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  New Pokémon Eggs, New Logo, PokéDollar Promotion! [6/22]
Posted by: Zueq - 06-22-2015, 11:43 PM - Forum: The Bulletin Board - Replies (16)

Hey everybody!  ^^

Yes! We have a new set of starter Pokémon eggs added to the PokéMart available for purchase! So please welcome Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile eggs to the PokéMart! Wink   

[Image: chikorita.png][Image: cyndaquil.png][Image: totodile.png]

[Image: pdpromotion.png]

In other news, we're currently having a promotion to earn PokéDollars! All you need to do is post 3 threads on our forum, and once you have, reply here and put all the URL links in your post, and we'll send you 2,500 PokéDollars! Make sure the 3 threads you have posted apply to community rules, are good discussion value, etc., in order to earn your PD. Promotion will end June 28th, so make sure you post just 3 threads on here to earn yourself 2,500 PokéDollars! ^_^

Edit: We also have a new logo, featuring Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza! Wink

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  Pokémon Eggs are back, Updated Profile Backgrounds [6/16]
Posted by: Zueq - 06-16-2015, 03:13 AM - Forum: The Bulletin Board - Replies (8)

Hello everyone! Wink

Pokémon eggs are finally back in the PokéMart shop, and as of now, we have the Kanto Starter Eggs for sale in the shop! So make sure you buy one or each of every egg if you like to collect. We're still deciding if we want them to hatch, how the hatching system would work, etc., but as of now we will have eggs for members to collect. If you wanna suggest how we could do the hatching system, or just give out some more ideas and such for the eggs, feel free to post in the suggestion thread: http://www.pokesun.com/Thread-The-Pok%C3%A9mon-Egg-Shop

Also we are still deciding when we want to add new eggs. It's been in the works that we will possibly add a set of eggs each week, for now starter Pokémon sets, but we haven't yet finalized that. So stay tuned!

Also the profile backgrounds feature that was recently introduced was slightly updated. The recommended size that is listed has been fixed, so please use that recommended size to get the best outcome. I've updated my profile background with the correct dimensions that is recommended, and it's working just fine now - no more stretching out of the image or anything. Smile

Have a splendid day! ^_^ xD

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  New Stuff! [6/12]
Posted by: Zueq - 06-12-2015, 12:54 AM - Forum: The Bulletin Board - Replies (3)

Hey everybody! Smile

Since the forum upgrade, I've been doing a lot of changes, changes that I'm very proud of, I'd like to say, actually. Let's get right to business!

  • Updated theme! I've updated the theme, with Pokémon on it, modified layouts on certain pages, the index page of the forum features a sidebar with a number of things.
  • New user ranks made by me! ^_^ Enjoy! Smile
  • We have a new plugin: Status. This plugin let's you post what you're doing, your status, at any time you'd like, and it gets updated for everybody to see on the index page, on the sidebar. Kind of like Twitter. Haha. Tongue
  • PokéSun now has an official Instagram page! So follow us!: https://www.instagram.com/pokesunofficial
  • The V.I.P has been updated, meaning the staff and I have been talking about it, and we've decided to revoke everybody's V.I.P.'s membership. We've realized that it was pretty much "freaking" easy to get, since it was so easy to earn PokéDollars. Then we had people just sending money to other members so that they can get in as well. Well we've decided that everybody that was in the group has been removed, and refunded a 1,000 PokéDollar donation.
  • That being said, the PokéMart/PokéDollar system has returned, but much a little harder to earn PokéDollars. Prices have been reduced, but earning PD will be a little bit harder. Posting threads, replies, and doing contests/events will definitely help you earn a bunch of PD to buy certain things from the PokéMart shop, and memberships. Also, Pokémon eggs will definitely return to the PokéMart shop! You heard me! Pokemon eggs will return to the shop, letting members collect all the eggs. Special eggs and promotional eggs will also be in the shop to buy, too.
  • I already posted this in the last update thread, but OMG we can upload profile background pictures for our profiles! START USING THEM NOW BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME!
  • I'm probably typing too much and for some reason I know everybody isn't going to read this, but if you read this part, feel free to comment down below that you saw this part. xD
  • The Community Rules, V.I.P info thread, Badge Thread, and Donator's Thread have all been updated. With the badge system, everybody's badges got lost.. Yeah... sorry. I couldn't do anything about it. But please go to the badge thread to request all your badges back! More badges will be added in the near future!
  • The arcade is back as well! More games will be added, too!
  • The PokéGear system is not back yet. Yeah, sorry again. This is like the only plugin I can't get to work for some reason, so I'm trying my hardest to get it working again. So please bear with me!
  • But tagging people in posts are back, but no notification that I know of will tell you until I get the PokéGear system back.
  • Profile comments are back, and better than before!
  • The Name Change system is back, and better too! No need to fill out an application anymore through a thread. Just go to your User CP, and edit your username to what you want! There's of course a limit. Only one username change per 60 days. Once you submit your new name, it will get approved through one of the administrators. Smile Or if you can't wait that long like some people who like to change their names a lot, then you can always buy the name change card in the Pokémart shop to change it whenever you'd like!
I think that's pretty much it... I think. Tongue Of course, I feel like I'm forgetting something. But whatever! Haha. XD

Anyway, have a great day under the shining Sun! ^_^ Wink

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  Forum Upgrade! [6/10]
Posted by: Zueq - 06-10-2015, 04:55 AM - Forum: The Bulletin Board - Replies (26)

Hey everybody!

So, after almost two days of having the forums down for maintenance, and tons of accidents, backups, restorations, and much more, PokéSun is finally upgraded to the latest forum software! Wink

So I'm going to point out some things so you all aren't confused or anything:

  1. This is our temporary, but official theme for now. All the other themes are now incompatible to use with the latest forum software. So you guys are stuck using this fancy theme I bought for when I had PokéStride months ago. Well, it's a nice change for a while, huh? Tongue I'll be working on the theme for the next couple of days by updating it and making it more PokéSun friendly.
  2. Most plugins are still missing - I'm working on it. A lot of it that I am trying to reinstall are giving me errors. It's like 4:50 AM right now, I'm tired, and I've been doing this all night. I'll try to get all the plugins back, such as the Pokégear, arcade, profile comments, etc., and more plugins up and running soon!
  3. Since I messed up the first time, like I told @ninJAS that if I was alone I'd probably mess up, and he didn't want to get a hangouts going so that I wouldn't be alone, and not mess up... well anyway, I messed up the first time trying to upgrade the forum, and everything started to go bad, so I had to use a backup that was from the 6th. So some of your posts or anything you did after the 6th are gone. Sorry!  Sad It wasn't much, though, thankfully. I got all the forums back to where they were when I updated them, and threads like the rules page will be updated soon again.
  4. ONE NEW FEATURE THOUGH! You can now add profile background pictures to your profile! Just go to your User CP, Edit Profile, and just paste in the image link to your profile background, and watch it appear on your profile! Recommend size is listed in your Edit Profile page.
I can't think of anything else to mention as of now. If you find any bugs or anything, please make a thread in the Community Feedback and Support forum and I'll get to you as soon as possible. Smile

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Posted by: Zueq - 06-04-2015, 11:49 PM - Forum: The Bulletin Board - Replies (10)


Hi. Smile

Oh my gosh, I'm back! Your founder and not your former administrator and owner anymore is now back (meaning I am the owner and top administrator of PokéSun again!) HeHe!

So let's recap here... I sold PokéSun last year in May I believe, and then PS died. THE END! Tongue

But just recently ninJAS finally bought it back from the guy I had originally sold it to (thank goodness), and now I just bought it from ninJAS. Yep. XD

So now PokéSun shall shine brightly like it once did before, and I will be making tons of changes in the next couple of weeks: such as a huge overhaul, a brand new customized(able) theme, updated forum software, getting my domain and hosting transferred over to my own hosting and such, and just updating everything in general! Wink

So yeah, that's pretty much it! Have a great day everybody, and hope PokéSun gets back in tip-top shape again! Smile

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