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May, 2014:
- Please welcome our newest Administrator, Cody! :D

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Member of the Month for August 2013 goes to team plasma! TP received this award for his unending support to new members and his vigilant watch over the forums as Moderator. His recent effort in the ASB League has helped shape and form PokeSun into what it is today. Congratulations to teamplasma ^^

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Official PokéSun Spring Festival!
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[Image: QGtDNJV.png]

This year's Spring Festival will be starting off with a wide variety of events! Here in this topic you can view a list of all the Spring Festival Events being hosted around the community. All of them require separate entry forum submissions, but for your convenience, they have been made to be as simple as possible. Additionally, all events start on March 1st and end on June 1st. So be sure to sign up for as many events as you can!

Event List

PokéSun Spring Festival: Who's That Pokemon?

PokéSun Spring Festival: Art Lottery

PokéSun Spring Festival: Pokemon of the Season!

PokéSun Spring Festival: Pokemon Story

PokéSun Spring Festival: Super Sunny Scavenger Hunt

PokéSun Spring Festival: Writing Contest

PokéSun Spring Festival: Art Contest

PokéSun Spring Festival: Recruitment Contest

PokéSun Spring Festival: Ultimate Postathon

Posted by: Bloom
03-01-2015 - 04:38 AM - Replies (1)

A Glance Towards The Future [2/26]
Hey guys! As some of you may have noticed, there have been some changes around the forums. Recently activity has been lower than it usually has been and we are taking effective action towards this. In order to restore what was once a lively and glowing community here, we are going to change a few things around here for the better.

Firstly, the forum themes will be updating. Over the course of March, all of the forum themes will be having a few graphic changes.

Secondly, @Rouge007 has been promoted to Moderator. She will not have any specific areas to moderate at the moment, but will instead assist the staff with our revitalization movement and will overall be an excellent additional member to ask for help with anything that needs of moderation. Be sure to congratulate her as well!

Additionally, full revitalization of events will be taking place. We are having a special course of events coming up for this spring, so we will be happy to announce them soon.

Furthermore, your input is what we are most interested in. If you have any suggestions at all for improving the forum, please message us! We are open to all kinds of ideas. Whether they be large or small please don't hesitate to share some of your input with us! If you want to help out even more, share PokeSun with your friends and have them give us their opinion too. We will appreciate all types of support. =)

Overall, I would like to thank all of you who have remained in the community and I am happy to say that there will be special rewards for all of you who help us revolutionize the forums during our downside. May we all continue to brighten each other's day here on PokeSun! ^^
Posted by: Bloom
02-26-2015 - 10:23 PM - Replies (3)

A few changes! [12/16]
For those of you that haven't noticed yet we have done a few little cosmetic touches to the forum over the past week or so including the userbars as well as the new banner I just uploaded! The userbars were made by @Ajax while the banner was crafted by @❀ℬℓℴℴᴍ❀ so be sure to show them both a little appreciation ^^

On top of that Bloom has been promoted to the rank of Super Mod, which we have not had in a while, letting her be able to mod all sections as well as having more influence and editing abilities overall. Sadly due to @Mitchell and @teamplasma being highly inactive we were forced to remove them from the Staff....This does however bring up another topic we haven't had in a while, Mod Applications!

Mod Apps will be happening again once the forum activity picks up a little bit more and after a few things are sorted out and put into place so be sure to keep an eye out for them if you are interested in applying!

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new userbars and banner! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Smile
Posted by: ninJAS
12-16-2014 - 06:42 PM - Replies (12)

Forum Reshuffle [12/05]
Well, looks like this is going to be my first announcement as an administrator. Actually, my first announcement at all. Here we go.

Well, myself and @ninJAS have been talking about this for a while now, and today it's been put into action. We are in the middle of re-organising the forum, moving forums around, renaming things, new descriptions, and most importantly, organising every thread.

The thread organising will be happening from now onwards, and we ask the members, as always, to be making their threads in what they think are the correct sections. I mean, we don't doubt you, but it'll just make the job easier for the future.

As it stands now, the main change is the addition of generation-specific sections to the Gaming Discussion Central section. There have been changes to every single forum, and in the next few days to a week, we're going to be sorting every single thread on the forum to where they should belong!

We are aiming to focus first on how the forum looks before trying to bring back the ASB or RPG - we are not giving up on those at all, however, so don't worry - and even before advertising, and I think this is a great first step towards that.

If anybody has any questions regarding the new forums, the kinds of threads that should be made there, anything like that, feel free to either post in this thread with questions, or contact myself or @ninJAS directly!

There will be more and more changes incoming, so goodbye for now!
Posted by: Pinkerton
12-05-2014 - 10:40 AM - Replies (11)

New Authority Figure [11/14]
After several weeks of discussion Cody and I feel like it is in PokeSun's best interest to promote another Staff member to the esteemed ranks of the Admins in order to keep things on the forum running smoothly!

We had several potential candidates but eventually narrowed it down until only one remained which we feel will be able to assist the forums growth the most in the months to come.

@Costello will be the forums newest Admin alongside Cody and myself so please make a point to congratulate him! The three of us will begin working on a few changes to the forum ASAP just to change things up a bit and give the site a touch of new life so keep your eyes peeled for the changes to come! ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
11-14-2014 - 12:58 AM - Replies (8)

Lilycove Museum Updates
Signature of the Month Art and Writing Contest Updates
Smeargle Image
Contest Updates

Smeargle Image

PokéSun Writing Contest #10

Theme: Your favorite animal!
Winner: ❀Fairy Princess Bloom❀
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪150,000

Link to the thread!

PokéSun Art Contest #17

Theme: Your Favorite New Pokémon!
Winner: Zueq!
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪125,000

Link to the thread!