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War Robots
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War Robots
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05-01-2018, 03:27 PM
[Image: vcItNnb.jpg]

So I've been playing this game called War Robots (previously titled Walking War Robots) for the last month or so (available on Android, IOS, Steam, and Facebook Gameroom) and I gotta say it is a ton of fun. 12 players drop into battles (6 on each team) using large mechs with different abilities (jumping, dashing, rush/charge, built in shields, stealth, and suicide bombers xP), which can be customized with different weapons and shields, and fight each other. Different game modes have different objectives but it is all good fun to me Smile If some people are interested in playing then I'd be more than happy to make a group where I can post some advice and things like that. We could make a clan and play together as well Big Grin

TDM - Fight until one side is out of mechs to drop into battle or until time runs out and the side with the most kills wins.
FFA - 6 players fight for themselves until there is only one player left alive or the player with the most kills when time runs out wins.
Domination - There are 5 beacons that you must capture and hold in order to earn points. If you earn enough points your team wins or the team with the most points when time runs out wins.
Beacon Rush - Same rules as Domination but players can spawn in on captured beacons rather than at the normal spawn.
King of the Hill - Same rules as Domination/Beacon Rush but there is only one beacon active at a time. The active beacon changes locations after a set amount of time.

There are 3 different general types of robots - Light, Medium, and Heavy. This same structure is used for weapon tiers (called hardpoints) - Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Light bots have excellent mobility, are able to capture distant beacons with ease thanks to their superior movement speed, and are able to dodge large portions of damage that larger/slower bots wouldn't be able to. They generally have very low health and a limited number of weapon slots available causing them to not see much use in very high leagues. When piloted correctly they can deal solid damage without receiving much in return.

Medium bots have a bit more health than light bots but trade in some of their mobility for it. They generally have more/stronger hardpoint slots and play as a comfortable medium between the speed of light bots and the firepower of heavies.

Heavy bots are slow lumbering bots with a ton of heath, strong weapons, and serious firepower. They are overall more resilient to damage but due to their larger frame also catch more stray bullets/rockets that would have missed smaller more agile bots.

There are 4 general types of weapons with different effective combat ranges from unguided rockets that only fly 300 meters before detonating to lasers and sniper rifles that can shoot up to 1100 meters as well as 2 types of shields.

Kinetic: Simple bullet/shell firing rifles/cannons with a flat trajectory and high velocity. They can continuously fire at enemy robots, doing large amounts of damage over time. These weapons are absorbed by all shields but deal x2 damage to physical shields causing them to break faster.

Rocket: Launchers that fire powerful explosive munitions that do splash damage. They travel slowly with a flat trajectory (except the Noricum and Zenit which fire in a high mortar/artillery-like arc). They can output a huge amount of damage in a very short amount of time but will leave the user defenseless while reloading. These weapons have the ability to damage and penetrate physical shields.

Homing Missile: These lock on and fire projectiles that track the target. With some practice, you can wind homing missiles over, under, and around obstacles. You need a large cover to block incoming homing missiles. Despite being missiles they do not deal splash damage causing smaller frame/agile bots to avoid much of their damage.

Energy: Energy weapons are line-of-sight weapons that fire laser beams or bolts of super-heated plasma. High velocity and damage. They have the capability of bypassing Ancile Shields (energy shields).

Shields: Equipment used to block incoming fire. Physical shields (Ecu) block kinetic, homing missile, and energy while energy shields (Ancile) block kinetic, rocket, and homing missile.

Game is a ton of fun and you can even create custom matches to play more specific battles. Anyone play or interested in playing? I have accounts on both Android and Steam <3

[Image: OzMV8j1.png]

Thanks to Rouge007 for my lovely Tresdin Avatar and Signature ^^

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