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iPhone SE - Time to upgrade... or downgrade?
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iPhone SE - Time to upgrade... or downgrade?


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03-26-2016, 12:02 PM
So, Apple recently showcased their new iPhone, the iPhone SE. Basically it's just like the iPhone 5 model, but better. Lmao.

What do you guys think about it?



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03-26-2016, 06:39 PM
Looks spiffy. Although, I wouldn't buy it for the sake of aesthetics. I'd still stick with my Android.

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03-26-2016, 07:00 PM
I think my sister might upgrade to the SE, but I just recently upgraded to a 64gb iPhone 6 so lol... but I'm happy with my phone now lmao
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03-27-2016, 02:41 PM
Every now and then, I'm tempted by the fancy expensive iPhones. But then I remember that it's 2016 and iPhones still don't support MicroSD. Or downloads from the internet. Or file manager. Or apps from places other than the App Store. And so on. So I can't justify spending that much money for less features but more hipster points. xP

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03-31-2016, 07:24 PM
I have a 5c still. Unfortunately I can't afford upgrading, but if I could I would definitely get the SE in rose gold. I think it looks great. C:

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