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What do you enjoy the most about battling?
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What do you enjoy the most about battling?
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02-07-2015, 02:56 AM
When it comes to competitive battling, we all play it for one reason or another. How did you get interested in competitive battling and why do you play it? What is it about competitive battling that you enjoy the most?

For me personally, I enjoy coming up with my own strategies and combinations with certain Pokemon I take an interest in. Sometimes testing out unique moves, abilities, and combinations can be such a thrill to see once they are in effect. I just love learning new ways to have fun and experiment with Pokemon battling. There are so many unique ways to build a team that the possibilities are nearly endless. Surely there may be some Pokemon that stack up greater than others, but to me nothing is more rewarding than putting up a fight with your favorites.

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02-07-2015, 08:28 AM
I enjoy beating teams filled with OU and Ubers with my elite bug team. It gives me rush knowing I trained my pokemon to counter most set ups and am capable of taking out even the best teams

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02-07-2015, 11:06 PM
Destroying worlds with the unholy creation that is Kecleon.
...But really, Protean Kecleon is absurdly underrated. Most people don't even know what to do about it. They treat it like a Greninja then watch in horror as it can tank even a SE Shadow Ball from Mega Zam and OHKO with a +1 Shadow Sneak or a Sucker Punch. Heck, back in the days of Aegislash that thing could just laugh off even a Modest Aegi Shadow Ball and OHKO back. Used to use that thing to counter any unboosted Aegi, and considering how SD Aegi died off in about...2 weeks (I used Tank Aegi back then. *hipster glasses*) I never really had any issue with that if I predicted well (do they want to Shadow Sneak? Sucker Punch. Swords Dance? Sucker Punch. Sacred Sword? Shadow Sneak. King's Shield? Don't attack and just stall with recover.) and unless I got caught using Shadow Sneak and they retaliated with one, or Sucker Punch -> Sacred Sword, I never had issues.
Also back then I used Kecleon and Quagsire together because favorites and Quagsire just trolls Aegi.

Basically, the fact that I use my favorites, many of which are considered unorthodox or obsolete OU mons, but are somehow capable of countering every single thing smogon has decided to ban.
Baton Pass? Quagsire.
Swagger? Well, you can just switch, but Quagsire since Foul Play doesn't do more damage with Klefki.
Mega Kang? Quag can take it, along with someone else whos name escapes me at the moment.
Mega Lucario? Well, I never actually ran into many, so this might have been rough. Special, Blissey could take. Physical, Quag. Both, probably Dusclops, idk.
Mega Mawile? Mega Aggron.
Aegi? Mandibuzz happened to be on my team later on, but in early days I used Kecleon when my teams weren't pure stall. My own Aegi also was a choice too.
Greninja? Blissey still isn't 2HKO'd by Low kick, and if they're not carrying that Blissey DEFINITELY wins.
If I don't want to risk Blissey and Dusclops is still hanging around, I can always just go with Dusclops and burn him.

Perhaps I'm biased since my team of 6 favorites (Quagsire, Blissey, M-Aggron, Aegi[nowunusable], Dusclops and Azumarill) happened to cover...well, every offensive threat ever, but I always felt (and still do) that smogon got too ban happy.

TL;DR My team worked out fantastically with OU and what I love most about (competitive) battling is beating teams with a team full of mons that most OU teams don't even consider.

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04-07-2015, 07:03 PM
I enjoy high octane battles that make us fight to our very last Pokemon, and the game ends very close. Those matches are the most fun. I don't like games where I'm swept or vice versa, I like long-running and exciting matches. That kind of adrenaline makes me love competitive.
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04-07-2015, 08:09 PM
I love testing my movesets and surpising battlers to the gimmick behind them.

It's a nice wow favor whenever I battle.

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