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perish trapper
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perish trapper
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05-06-2013, 12:44 AM (This post was last modified: 05-06-2013, 04:40 AM by medicham.)
what is (are) the best perish song trapper(s)? i know lapras can use whirlpool to trap and can utilize hydration as well. out of any tier especially OU and Uber. further explanation of strategy, set up and move sets are appreciated greatly. i simply think that pulling off a strategy like this in a competitive battle would be awesome if it is possible to set up.

i was thinking of using drizzle and hydration so lapras could abuse rest and maybe add protect just to stall. since i would be suing drizzle i would have lapras hold the grip claw and use whirlpool. the fourth move is perish song of course. i was hoping for leaf guard, perish song and rest as well as wrap or something. but no Pokemon can learn perish song and has the ability leaf guard. if there is another Pokemon like that please let me know. stalling perish trap Pokemon that can recover their hp and are defensive or bulky are appreciated if they exist. typing is a problem for lapras, it is weak to grass and electric type moves.

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05-06-2013, 09:06 AM
Perish Song trapping isn't a great strategy, still easy enough to break out of and more used in Gen IV, though it can be effective using some sets, I guess. That said, it's mostly used on Pokémon such as Politoed and Celebi this generation for countering stall teams and setup sweepers, forcing them out or facing losing the Pokémon altogether.

Pokémon such as Umbreon and Murkrow were usually used more than any other for being able to Perish Trap opponents, but this generation, neither are really good Pokémon to use in any situation this generation, especially not in one as much of a gimmick like this one. If you're adamant on going with a set for Perish Trapping, then might I suggest something creative that you can build a decently standard rain team around? I've given it some thought, and I think Politoed can function as a more than decent Pokémon if you really want to try this.

[Image: 186.png]
Politoed @ Grip Claw | Drizzle
Bold | 104 HP / 152 Def / 252 SDef | 0 Atk
Perish Song | Whirlpool | Protect | Ice Beam

Seems like it could work out alright, Perish Song and Whirlpool are obvious move choices, and Grip Claw stretches Whirlpool's duration out to the full 5 turns. Protect seems like an obvious choice on such a defensive set, and Ice Beam offers coverage against things that Whirlpool isn't going to be hitting hard at all - Dragon- and Grass-types, mainly.

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