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Forum Review - Zueq - 03-08-2012 07:15 PM

I had recently asked for a review for PokéSun at a forum called The Admin Zone. The full review of the forum is below. Please read it if you'd like, comment, add related suggestions, etc. Smile

First Impressions: As I opened your forum for the first time I was met by a large blue area. It is only filled by the log-in screen. I'm not sure if anybody else is seeing it but it really was an eyesore. This should be fixed. On a positive note at a glance your forum seems very well polished. I especially like the Navigation Bar, it contains Pokemon emblems. I'll talk more about this later. The header also looked impressive and my scroller didn't appear to be too big. Good start.


Guest's Outlook: I scrolled down and viewed a few of the forums, I want to start off by saying that it's good to see that the Register button is in a good location but I most definitely wasn't being forced into it with Guest restrictions or something of the sort. It would be clear for a potential member where to post what as your forums are very well organized. Your welcome section is very active, this is good to see as Guests will occasionally check this section to see how they will be received by the community.

Logos, Banners, and Advertisements: As I already mentioned the Navigation banner is very forum related and well done. The forum header is clearly visible. It clearly displays the forum name (which is the only click able part of the banner) it is also expertly designed. Although I feel it could become quite boring for regular members, perhaps make it so that the banner changes every click. I'm sure there is a mod for this. Perhaps request one of your members to design one. This is just my opinion and would be fine to just leave it as it is. There were no advertisements. Good to see.

Quantity of Forums: There aren't too many forums which is very good to see. They all seem relevant to your forum niche, which is very good. One thing I would say however is that your Category "Video Games" only contains Pokemon forums. Perhaps merge it with the Pokemon World section or just add a General Gaming Discussion forum to it, as otherwise I see it as pointless. All forums seemed pretty active. Although you may want to re-consider the Trading Card section as "Deck Help" and "Card of the Week" are kinda of quiet compared to the other forums, you should definitely try to make it more active.

Favicon, Buttons, and Other Graphics: The Favicon is forum related although I find that it is quite square and you should perhaps use a real "Poke Ball". Although it still looks quite impressive. The Pokemon buttons on the Nav bar are very easily clicked. The forum buttons are very impressive.


Theme: The theme is very clearly Pokemon, it is displayed by the name, favicon, forum theme, and the forums themselves. Even your graphics section clearly displays your forum theme. This is good to see. Your forum users are very clearly dedicated fans of the series. Whilst your badges aren't Pokemon related the images are related, you have done very well to create your forum without going to far off niche.

Sense of Community and Participation Overview: At the time I was online there were just 12 users online (including Guests and myself) There were just 40 registered members online in the last 24 hours. While your forum post statistics are impressive you really need to get more of your members to sign in again. Of your 7 page member list there was a whole page who hadn't signed in since the day they joined. Try sending out an email saying "We miss you" (not literally but an email that gives a similar message requesting that the members re-visit the site). The forum members that did visit however were welcoming, polite and interacted with each other well. Good job there you have a tight knit community.

Contests, Games, and Diversions: There is a forum games sub forum, which was very active. This is good, Forum Games are an excellent way of bounding your members. There was also an art competition, this was very well received by the members and there were quite a few submissions, it's good to see members competing, also I found the prize very appropriate. Although a bit of advice for the Poem contest. Separate the thread. It'll be a lot easier (and more appropriate) to have a new thread dedicated to the contest.

Navigation: I've mentioned this a few times so I won't drag, the navigation banner is very well designed. It is extremely user friendly and the logos are very appropriate to the niche.


Points of Registration: Before signing up you need to accept a Registration Agreement. I was very disappointed to see no custom fields or even any form of basic anti-spam measurement. Perhaps add a field where users can tell others their favourite Pokemon game or Pokemon, either or both is recommended.

Rules, FAQ, and Privacy Policy: On the navigation bar there is a Rules tab, this is good as Users can easily see what is allowed and what isn't. It re-directs you to a thread personally written by the forum Admin, good to see. The FAQ forum was not very clear to me however once I found it it appeared that it was filled with good questions which were answered in detail. There was no Privacy Policy this needs to be added.

Quantity and Activity of Staff: For a forum of this size I'd say that you have about the right amount of staff members. They all appeared to be active, making regular posts in their respective forums.

Staff Hospitality: The Staff were very clearly displayed. They appeared to be very polite and welcoming towards new users. They seemed very approachable people and they all seemed to show a keen interest in the forum's niche.

Spam Preventing Measures: There were no Anti-spam measures. I could access the User CP, edit my sig and send PMs as normal, at the moment this is fine but you may want to add a 10 post limit before users can edit details.

Overall Impressions:
The Good:
  1. Appropriate banner.
  2. Not being pressured into registration.
  3. Forums were well organized.
  4. Brilliant navigation bar.
  5. Loved the forum logos.
  6. No adverts.
  7. Forum theme very well displayed.

  1. Big blue area.
  2. Banner could become boring after a while.
  3. Video games forum should be merged.
  4. Trading card forum posting should be improved.
  5. Members need to return.
  6. Separate thread for the new contest.
  7. No Privacy Policy.
  8. No Anti-spam measures.
  9. Custom forum fields.

Thank you for reading my review and I wish you good luck with your forum! Smile

So thank you, Scrubsy, for taking your time to review our forum. Smile

RE: Forum Review - Miles Prower - 03-08-2012 07:42 PM

It sounds like the forum got a decent grade, which is good, but there leaves a lot of improvement.

RE: Forum Review - ninJAS - 03-08-2012 07:51 PM

Well there is always room for improvement right? Our Forum isn't very old at all and we are doing pretty well with the time given in my opinion. The things Scrubsy mentioned can all be taken care of quite easily so I feel like we got a pretty good review! Smile

RE: Forum Review - Miles Prower - 03-08-2012 07:57 PM

And most of the stuff the was mentioned for improvement, can easily be implemented by Zueq.

RE: Forum Review - Flyleaf - 03-08-2012 09:03 PM

I believe that this is a really great review. And as RD stated, Zueq can easily fix. And the suggestion of a user making banners sounds like a nice little activity, eh Zueq? =)

RE: Forum Review - Mitchell - 03-09-2012 12:37 AM

Video games forum should be merged.
I think we need a bit of a re-work of the Video Game Section; I think that there should be a Competitive Battling Section with the new League, the Rate my Team and the Pokemon Battles half of the Trades and Battles section becoming subsections of it.

RE: Forum Review - Zueq - 03-09-2012 07:56 PM

I will put all of your suggestions for consideration. Thanks, too. Smile I am currently making the forum better by making it more user-friendly, right now.

RE: Forum Review - Blastoise - 03-13-2012 01:25 AM

& users returning is important because, we need people to come to Ps if not, less people won't come to Ps. ( Except for things that need to be done IRL )

RE: Forum Review - Miles Prower - 03-13-2012 07:14 AM

(03-13-2012 01:25 AM)Electric9990 Wrote:  & users returning is important because, we need people to come to Ps if not, less people won't come to Ps. ( Except for things that need to be done IRL )

Look, as long as we have the same members being active, the forum will be okay until we get more new members.