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The Renewed Quad Sigilyph Deck!
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The Renewed Quad Sigilyph Deck!


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11-08-2013, 05:40 PM
Sigilyph has been one of my favorite Pokemon since his appearance in Pokemon Black/White and is still a fav. When I heard about this deck, it became a must have and once it was built, I aimed to make it better and better.

Pokemon: 6
4x Sigilyph DRX
1x Mewtwo-EX BCR
1x Virizion-EX PLB

4x Professor Juniper
4x Caitlin
3x Colress
2x Skyla
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
4x Silver Mirror
4x Pokemon Catcher
4x Enhanced Hammer
3x Switch
3x Tool Scrapper
2x Level Ball
2x Ultra Ball
2x Virbank City Gym
1x ACE SPEC Scoop Up Cyclone

Energy: 12
4x DCE
4x Prism Energy
4x Blend Energy [GRPD]

Now this is a little bit of a stretch from the original layout but trust me when I say that it makes the deck almost invincible. To begin with, I took out one Mewtwo-EX (Was running two) and put in Virizion-EX from the new Plasma Blast set. It was mainly for its ability Verdent Wind which stops Special conditions if there is at least one grass energy on any of your Pokemon. Now with a further look at our Energy layout, I have placed four Prisim and Blend [GRPD] energy in the deck instead of the original psychic because these energy are technically considered as any energy, including grass. Now looking back at Virizion-EX, its attack Emerald Slash does a base 50 and allows you to search your deck for two Grass energy and attach them to one of your benched Pokemon. This energy includes the Prisim and Blend since it does not say Basic.

Next is supporters. I do not run N because I dont have any and have never needed them. Honestly. Decks can run fine without him. Next is Caitlin who can be really helpful with a hand full of Supporters that you dont want to throw away with Juniper.

Silver Mirrors are to be attached to Sigilyph to stop Big plasma Pokemon that arent EXs such as Kyurem. Enhanced Hammers to get rid of opposing special Energy such as DCE and Plasma Energy. Hypnobank for added damage. The combination of Ultra and Level ball to get both Sigilyph and your EX out.

Tell me what you think!

[Image: fegrjd.png]Credit to Zueq for the awesome sign.

[Image: HydreigonSLicky.gif] Hydreigon Rap


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