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02-14-2012 10:06 PM (This post was last modified: 02-15-2012 12:32 AM by Oscar Wilde.)
I'm going to modify my reshiboar deck with some Next Destiny Cards. I'm only working with 1 Reshiram EX though because I'm not loaded.

2 Reshiram BW
1 Reshiram EX ND 22
1 Mewtwo EX ND 54
2 Tepig BW #15
2 Pignite BW #17
2 Emboar BW #20
1 Cleffa HG/SS #17
1 Magby (Triumphant 41)
1 Victini NV 14

Total: 13


3 Pokemon Collector
3 Energy Retrieval
2 Flower Shop Lady
2 Rare Candy
2 Revive
2 Fisherman
3 Professor Oak’s New Theory
1 Professor Elm’s Training Method
3 Eviolite
1 Rocky Helmet
2 PlusPower
2 Junk Arm
2 Cilan
2 Switch

Total: 30


2 Rescue
13 Fire


Let me start this off with the explanation that I really, really like reshiboar, and the added Reshiram EX, just makes it all the sweeter. I have Fliptini because I really don't like taking damage from my own attacks, and this way, the Odds are pretty much stacked in my favor for that. I also splashed in Mewtwo Ex for lulz. A couple baby walls round out the pokemon pool. I want my Reshirams to be pumped up as quickly as possibly, so I have mainly draw aids and Energy recovery cards. I am using eviolite, as my main offensive presence will come from basic pokemon (Reshiram) and Rocky Helmet, because Rocky Helmet is just good. I won't give you a immediate response as I'm leaving right after posting this, but I will listen to all suggestions, provided they are reasonable and intelligently phrased.


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03-04-2012 09:10 AM
Hmm, a lot of stuff to look at here (yeah, i'm back to critique your list again xD)

Trainers first:
One more collector.
Toss elm and Cilan
3 Juniper
Only 2 Energy Retrievals, you have Junk Arm, actually, make that 3 Junk arms instead of 2
Rocky helmet is No-no, go with 4 eviolite instead.
Flower shop lady is cool, but she takes up supporter space, use super-rod instead.
Use 3 Candy.
I still have a little problem, as there is only 3 supporters to grant you more/new cards. However, this will be fixed in the pokemon-part

So, for the Pokemons: That Fliptini of yours is cool, a twist indeed. I would like to see it in action before i would judge that. It's also kindof a surprise Wink But remember, eviolite douses the damage done to yourself too, if you tail, that means you only take 3 damage with eviolite.
For the emboar line: Go 3-1-2 as that makes it more consistent. This is one of two reasons we play Candy: #1: faster evolution. #2: You can have fewer stage 1 than stage 2.

Tech in Ninetales for Draw-support. Preferrably 2-2

Hmm, yeah, that Magby is not needed anymore, as Gothitelle-Reuniclus is out. It will be a nice twist against other trainer-locks, but the time it takes to make a pokemon get KO'd by burn is so long the opponnent will have time to make a back-up. Go for another fliptini(chances are: priced) or another cleffa, or merely a Tyrogue. You can also think about expanding your Emboar line, but with your rescues and super-rods that would be no problem.

So, yeah, that's what i think. Roughly, when/if you make the changes i would want to look at it again ^^

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