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XY: ORAS NU - Tropius
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XY: ORAS NU - Tropius
Jet Stingren
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04-08-2015, 01:31 PM
[Image: 357.png]

Much height, very fruit. Let's talk about Tropius. It's one of those pokemon that isn't deemed as powerful. To me, I feel it's very very underrated as a pokemon. It's typing is not that great being x4 weak to Ice, and x2 weak to a fair amount of other types in the metagame. It has the usable ability of Harvest that allows it to reuse a berry 50% of the time after it has been consumed in battle. 100% if Tropius is in the sun.

Tropius Base Stats: [460] 99/68/83/72/87/51

[Image: 357.gif]
Tropius @ Liechi Berry / Salac Berry
Ability: Harvest
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def
Jolly Nature
-Dragon Dance / Swords Dance (If using Salac)
-Leaf Blade
-Substitute / Roost / Aerial Ace

Dragon Dance- The huge point of this set is to at least get to +2 Attack, and Speed and let your berries provide you with the boosts into Tropius dies. Tropius has enough bulk to be able to take a hit and get into the 25% zone to activate its berry effect. At the end of the turn you'll be getting a potential +1, or +2 in either Attack or Speed (Dependant on berry) making your sweep much more easier to obtain.

Leaf Blade- Leaf Blade is STAB on this set. And now can be used alongside Harvest making the set a bit better cause the only move that was reliable grass STAB was Seed Bomb that move was 80 base compared to Leaf Blades 90% and a higher crit chance.

Earthquake- This is coverage for Tropius. And its backup call against some of the weaknesses it has such as Rock, and Fire. So, that allows it to be able to also hit Steels, and Poison types who resist it's main STAB of Leaf Blade.

Substitute- Take a hit. And set up a sub? That can be effective to some degree. If the user hits you good enough to where the berries can take effect. However, it can also be a chance for you to get off a free sub to set off some SDs or DDs.

Roost- A chance to get a stat up every turn? Sounds good right? Well, of course. You'll be more open to priority and you'll have to play with your opinions mind a bit. Quick Attack & Aqua Jet can be survived if Tropius is in a high enough then you'll be good enough for a heal. This does stop your stat boost coming from your berries as they only activiate when Tropius HP is at low.

Aerial Ace- Need a little bit more STAB for more open options? Then you can run Aerial Ace as a safe flying STAB move to perhaps do a bit of clean up, or hit fighting types for SE damage. This can be good cause some of them like to carry Ice Punch which is a forsure KO on you.
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04-09-2015, 10:27 PM
It wasn't till recently have I noticed what a beast Tropius is. He can eat up hits like a Snorlax and the only thing he fears is the less than common ice types.

[Image: super_saiyan_swagger__dragon_ball_z___ve...69j3i5.png]

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