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May, 2014:
- Please welcome our newest Administrator, Cody! :D

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Member of the Month
Member of the Month for August 2013 goes to team plasma! TP received this award for his unending support to new members and his vigilant watch over the forums as Moderator. His recent effort in the ASB League has helped shape and form PokeSun into what it is today. Congratulations to teamplasma ^^

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ASB is back! [6/22]
You read correctly people our ASB has finally reopened and is ready to get back underway! It took longer than we would have liked but the improtant thing is that the ASB section is now open to everyone and new battles can begin immediately! We encourage anyone who had an unfinished battle prior to the closing to please do everything in your power to complete the battle. If your opponent is no longer active or has been away for an extended amount of time then the match is considered a draw so it will not hurt either players record.

Hope to see ASB become active once again and see new users join in to try it! Good luck to all and may you battle well ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
06-21-2014 - 11:38 PM - Replies (1)

PokéSun RPG Now Open!
Have you ever wanted to have your own Pokémon journey just like Ash did? Well, now is your chance with PokéSun RPG!

I talked to a few of you and told you something was coming. Plus, you may have seen the forum in the index. Well, now it's here! Come join in on the fun today!

Take a look around and see what you do and don't like. http://www.pokesun.com/F-Pok%C3%A9Sun-RPG
If there is anything you think should be changed, feel free to post it here http://www.pokesun.com/T-Sticky-Dex-Discussion-Q-A as we are always open to suggestions.
To join, make sure to make a post in this thread: http://www.pokesun.com/T-Sticky-Registra...nformation

I hope to see you there soon!
Posted by: Cody
05-10-2014 - 02:07 PM - Replies (7)

A new Gym Leader approaches...
In an attempt to revive the PokeSun Competitive League it has been decided that we will add a new Temporary Gym Leader to our ranks. Please join me in welcoming @"❀Fairy Princess Bloom❀" to the League! She will be posting her new gym shortly and though she doesn't have a Gym Badge to award at this moment she has a large PD prize and will give out badges to any challengers who defeat her Gym once/if it becomes permanent.

As a Temporary Gym Leader Bloom's permanent GL status will be based on her performance against challengers. This doesn't mean she has to win every match or even have a positive win/lose record as she will be judged on multiple aspects. After roughly 1-2 months it will be decided whether or not her gym will become permanent or not ^^
Posted by: ninJAS
05-08-2014 - 08:29 PM - Replies (3)

This is Going to be Painful. [5/3]
Hey PokéSun! Wink

This is a very sad moment for me, and all of you. As you can probably tell, I have stepped down from being your administrator. You might have seen a thread that was up for a couple of days, but then removed about how we need funds to help pay for the site, and that I would be leaving sometime soon to audition for The Voice, which is a very big dream for me! If that does not work out for me, then I'll just keep on trying! Tongue But I have decided to sell PokéSun, which was very hard for me, but I know letting someone else that would care so much just like I did run PokéSun would be a better choice. Smile

Your new administrator is @Cody! Big Grin Give a warm and "sunny" welcome to him! He's always wanted to own a Pokémon forum, and now he has the chance! Make friends with him, give him a tour or tell him what goes around on here, or just chat with him in general! Smile He'll be a great and wonderful administrator for PokéSun! As per usual, all the other staff is staying the same, nothing really changed but myself and Cody.

I will say though that I still have administrator powers, only that I will be working behind the scenes of PokéSun if Cody ever needs any help. Also to mention that I'm not leaving as of yet, I'm still going to stick around like usual. Smile

Have a great day under the sun, members! It'll always be bright and sunny even if I'm not the administrator anymore! Wink
Posted by: Zueq
05-03-2014 - 08:55 PM - Replies (30)

Happy Birthday PokéSun! - PokéSun's 2nd Anniversary [1/8]
Happy birthday PokéSun! ^_^ Wink It's been exactly two years since I made this Pokémon forum!

Last year's anniversary I had a huge surprise planned that the staff and I did for the forum, and this year... well, we don't have much. Tongue I did update all the themes with new banners, and I will be making a wonderful cake that will most likely be smashed in my face! But within the next couple of weeks, we'll also be releasing a couple more fun things that you'll be able to do and/or use to celebrate PokéSun's 2nd birthday!~ Wink

So um... yeah. I can't think what else to say right now. XD Tongue But anyway, thanks everyone for being apart of PokéSun! You have no idea how much fun I have here with all you guys! Smile
Posted by: Zueq
01-08-2014 - 04:13 PM - Replies (12)

Lilycove Museum Updates
Signature of the Month Art and Writing Contest Updates
Smeargle Image
Contest Updates

Smeargle Image

PokéSun Writing Contest #10

Theme: Your favorite animal!
Winner: ❀Fairy Princess Bloom❀
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪150,000

Link to the thread!

PokéSun Art Contest #17

Theme: Your Favorite New Pokémon!
Winner: Zueq!
Status: Closed!
Grand Prize: ₪125,000

Link to the thread!