Got any rare cards?
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01-08-2012 05:21 PM
Do any of you guys have any rare cards? If so, tell us and how much you think it's worth.
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01-11-2012 08:27 PM
Didn't have any when I still played, well legit ones anyway as I had some good bootlegs lol.

Got em from this local shop that sold em fairly cheap, man they would make some serious $$$ from them...they looked pretty legit too appearance wise.

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01-11-2012 08:36 PM
i have a 1st edition Machamp!! but that's about it haha. not much of a collector:/ i have no idea how much it would be worth either. but its in great condition! i have it sealed off pretty nice. not PSA or anything but it works XD

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01-14-2012 07:20 AM
[Image: 242090.jpg]

^ That's my rarest. 128/127. It's a reprint of a FR/LG card that came from the Jappanese Red/Green decks. Pretty awesome.

No clue how much it's worth, but whatever.
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01-15-2012 04:33 PM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2012 04:34 PM by Tsoliades.)
I have collected a few good cards over the years, but I don't know their value.

Infernape Lv. X

Torterra Lv. X

Kingdra Prime

Mewtwo Lv. X

Darkrai Lv. X

Cresselia Lv. X

Uxie Lv. X

Azelf Lv. X

Lucario Lv. X

Latios ex

Machamp Lv. X

Gliscor Lv. X

Deoxys ex I got this one in a trade, and it has one small bend, which is kinda disappointing.

I also have some promos, but I didn't post them.

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01-26-2012 09:50 PM (This post was last modified: 01-26-2012 09:58 PM by Gambit.)
I got a Charizard G LV.X from Supreme Victors.
Garchomp LV.X from Majestic Dawn.
I got around a hundred holo cards.
I have nearly 5,500 cards in total.
I have just about 10-15 Japanese TCGs
The rarest card I have is a Japanese Shiny Mewtwo Holo from Holon Phantoms 103
I have spent nearly $3,000 dollars worth of TCGs.
I have gotten most of the Japanese cards from my cousin who actually lived in Tokoyo, Japan for two years on a business trip. Now those were a great birthday gift.
If I ended up selling all my cards I bet I would become a $10,000 aire. xD
Can you say addict? >.<
*Edit: My friend has the extremely rare shiny water-type Mew from EX Dragon Frontiers 101.
I have tried trading with him but you know its like trading a million dollars to get a billion dollars.

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02-24-2012 12:37 PM
I have a hole bunch of EX cards!

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02-24-2012 01:26 PM
Out of the 300 or cards I collected, I had 2 Ancient Mew cards (now have 1), and a Raichu ex (the last rare card I got).

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02-24-2012 05:54 PM
Oh oh oh guys
I have that one card with the Pokemon on it
you know, that one

Back to being serious, I have a Deoxys EX, a Mewtwo card that came with the First Movie DVD, a Mew card, and an Articuno EX card in another language (I think it's Spanish). I also have other legendary Pokemon cards, but these are my best ones.
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02-24-2012 06:13 PM
When I still collected, I had jsut about every mew you could think of. Ancient mew was my favorite though.

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