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The Official Rules Of Poké

Welcome to PokéSun! Please read the rules and other information, which can be found below. These are very simple rules to follow. If you are a new member, please read them carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to post a thread in the Suggestions, Ideas, and Support forum. Have fun under the great Sun!

Table of Contents

General Rules

Do not advertise other forums. (40%)
- This includes advertising in posts, profile comments, in your signature, in PM's, even in your user title. You are not allowed to advertise other forums (whether via link or discussion unless it has to do with a news story), especially other Pokémon forums. This is just to keep members from moving from our community, to another. If you are trying to help a member out by answering their question(s), just quote the post from the other site, and post it here.

Do not spam. (20%)
- Spam is not needed at our forum, and is one of the most common thing that happens around the internet; it also wouldn't have anything to do with a discussion topic(s). (Ex. “hey!! you are so cool!!”, or saying just one word.)

Do not bump an old thread. (20%)
- Do not post in a thread that has not been posted in, in 2-3 months. If you think it still has some discussion to it, then you are allowed to bump it.

Do not make multiple accounts. (40%)
- You are only allowed to have 1 account, though if you do have a sister or brother that would like to join, please PM a staff member about it before making one. Also, do not share your account with anyone else.

Do not post inappropriate content. (50%, warning may vary though.)
- We strictly do not allow adult content (pornography) on here, since there are many members under the age of 13 here. Also, do not talk inappropriately on here as this is a Pokémon forum - usually aimed for children under the age of 13. We strictly don't want any kind of dirty or perverted content on our community forum.

Cursing. (+20%, warning may vary though.)
- The only curse words you can use on our forum are "damn" and "hell". Other curse words aren't allowed on our forum. These words also shouldn't be used directly toward another person, such as hurting their feelings. Our word filter has marked almost every curse word out, but if you try to use them a lot, even though they have been filtered, it will result into a warning.

Do not plagiarize. (+30%, warning may vary though.)
- Do not attempt to steal other people's artworks, graphics, writings, stories, etc. unless you have permission from the owner.

Do not "mini-mod." (20%)
- "Mini-mod" or “Mini-modding” means telling another member that he/she broke this rule(s), or even making threads or other things without certain people's permission, and telling a staff member how to do their job. Just report the post, and the staff of PokéSun will take care of it as soon as possible.

Community Disruption. (+30%, warning may vary though.)
- Any disruption or problematic behavior towards the PokéSun community will not be tolerated. We like to keep the community as friendly as possible, without having any conflict within the whole community itself.

The Three Strike System
  • Members who have not been banned do not receive any penalties.
  • Members who have been banned once do not receive any penalties.
  • Members who have been banned twice receive double the warnings for a period of two months.
  • Members who have been banned three times are then permanently banned.

Avatar and Signature Rules

Your avatar can be the size of 150x150 or smaller, and it's file size can be 40 KB or smaller.

You may only have two images in your signature. Maximum width for the image you are using in your signature is 550px, and maximum height is 300px.

Other Information/Rules

If you are reading a thread, and come across a post that is breaking one of the rules, please use the “report” button. The staff will handle it right away.

If you have anymore questions, comments, or just simply saying thank you for making our community the best; then please make a thread in the Suggestions, Ideas, and Support forum.

Our forum has a plugin system where if there are any advertising of forum links, or any cussing toward a member via PM, it will be alerted to our forum system and will be reviewed by the staff. Please try not to do this, and if this does happen, you will be warned for it.

Gym Leaders of PokéSun


All Gym Leaders have their own gym thread to visit so that you can challenge them. Winning can get you prizes that they offer, and their Gym Badge. Click here to go to the PokéSun League forum.

Staff of PokéSun

Founder and Former Administrator

Joined: January 2012
Age: 16
Location: Oklahoma, United States of America


Joined: January 2012
Age: 19
Location: Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Joined: November 2013
Age: 17
Location: California, United States of America

Joined: April 2014
Age: 20
Location: Utah, United States of America

Joined: February 2012
Age: 22
Location: Virginia, United States of America

Super Moderators


Joined: January 2012
Age: 17
Location: Pennsylvania, United States of America

Joined: November 2012
Age: 18
Location: Missouri, United States of America

If you would like to e-mail, comment on profile, or PM (private message) one of our staff members, please look at the Contact Us, or the Forum Team pages for those options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I'm a new member, though I don't know where to start. What should I do?
Answer: You can first post your own introduction thread in our Introduce Yourself! forum. After that, you can simply start posting around the forum to make yourself right at home.

Question: How can I view my profile?
Answer: You can simply go to the top-right hand corner, and click the link "Profile". It is beside the links "Private Messages", "User CP", etc. Your profile will have information about you if you have edited your profile, which can be edited in your User CP. You'll also be able to view comments that were posted by other community members on your profile, as well.

Question: Where can I find my threads?
Answer: You can simply go to your User CP and find some of your threads member's have posted in lately. If you want to view all your threads you've made, go to your profile and click "Find all Threads."

Question: A member has PM'ed me being rude and offensive, or has advertised his/her forum. What do I do?
Answer: Please forward the PM to a staff member, and we will take care of it.

Question: How come I can't post a thread?
Answer: The only forums you can't post a thread in is The Bulletin Board forum, the Card of the Week forum, and the Battle Arena forum. Only staff members may post threads in those forums.

Question: I got a warning that I think is unfair. What should I do?
Answer: If you think you got a warning that you think is unfair, please contact a staff member and we'll see what we can do about it.

Question: I have seen a post that is breaking the rules. What should I do?
Answer: Please report the post, which can be located at the bottom of each post, and a staff member will take care of it as soon as possible.

Question: I want to change my username! How do I change it?
Answer: Username changes are allowed as of now. Click here to request one. You can either buy a Username Change card with no limitations in the PokéMart Shop.

Question: I can't login to my account. What should I do?
Answer: First of all, do not make another account stating you couldn't log into your old account. What you should do is try to recover your password. An email will be sent to you with a generated password, and that should help you login to your account. If not, please email a staff member.

Question: Who is the staff of PokéSun?
Answer: You can either view the Forum Team page, or view the list of them when looking over the main rules above.

Question: How do I contact an adminstrator?
Answer: You can always email the administrator, Zueq, if you need certain support or other concerns at zueq(at)pokesun(dot)com. You can also view the Contact Us to view more ways to contact an administrator (or other staff).

Question: I want to be a moderator! GIVE ME MODERATOR POWERS NOW!!
Answer: No. If you ask, you will possibly never become one for asking to be one. We only choose members to become a staff member if you have been contributing, been a dedicated member, been active, helpful in someway, and so on. We won't always choose members that have done these things, but only if we are needing a moderator.

Question: I have a suggestion, idea, or complaint. Where do I post it?
Answer: Please post it in our Suggestions, Ideas, and Support forum.

Question: I heard this forum has many themes to use? How do I change to another theme?
Answer: You can go to your User CP -> Edit Options, and change your theme from there. We have 15+ themes to choose from, so no need to worry!

Question: How come I can't comment on a person's profile?
Answer: Either they have closed their profile comments so that no one will comment on their profile, or they only allow comments from their "buddies". This is also the case with PM'ing. You also can't comment on member's profiles if they have been banned.

Question: I see a member got banned. What did they do?
Answer: We, as staff members, are not allowed to disclose any information about how a member had gotten banned, when they get unbanned, and so on. You can make any assumptions you want, but no information will be given.

Question: What is Pokégear?
Answer: Pokégear is a notifications system on our forum where if for example, a person has given you a reputation, has quoted you in a post, and so on, you will be notified about it in your Pokégear.

Question: How do I change the settings for my Pokégear?
Answer: You can go to your User CP, and go to your Alert Settings to configure what settings you want your Pokégear to notify you.

Question: How do I get the gym badges I see on the forum?
Answer: You have to battle any of our four gym leaders at our official PokéSun PO League to obtain a gym badge.

Question: Where can I see my items that I currently have in the PokéMart?
Answer: You can easily find your items by going to the PokéMart -> then to the left where all the navigation links are located, under that you will see how much PokéDollars you currently have, and under it the "My Items" link. There's also another way, where you go to the PokéMart once again -> then to the right of the page, you'll see the underlined link called "My Items". You can find these links at the top right in the main page of the PokéMart, and the shop page of the PokéMart. There's also a "View All Items" (which is the same as My Items) link on your profile, too!

Question: How do I earn Pokédollars?
Answer: You can go to the main page of the PokéMart to see ways how to earn everyday PD. You can also participate in the lottery to win the big jackpot! There are also many other ways to earn PD, such as winning in events and contests, too! Also opening up an art or trade shop can earn you a lot of PD as well!

Question: What is ASB?
Answer: ASB stands for "Animé Style Battling". It is a post-based game where your Pokémon fight other forum-member's Pokémon. Check out the official ASB Guide thread for more info on this.

Question: What is CAP?
Answer: CAP stands for "Create-a-Pokémon". As a community, we create a Pokémon complete with concept art, stats, movepool, etc. You can suggest your own custom Pokémon idea, get suggestions and opinions about it, hopefully get it approved and start getting official work done to it.

Question: How do I donate money to the forum?
Answer: Just go to the Portal page -> and to the left in the "Quick Links" column, find the "Donation Page" link, and from there you can donate an amount you wish to give to the forum.

Question: Why do I keep seeing "+" signs and grey-colored usernames?
Answer: The people with just the "+" signs in front of their username means that they are a Gold Donator of the forum, which means they have donated any amount to the forum to get that membership. People with the "+" and the grey colored username means that they are a Platinum Donator, which means that they have donated $15.00 USD or more to the forum to get that membership.

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