many water energies as they like from their hand to one of their Pokemon.

I don't think I even need to explain what that means, but I will just for the heck of it Wink

Basically, If Wailord is out as your active Pokemon with no energies on it whatsoever, and you use Blastoise's ability with say, 6 energies in your hand, you just gave Wailord an attack that does 180 damage in one turn, in addition to the 80 damage sure fire attack that will be able to knock out most basics, and many stage 1 Pokemon. Essentially, your opponent would be looking at a hard hitting tank with unreasonably high HP, and a low odds of beating it.

Anywaysssss HeHe!, I know that was much to long but I've seen this card being mentioned very highly around the internet and I just wanted to make my claim as to why I think its not as good as everyone thinks, or at least ya know in comparison to other cards out there Tongue

[Image: 3cfb6f6f.gif]

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