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Lore Keeper
Lore Keeper

Age: (25 years old)
Birthday: 06-18-1994

Joined: 03-16-2017
Last Visit: 03-29-2017, 04:13 PM
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Trainer's About Me Info
Gender: Female
Location: Wisconsin
My Characteristic: None
Biography: I actually joined PokeSun back in 2012, buuuut I wasn't around and left my account to rot the same month. I don't even remember my old account, haha ;;

I'm just a simple, humble Pokemon fan. I've been with the franchise ever since I played the original Silver back when I was 4/5 years on Christmas day. I've liked every region thus far in the main games - I've played some spinoffs such as the first Pokemon Ranger, almost all of the Mystery Dungeons, Pokemon XD and the original pinball game on the Gameboy Color.

I'm not a competitive player - while I do pay attention to stats, natures and IVs, making an all powerful team just isn't my thing. I prefer to raise and battle with my favorites, put certain moves on them depending on their nature and experiment with Pokemon I've never used before. That's all I do in regards to the games themselves.

I'm more so and artist and writer. I like to write some fictions around the franchise and draw up some fan art when I can. I'm more of a laid back member of the community, and I'm just fine with that. I'd much rather offer the community my writings or artwork than battle.

Nice to meet you all!
Favorite Pokémon: Too many to list since I like a lot, but I'll list my top 10 [currently]:

10. Typhlosion
9. Tyrantrum
8. Lycanroc
7. Meowth (Alolan)
6. Delphox
5. Noivern
4. Sylveon
3. Glaceon
2. Ninetails (Alolan and Kanto)
1. Salazzle
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