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Do your best☆
Do your best☆

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Joined: 04-01-2014
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Gender: Not Telling
Location: San Diego
Biography: Hey there ☆ I'm Bika! I'm 21 years old and I'm a senior in college graduating in May. I live in the lovely town of San Diego, California but I go to school in Los Angeles. I'm studying French.

I have a variety of interests and hobbies ☆
Above all I like Japanese idol groups. My favorites are NMB48, Morning Musume, and Palet. Ask me about them if you're curious. ^-^
I love trying different types of food and tea. My favorite foods are sushi, miso soup, margherita pizza, and elbow pasta. (it has to be elbow!) I love green tea, my favorite is jasmine pearls.
I really love dogs, they are my favorite animal in the whole world! I have a Chinese Crested Powderpuff named Maggie.
I also love nature and going on walks.

Feel free to send me a message whenever, about whatever. I'm almost always on in the evenings and nights. (And sometimes day)
Favorite Pokémon: 1. Beedrill
2. Klinklang
3. Swirlix
4. Scraggy
5. Bellossom
6. Furfrou
7. Mawile
8. Murkrow
9. Yanma
10. Masquerain
11. Shedinja
12. Misdreavus
13. Hitmonchan
14. Mew
15. Darkrai
16. Ledian
17. Sunflora
18. Magcargo
19. Delibird
20. Magneton
21. Meowstic
22. Helioptile
23. Furret
24. Whimsicott
25. Stoutland
26. Mothim
27. Gardevoir
28. Lopunny
29. Skitty
30. Kabutops

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♥ Kuroki Tomoko ♥
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