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January, 2014:

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Member of the Month
Member of the Month for August 2013 goes to team plasma! TP received this award for his unending support to new members and his vigilant watch over the forums as Moderator. His recent effort in the ASB League has helped shape and form PokeSun into what it is today. Congratulations to teamplasma ^^

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Hint of the Future!
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Happy Birthday PokéSun! - PokéSun's 2nd Anniversary [1/8]
Happy birthday PokéSun! ^_^ Wink It's been exactly two years since I made this Pokémon forum!

Last year's anniversary I had a huge surprise planned that the staff and I did for the forum, and this year... well, we don't have much. Tongue I did update all the themes with new banners, and I will be making a wonderful cake that will most likely be smashed in my face! But within the next couple of weeks, we'll also be releasing a couple more fun things that you'll be able to do and/or use to celebrate PokéSun's 2nd birthday!~ Wink

So um... yeah. I can't think what else to say right now. XD Tongue But anyway, thanks everyone for being apart of PokéSun! You have no idea how much fun I have here with all you guys! Smile
Posted by: Zueq
01-08-2014 - 04:13 PM - Replies (10)

Updated Themes [1/5]
Hey y'all!

All the theme's (besides the PokéSun default one) banner logos have been updated with brand new ones, which is an early birthday present to PokéSun as PokéSun will be 2 years old on January 8th! Wink Hope you all like the new logos on the themes, as I think a lot of them now are pretty sexy. xP Haha.

Also, the 1.0 HG/SS theme has now been deleted since it is very outdated and looked tacky and eww. Smile There are still plenty of other themes to choose from, so don't worry!
Posted by: Zueq
01-05-2014 - 07:35 PM - Replies (19)

Regards to ASB [1/3]
Today the staff decided what we would do with ASB. We will be closing the ASB General forum and the Battle Arena until the summer of 2014. This is due to the lack of time the ASB staff has to help improve and operate it. We are leaving the Marketplace and Trainer Profile forums up so members can collect allowance and make transactions (such as Money Transfer). We will reopen it this summer when everyone has the time to run. From now on, ASB will only be a summer activity.

Any current battles will only be postponed. They can be resumed when the time comes. A new ref may accessible to the battle if needed.

Thank you, Plaz
Posted by: teamplasma
01-03-2014 - 08:39 PM - No Replies

New Mods! [12/30]
Well everyone it has come that time. We originally planned on having our sites new Moderators chosen by Christmas but things kinda fell through the floor with that considering pretty much every current Staff Member had different top choices. There was a bit of PM discussion however and we eventually were able to finally determine who our new Moderators will be!

We painstakingly reviewed all of the applications that were sent to us and we began narrowing down our choices until only 7 applicants remained. The problem with this is that all 7 of them were qualified in one way or another which made the process exceedingly difficult. With so many wonderful potential choices some compromises had to be made and we settled on promoting 5 members....yes you read correctly FIVE MEMBERS.

In all honesty I felt like this was far more than needed promoting but Zueq insisted that he wanted 4-5 members promoted as we will be going back to the old way of modding the forum. This means each Mod will be given a specific section to look after and keep in order. Zueq and I obviously keep tabs on all sections but everyone else will be assigned specific areas. This also allows for each Mod to have more time to devote to the forum and work on projects that will be coming soon since they will have a reduced work load.

Now I know what you are thinking "ninJAS...we have already read through 3 paragraphs and still don't know who the new mods are." so here you go!

PokéSun's new Mods are...


Congratulations to all of you! ^^

This is the order of things now for the time being

PokéSun Community - All Staff

Forum Activities
ASB - The ASB Heads
PokéSun League - The Gym Leaders
PokéSun CAP Project - Legacy

Pokémon Video Games - FormerOG767 - Pyre
Competitive Play - Legacy

Further Pokémon Discussion - Legacy - smoakdragon

Community Fun!
Lilycove Art Museum - teamplasma
Writer's Desk - Mitchell
Game Corner - Kevin
The Hangout Area - All Staff

Please be sure to congratulate all the new Mods on their promotion and wish them luck! ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
12-30-2013 - 06:18 PM - Replies (23)

Hint of The Future [12/30]
Hello everyone! Its your friendly Plaz here. I just came to give you a little insight of whats going to be happening on the forum in the next few days.

If you have seen the updated Portal with the new "Hint of The Future", then you may already know whats going on. Last night I updated The Hint because we have been deciding the new staff for PokeSun. We want to have hired our new staff before the new year, meaning that today and tomorrow we will be deciding of the new staff for the forum. If you applied, watch for the notification and best of luck.

New year, new staff.


With anticipation, Plaz
Posted by: teamplasma
12-30-2013 - 12:28 PM - Replies (7)

Lilycove Museum Updates
Signature of the Month Art and Writing Contest Updates
Smeargle Image
Contest Updates

Smeargle Image

PokéSun Writing Contest #10

Theme: Your favorite animal!
Winner: ❀Fairy Princess Bloom❀
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪150,000

Link to the thread!

PokéSun Art Contest #17

Theme: Your Favorite New Pokémon!
Winner: Zueq!
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪125,000

Link to the thread!