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May, 2014:
- Please welcome our newest Administrator, Cody! :D

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Member of the Month
Member of the Month for August 2013 goes to team plasma! TP received this award for his unending support to new members and his vigilant watch over the forums as Moderator. His recent effort in the ASB League has helped shape and form PokeSun into what it is today. Congratulations to teamplasma ^^

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Community Events [October]
Community Events Calendar

Well, in an effort to drum some activity back into the forum, the forum's community contests and such will be making their return for the month of October! Unlike the forum's community events in the past, we, the staff team, will be striving to have contests and such repeated once a month at a set date, and to have something happening every day of a month if possible!

Don't worry though, this really isn't going to be as complicated as it sounds. Every month, this thread will be updated with that month's calendar, so if anybody wants to know what's happening that month, just check this thread, and hopefully you'll be filled in!

Now, at the moment it's not set which member of staff will be hosting each of these events, so they'll just be hosted by whoever gets around to it, I imagine, but don't worry, we'll be working on that soon!
Posted by: Nisha
09-27-2014 - 11:52 PM - Replies (1)

New Mods! [8/12]
Ok everyone as most of you are aware the forum has been a bit slow as of late. To help bolster activity we, the Staff, are planning on doing a massive overhaul of the forum itself to both attract new members and bolster activity. To help with this we will be taking on a few new Moderators to assist us. Several applications were filled out and submitted giving us a decent amount of candidates to choose from and currently we will be promoting TWO new Moderators. The sections each new and current Staff member will be modding has not been fully decided upon yet seeing as we plan on moving a few sections around.

Please join me in welcoming both @Nisha and @❀ℬℓℴℴᴍ❀ to the PokeSun Staff and wish them luck!

Now for those of you who filled out an application and were not selected we MAY select another user to join these two if we need more help getting everything up and running again. This is not guaranteed of course but we are unsure if we have the necessary manpower to give the forum the face lift we want so it is still in the cards at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an application and we will keep them on record for any future promotions ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
08-12-2014 - 04:31 PM - Replies (7)

Forum Overhaul [8/1]
Ok people PokeSun has gotten ridiculously quiet as of late and we need to change that immediately.

Cody, who apparently moved and had no Internet access, is supposed to be returning some time soon so hopefully we can get some work done. In the meantime I want ANY members with a suggestion for how we could improve our forum (section, topic, or activity wise) to PLEASE post in this thread so we can begin making changes to better our community and make it more active.

That being said seeing as there is little to no interest in our ASB now it will either be removed or completely reset so old battles are no longer an issue. If reset people who had already participated will be allowed to keep ONE of their Pokemon and half of their prize money. New refs will also be chosen so anyone who wishes to be a ref will have to fill out the Reffing Application found in the section and send it as a PM to me.

All RPG Updaters, myself included, need to become more active as well seeing as that section is also slowly dying due to inactivity...

Our League will now be accepting battlers over WiFi as well to try and expand our battling community a bit so any WiFi battlers who would like to become GL's please inform me and we will try to work out an arrangement. Any current GL's who have WiFi access I would also like for them to allow that type of battle in their gyms.

We will also be bringing back a regular CoTW (Card of The Week) in the TCG section as we haven't had one of those in a while along with MoTM (Member of The Month) and continuing with PoTM (Pokemon of The Month).

As I said before PLEASE post any and all suggestions here so we can begin work to improving our forum! Thank you ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
08-01-2014 - 08:21 AM - Replies (25)

ASB is back! [6/22]
You read correctly people our ASB has finally reopened and is ready to get back underway! It took longer than we would have liked but the improtant thing is that the ASB section is now open to everyone and new battles can begin immediately! We encourage anyone who had an unfinished battle prior to the closing to please do everything in your power to complete the battle. If your opponent is no longer active or has been away for an extended amount of time then the match is considered a draw so it will not hurt either players record.

Hope to see ASB become active once again and see new users join in to try it! Good luck to all and may you battle well ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
06-21-2014 - 11:38 PM - Replies (1)

PokéSun RPG Now Open! [5/10]
Have you ever wanted to have your own Pokémon journey just like Ash did? Well, now is your chance with PokéSun RPG!

I talked to a few of you and told you something was coming. Plus, you may have seen the forum in the index. Well, now it's here! Come join in on the fun today!

Take a look around and see what you do and don't like. http://www.pokesun.com/F-Pok%C3%A9Sun-RPG
If there is anything you think should be changed, feel free to post it here http://www.pokesun.com/T-Sticky-Dex-Discussion-Q-A as we are always open to suggestions.
To join, make sure to make a post in this thread: http://www.pokesun.com/T-Sticky-Registra...nformation

I hope to see you there soon!
Posted by: Cody
05-10-2014 - 02:07 PM - Replies (7)

Lilycove Museum Updates
Signature of the Month Art and Writing Contest Updates
Smeargle Image
Contest Updates

Smeargle Image

PokéSun Writing Contest #10

Theme: Your favorite animal!
Winner: ❀Fairy Princess Bloom❀
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪150,000

Link to the thread!

PokéSun Art Contest #17

Theme: Your Favorite New Pokémon!
Winner: Zueq!
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪125,000

Link to the thread!