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Theme Updates [3/23]
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Theme Updates [3/23]


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03-23-2017, 09:46 PM

.: Theme Updates [3/23] :.
by @Zueq.

Hiya!  Cool

A couple of days ago, I made slight updates to the forum theme. Not sure if any of you have noticed. If you haven't, then down below in the spoiler is the list of all the changes I did to the theme. Smile

  • Changed the main container of the theme from white to a sandy color.
  • Made the yellow bars slightly darker.
  • Made the light teal bars slightly darker.
  • Made the actual Pokéball background pattern the same color. (Basically, the background was actually bright yellow, and the image pattern was half transparent, which in the end blended together to make the teal background color. Ditched it, since if a new person came on or if someone cleared their cache, for a split second the forum would load bright yellow until the image pattern loaded in.)
  • Changed the layout of the member sidebar when viewing a thread.
  • Updated the trainers image at the top middle of the theme (above the menu link/banner) with a slight black shadow at the bottom of it to give it more depth.

I hope that's everything. If I forgotten something that I modified on the theme, I'll edit this thread and add it. Smile Have a great day under the Sun!

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