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Age: (24 years old)
Birthday: 12-31-1994

Joined: 06-09-2012
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Gender: Male
Location: North Carolina, USA
Biography: I'm currently a senior in high school. I got into Pokemon in elementary school and never gave up on it. I'm a musician; I play a variety of instruments including: Tuba,Trombone, Euphonium, and Trumpet.

A Pokémon Poem

The fire ablaze, its RED hot flames reaching for the distant WHITE clouds. Suddenly, without warning, a wave of enormous proportions crashes down on the blazing inferno. The clear BLUE smothers the the element to nothing. As the water dissipates, there is a sparkle amongst the steam. There, announcing their glorious presence, lays a DIAMOND and a PEARL. Then the land is darkened by the BLACK of night. With this darkness, the power of the skies is unleashed. A YELLOW streak flashes across the sky like a whip. It lets out a roar to signify its overwhelming power. Just as it took seconds for it to begin, the storm flies away thus allowing the calm of the land to resurface. A glorious wind begins to bellow allowing a leaf, with a miraculous GREEN tint, gently fall to the ground. But then the earth trembles as if frightened. A crevice rips through the ground showing the luster of its contents; SILVER and GOLD.
Favorite Pokémon: *Flygon*
*Snazzy Sneasel*
Friend Code(s): Pokémon White: 0862-9264-7074

Pokemon W2 : 0648-3707-5211

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[Image: fegrjd.png]Credit to Zueq for the awesome sign.

[Image: HydreigonSLicky.gif] Hydreigon Rap

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