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Put on your 3D Glasses!
Put on your 3D Glasses!

Age: (28 years old)
Birthday: 08-10-1992

Joined: 02-18-2012
Last Visit: 03-19-2020, 10:41 AM
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Gender: Female
Location: Arizona, United States
Biography: Contact Usernames:
Skype: Dynastid
Tumblr: Dynastid
DeviantART: Dynsatid

I'm on DeviantART a lot so if you have an account there, send me a message! :D

Written by Leon§Noel (when my username was Pink Leon):
"My name is Pink Le-on
I love the Pok-e-mon
I'm here to make-some-friends
And I do Pok-e-Gens.

Leon§Noel is my Pair.

Anyways, I'm an animator and illustration artist...hobbyist. No, I'm not professional.
I would like to be be one day, though.
I've taken commissions if that counts for anything, but I don't seek commissioners.

I also PokeSAV Pokemon in gen V. I'm fond of main-series Pokemon game mechanics, too. I PokeSAV and PokeGen WITHOUT the use of Action Replay or any code input device.

I tend to be more attracted to the people with better grammar. It makes them easier to understand and converse with.

Hatred, jealousy, vengefulness, and anger are all useless feelings and emotions. They are only harmful by nature, so just toss those negative feelings away, and spread the love and joy!

I'm 20, and I say you can never be too old for Pokemon. I'm friendly, so don't be afraid to say hi!

Favorite Pokémon: Gengar, Raichu, Magmar, Magnezone, Aggron, Tyranitar, Archeops, Politoed, all Dragon-types and anything that resembles a dragon (I'm a dragon fanatic)!
My favorite legendaries are Groudon, Jirachi, Mewtwo, Registeel, Regigigas, and Latios.

My favorite types are Steel, Electric, and Psychic.
Friend Code(s): Pokemon White: 1420 9673 8872
I no longer take PokeSAV requests. However, I will be able to return to it in the future.

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**I can no longer take PokeGen or PokeSAV requests because my NDS Adapter Plus is defective.
~Paired with Leon§Noel

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